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  1. Heard there was a forum upgrade and figured I'd stop by. Really miss the old days here. Loved the pedal talk, but even more so the sense of community and silliness.
  2. I know what you're saying, but having different presets is really helpful for me. I will probably wind up using four banks with two presets each for my live set. Some of these will be fairly simple variations, but it's nice to be able to set things up so that you can have a preset that's just reverb, but also be able to have the same preset with delay as well as the reverb. There's definitely modes I'll probably never use, but for me even just being able to have presets of the same mode with different settings is awesome. Also I was afraid the pedal would be huge, but it's quite reasonably sized. It's just big enough to be practical with three foot switches, but it's small enough to not take up half my board.
  3. That demo is awesome. It totally makes me want one even though I probably wouldn't be able to do much with it.
  4. Been on a bit of a spree and picked up the RV-500 a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm really impressed. I really love the Hall and Plate verbs and I think the Space Echo emulation is great and I own an original. I'm not going to say it's exactly like it, but much like the original it does a great job of blending with and enhancing your regular guitar sound in a way that digital delays don't. I love that all of the reverbs also have a basic delay that can be set to toggle on and off with the "C" foot switch. This allowed me to replace both my reverb pedal (TC Hall of Fame) and delay (TC Nova). Now, I'm not a power delay user and I can see why others would need a separate delay pedal, but the delay on the RV-500 covers my needs. I also was impressed with the editing software. It really makes ordering and naming presets a breeze and for the most part is pretty simple to use. The only thing I've had some trouble with is consitently assigning the function of the "C" foot switch. Speaking of the foot switches you can assign different functionalities to the foot switches based on the way you want to use the pedal. I like the default setup where the "A" and "B" switches switch between two presets. In other words when you press on A that preset comes on and if you press it again you are in bypass, but if press B the preset immediately changes to B. You can also set it up so that both presets are on at the same time and can be assigned to either the left, or right output. I can definitely see having some fun doing this and going out to two amps. I will say, I've never used any of the Strymon reverb pedals and I imagine they probably have some sounds that are better than the Boss, but I also think the Boss probably does some sounds better than the Strymons. I've also used and own an Eventide H3000 and have experience with some of the high end Lexicon units and honestly this thing is not worlds apart from those types of units. I also ran some synths through it and had no problems with the levels and thought it worked great in this application. The only negatives I can think of with this pedal are the spring setting which just didn't sound good to me and that it doesn't come with a power supply which is almost a necessity with a pedal like this. I also am slightly leery of the build quality as it does feel solid, but one of the knobs popped off pretty easily when I was mounting it on my board. I was easily able to put it back on and Boss pedals are known for durability, but the pot shafts did seem to be a weak point.
  5. Picked one up on Saturday and had a hard time putting my guitar down. I'm not an expert, but I think it sounds pretty similar to my black Russian muff, but with a usable bypass. I was using it with a G&L Fallout going into a DRRI and I thought it was pretty glorious.
  6. The Marshall models were definitely my favorite on that pedal.
  7. I never used a one spot, but I am familiar with them. They're probably fine for most uses, but I have a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Plus and it is an excellent piece of gear and I believe it can also deal with higher current levels than a one spot which is helpful when dealing with digital pedals that have a high current draw.
  8. Seems pretty cool and having left and right inputs is a smart move. I'd be as like to use this on a synth as a guitar.
  9. As usual Phil a good review and an interesting product. It would be way more interesting though if they made an open source standard so that other manufacturers could come out with pedals that work with their system.
  10. Thanks for the info. It's time to refresh the pedals on my board so I'll have to get some new lights while I have it taken apart.
  11. I haven't bought a pedal in ages, but the Synth 9 and Operation Overlord really have me interested. I have tons of overdrive and distortion pedals, but none that are stereo input and I've been doing a lot of electronic stuff lately and would love to have a stereo distortion unit to run drum machines and synths through.
  12. Nice board, I'll try to get a pic of mine later. You're playing in a two piece now? Are you gigging?
  13. Tells us about those lights? I need to redo my board and want to add some kind f lighting. Right now I have battery operated christmas lights.
  14. I've been pretty happy with the zip ties and it's very easy to redo the board quickly. Oh, and agreed on velcro. Plus I would often wind up with the velcro sticking more to the velcro and not the pedal when I went to take pedals off.
  15. I have a holey board and while it's not perfect I like it a lot. I also like doing the zip tie thing better than velcro.
  16. Excellent job Travis! I highly enjoyed your review. Now if Fender would only do a small run of lefties.
  17. You probably are all practical and all, but I want a USB disco light for my board now.
  18. JTM 610. Great sounding amps, but the early ones were really unreliable. I have one sitting in my basement in a non working state. I think Marshall repaired it three times under warranty and I had it repaired once after that.
  19. Nice setup, I have one of those Marshalls too and while it sounded great, it was nothing but headaches for me. The most unreliable piece of gear I've ever owned. I hope you've had better luck. Also white Les Paul's are awesome.
  20. That's actually a kind of cool idea. I've been using battery powered LED christmas lights on my board so this is up my alley.
  21. Sweet looking guitar, good luck with it.
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