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  1. you can most likely do much better for the money. fwiw a friend of mine had some cheap Hiwatt practice amp and it had a cheap jack that broke off the PCB and when I tried to fix it, i had to drill a whole in the cabinet just to get the chassis out. edit, i just read the OP again. It should be fine for busking
  2. Anyone use this? is it worth the price?
  3. wow, goes to show how much you can learn from a 4 chord song Thanks so much for a very informative answer. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. Cheers!
  4. So, based on the advice of Jeremy and Jon R, I've started working through the Beatle's early stuff to train my ear to hear certain chord progressions. This thread is for me to ask all my noobish questions like how does X chord fit in and such. My first question is about I Saw Her Standing there. I'm hearing an E7, an A7, a B7, and a C. So I'd wager the key is E. If that's true, I have a few questions. How do the A7 and the C fit in? If the key is E the A7 chord should be a Maj7 and the C should be a C#m correct? The A7 and the C obviously work as they sound good. But I'm curious as to how and why they work. Thanks, Jake
  5. Still thinking Beatles, they obviously got more advanced as they went on, so I'd start with the early albums, from 63-64. Excellent beginner stuff - with a fair dose of surprise to keep you guessing. Simpler than that, any 50s pop is good too (which is of course where the Beatles got all their inspiration) - see how many I-vi-IV-V's you can spot! A genre I like for both melody and chords is late 50s/early 60s guitar instrumentals (Shadows, etc). Good simple tunes (that you can pick up one note at a time), straightforward chords, and clean productions (good separation of lead, rhythm and bass). That gives me a great place to start. Thanks!
  6. It's called "The Beatles" : ) Sorry couldn't resist. I am in no way helpful to this thread ... Seriously though couldn't you just use real songs.. lift them without a guitar, then grab your axe and see how close you got? You'd be learning actual songs too? Just a thought. Jeremy, any songs or albums you'd recommend for a beginner? I'm trying to improve my ear and be able to recognize different chords (major,minor,etc).
  7. Take a chance. Live dangerously. i read that in bill murray's voice.
  8. has anyone else given this a go? I never got a chance.
  9. interesting. will look at it tomorrow.
  10. If you plan on trading in at guitar center, bring lube.
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