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  1. I haven't been here in a coon's age, I left when it fell apart. Now I'm old and sickly, but I still love guitar.
  2. Can't, remember all of them, I have guitars now that I don't remember having.
  3. I use to hang out here, learned a lot from a lot of amazing people, sold and traded a ton of pedals....I still have way too many.
  4. I would get him a 3/4 Yamaha acoustic as well, he will end up playing and enjoying it, you to. Good luck with the electric.
  5. I just stopped by to see what amps are being talked about these days/whats hot right now.
  6. My friends 14 year old daughter is really into vocals and guitar, she is very good and very smart, she is very serious taking music theory, she can read music and the whole nine yards. Anyway my friend asked if I could recommend a budget recording system for x-mas? ....I have a E2 HUSH looper/delay and a Vox Tonelab st I can give her, any ideas suggestions for a stand alone system or computer system for this young lady?
  7. Great deal! ...I have one of these, I like it so much I ordered a Epi hard shell case for it. You are going to like it, Congrats
  8. I didn't participate in the poll, I use to feel the need to beef up the electronics, pups and hardware in every guitar I purchased. The past few years I've just left every new guitar alone and just play and change string, clean and adjust as needed.
  9. Thank you so much for the reply Phil, I will go ahead and offer him $150, he takes extreme care of all his gear..
  10. Hello everyone, An old friend is selling some effects and pickups, one of the effects is an old rack mount Chandler tube drive, the one with the internal transformer and bias control. He still has the original box and manual, this is supposedly the good one. Anyway, is $150 to much or to little to offer him?
  11. I started out here, a few hundred pedals later I got into collecting guitars and then it was amps, now I am just an old {censored} lurker who is to tired to play.
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