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  1. macadood reporting in! I miss all you doods and the old days. I moved on to collecting Japanese watches, musically changed to mostly synths and sold off a bunch of pedals, then sold off a bunch of synths. Haven't bought a pedal in years and it is freeing. Still have my booteek board, a vintagey Boss board, and a small vintage MXR board though! Hi Phil!
  2. Maca here, Chat Crue is still alive and well, join us on facebook messenger! We talk effects, watches, life, nerd games, and everything else every day still un.real, travvybear, gaex87, bass_econo, pktrono, goodhonk, and others still here
  3. Unfortunately I paid through PP gift as he was a breau and considered him a 'friend'
  4. I had a deal go bad with a small time builder who goes by Brent_MPLS. Some of you may remember him as the victim of the HM penny scandal from a few years back. Long story short, I paid Brent_MPLS for him to build me two pedals, a Chupa fuzz which he designed and a Rubber Duckie Reverb based on the 1776 verb kit. After a normal wait of a few months he mailed me the Chupa in October 2013, but no Duckie. Almost two years later still no Rubber Duckie Reverb. Brent_MPLS has blocked me on Facebook and is fully ignoring my stern emails (from different email addresses in case he blocked my regular one too) I have sent him asking for a refund for my $70.40 I paypalled him for the Reverb pedal. Not sure how else I can contact him, so figured a thread on HCFX might bring him out of the shadows. tl;dr Brent_MPLS buyers beware not that anyone is even around here anymore to read this or be ware
  5. Ironically the MMw/TB was the Ruin of the Ryan
  6. metal muff with top boost is the tits! grab one. many good bands like the Ruin use it for their signature tone.
  7. this guy will buy one some day! maca likes playing with himself. bands are too much drama/work sup fonzie!
  8. about the activity i expected! have fun tonight gardy! hope you can take some pics/vids of the show
  9. Our very own renula from the forum is playing a show tomorrow night, Friday Oct 24 in New York City, 8 PM at SPiN NYC. Coming all the way from Puerto Rico. Facebook event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/6892...80930304557056 Anyone in NYC should go out and see them. un.real is Puerto Rico's first Shoegaze band and no better guitarist for this than Gardy. Plenty of effects will be used. Come support a true breau of HCFX.
  10. take it back to chat. Come on fellows keep em coming. you Phil?
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