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    I did it across a big ass valley in one part. In the middle of the valley, we were about a half mile in the air. The span was like a mile long. It was awesome.
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      I prefer a button fly myself.Taking my pants off in one swift motion is sexy.
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        By the time it was my turn to ride one at scout camp they had to close it because the kid in front of my **************** his pants while riding it. He pretty much shat himself halfway down the length of the thing and once he hit the sudden de-acceleration point near the end of the line, his body whiplashed forward and all the **************** slungshot its way out of the bottom of his shorts and onto the crowd of adults and cable operators below. Since everyone had to hose off, there was nobody to run the thing and they opted to close it for the rest of the weekend so I unfortunately never got to ride one. Looks fun though.


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          In Cabo...it was fun but they kind of rushed you through the course. And my wife liked it less because on that one you used your hand to break and because she's shorter she couldn't reach back so far to stabilize herself and found she would twist. It was very hot climbing from one place to the next but the rappel down a 100' cliff face was more fun than the ziplines IMO
          Originally Posted by Frets99
          I held one note through the whole thing and grimaced like I was being taken from behind by a camel.....

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            Have you ever done anything like this?

            yeah, up north here there are lots of ropes courses for "team building and other HR bull****************."

            they are okay. the harness is like getting kicked in the balls all the way down though, so thats fun. the ones that go over rivers and gorges and ****************... no thanks. too much risk for too little reward
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            No it is not repairable. You need to send the forum to me, and I will throw it away and sell you a new forum at full retail plus shipping. That is your only option.

            Originally Posted by eco1

            i just got fed up with my ****************ing neighbor and shot him a few minutes ago.


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              when pigs fly
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                HA, like most commercials; the content within the ad has no relation to the product whatsoever

                I'm assuming Geico is a well-known thing in America. As someone who's never heard of it I'm getting no context cues from that ad
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                  lol love that commercial too phil

                  and i've only been ziplining at my friend's place in his back yard. relatively short and not too exciting, goes over some shrubs and a lake, but its still a ton of fun. and not strapped in to it, you can just hang on if you want and let go and go flying into the lake or whatever..

                  would love to go on a real one
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                    Worked as a climbing instructor in Maine, sending kids off the zip line platform.

                    Some of those kids

                    it was a fun job though
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