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  1. it's been so long, I thought I'd boast some more. plays amazing and the pickups sound ridiculously good as well. other than a little bucklerash and some pickguard shrinkage/cracks, it's in very good condish. so stoked! also, don't worry, another NGD should be coming tomorrow. stay tuned.
  2. Like a TRUE high fuckin rollah. 1966 jazzmaster in Olympic white matching headstock. all the case candy, even an old set of fender strings. and thus--my wall-o-jazzmasters is complete: LtoR: '66 Oly, '69CAR, '65 SB, '66 Sonic blue, '65 CAR, '62 SB, AVRI OTM w/ spitfire tort
  3. Not sure why I never heard of this company until recently--but the Megalith is absolutely insane. most br00talz fuzz I've ever played.
  4. more like a fuzz face clone on steroids and with a tone control. it's at least twice as loud as my stock fuzz face. and definitely has a different toan.
  5. seriously bros--this fuzz is the dohp {censored}. no lie. gives the Fleshhead a run for it's money.
  6. definitely give us an update after yr first toddler mauling.
  7. anyone move up to high roller status while I've been gone?
  8. Originally Posted by wilsoneffectsll They are still really good friends but John has went a totally different direction with his music and Josh isn't into all the programming involved. I'm not sure if you've listened to any of John's new stuff but there is zero guitar and it's all programming. They are still great friends they just have went totally different directions with they're music. I asked him about it when we went to the show in Cincy and that was what he told me. thanks wilson! yeah, i have noticed his stuff has gotten very electronic lately.
  9. i wonder what Klinghoffer's relationship with Frusciante is like? that's what i would've asked. i mean, they were friends and worked together on alot of John's solo stuff. just would be interesting to hear if that relationship has changed any, if at all.
  10. yes. the imp amp. now i just need to get a decent turntable, cd player, and preamp. ipod sounds fine--but all my other stuff {censored} the bed going unused for so long.
  11. Lo-Fi Loop Junky - 120 Box of Rock - 110 Ooh Wah II - 115 Super Duper 2-in-1 - 105 Wah Probe - 100 USA Vexter Fuzz Factory - 180 Inventobox - +5
  12. bBreaker'd i need better upholstery.
  13. the offsets: '65? Firebird III non-reverse, AVRI JM, '62 JM, '65 JM the gibsons: '65? Firebird, '68 SG Special, EDS1275, '74 LP Deluxe, '59 ES175D, J-45 the fenders: AVRI JM, '62 JM, '65 JM, MIJ '60's Strat, Parts Nocaster, refin'd '98 MIA tele the bean: '76 TB-1000S money $hot:
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