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  1. True, Just doesn't fit with the music. Getting lots of mileage out of self-oscillating my analogue delay, though. I've got it mounted on top of my keyboard for maximum widdlability.
  2. Just a drawer in my desk. I don't really keep pedals that aren't on my board, but since I'm playing keyboards my board is all delay/mods these days.
  3. I watched the series during my lunch break and they talked about Emmylou Harris' album Wrecking Ball that he produced and played on. So I listened to that this afternoon on Spotify.
  4. Good ol' Boss TR-2. I've tried others (Dano Tuna Melt, EHx Stereo Pulsar and Worm, Nobels TRX (actually I really liked this one and would get another if I ever found one) and even the Boss PN-2 (great panning but not that great as a straight tremolo, I felt)) but I always come back to this. The guitarist in my band uses a Tuna Melt and it sounds great. I'd recommend that if you were on a tight budget.
  5. I had a Burns that had a push/pull switch on the tone pot that turned on the bridge pickup like you said. really useful configuration.
  6. "i just don't get why someone wouldn't just buy the two pedals separately, unless of course the combo is much cheaper." I guess so you just have to pick up one pedal, your guitar and amp and go. But then, just about every player is going to have a tuner. So if you're going to be carrying multiple pedals and a power supply you might as well have them separate and put them on a board, yeah.
  7. If it was a Soul Food/Memory Boy in one box, yeah, maybe.
  8. Hard to isolate single notes from a chord unless you have one of those guitars with a pickup for each string. You could try splitting the signal and sending one half through an EQ pedal and cutting all but the low frequencies then through the octave pedal?
  9. Sure, you just need a couple more cables. You have your cable from the guitar to the pedals as usual, then run one from the output of the last of your distortion pedals to your amp's input. Then have a cable from the FX loop send to the input of the next pedal in line, and one from the output of the last pedal to the FX loop return. This puts those pedals inbetween the amp's preamp (sound shaping section) and power amp (speaker driving section).
  10. With distortion and overdrive things are going to sound different depending on what order you have them in, and that's up to your ears so experiment with that (that's if you have more than one on at a time, if you only use them individually then it shouldn't matter). Things that go at the start of the chain are pedals that like to see a pure signal from your guitar, so I'd put the tuner and acoustic sim there (though some people like the tuner at the end). Your delay and trem will come at the end, try them each way round to see which effect you prefer - delayed trem or tremolo'd delay. Your chorus can go here or at the start, depending on how you want it to sound. And your volume pedal can go before or after distortion. Before will turn down the gain as well as volume as you're lessening the guitar signal that reaches the distortion pedals. If you have it after the distortion sound will remain constant as you turn it down. So I'd personally have it Guitar - Tuner - Acoustic Sim - Chorus - [Distortions/Overdrives] - Volume - Tremolo - Delay Edit: Just read that you're using amp distortion, too. That's a distortion source, too, so I'd put the volume, trem and delay in the amp's effects loop.
  11. Read the reviews at dpreview, definitely, but look at Canon and Nikon's cameras from a couple of years ago. There should be tons on ebay for a lot less than you're going to pay new even for an entry level camera, and they'll still be well within the specs your course stipulates. Hell, my seven-year-old DSLR exceeds those specs.
  12. You won't be able to use your UK power supply, but the pedals will be fine. You can buy a power supply when you get to America then sell it on ebay when you get back? Or maybe hire one - are you going to be hiring an amp? Because your 240v one won't work in america, so maybe hire one from the same place? If you've only got a few pedals batteries might be the cheapest option, I know you can get them two for £1 at pound shops, they'll be just as cheap in the US. edit: Ah, I see you have samplers, etc. Well, you're going to need the right power supplies for them, too, batteries won't cut it. Maybe head to Radio Shack when you arrive?
  13. Oh I remember watching this when it first aired, 7 or 8 years ago? I'll give it another watch. Thanks, Honk
  14. there are two screws on the bottom as well as the four on the sides.
  15. It's a beaut! Would you mind if I posted the pics on my blog? http://fenderoffcuts.tumblr.com/
  16. I said over 50%, so I have at least three :|
  17. Over 50% of my board right now is Electro Harmonix.
  18. I'm just using the old style tags to hotlink from Imgur.
  19. I like the look but I think the pickup would be more aesthetically pleasing if it were moved just a touch toward the bridge. I've been thinking of doing something like this. I don't know why but I think it might be an interesting project. Maybe with a JM-style switch on the lower horn instead of the strat one.
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