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  1. I don't really listen to them but I have an 'origin of feces' shirt that I have fun wearing sometimes
  2. where you at in the bay area? thizz? edit: he got bant? he got bant!
  3. what is that a japanese dating sim? man, color me surprised you havent heard of it. its called 'christine' and is absolutely worth your time...
  4. Shunt: The story of James Hunt by Tom Rubython Zodiac Unmasked by Robert Graysmith En Route by Steven Grayson Preacher(book one of the hardcover collection) by Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon Samurai Cowboy by Geoff Darrow Alien: The Illustrated Story by Archie Goodwin/Walter Simonson Big Brother Magazine February 1998 High Times Magazine July 1980
  5. I had the 16+ deluxe millenium falcon and never got around to opening the box or putting it together. Dont think I paid more than $400 for it and sold it for 3 times that once I decided to be rid of it. I had the giant electric train set as a kid that had to be tacked onto a huge sheet of plywood and most of the technics series. Only thing I have now is the mindstorm robot and I primarily just use the brain for it to {censored} with the controls on my op1.
  6. yeah the lion x is kind of {censored}ty, especially compared to the other ones. I finally sold my PLL, but it was definitely an amazing pedal/ nothing else sounds like that. do you mean the regular lion? I had a one and it was noisey and was relatively useless (worked great on bass) but the lion-x was one of the best dirt boxes i've had.
  7. I've gotta revive this thread. Has anyone heard any update of the good folks at Schumann in the past 3 years? I've been GASing hard for a Lion X for a long time now. Eh? Eh? Schumann Electronics is dead and they will never be coming back. Their press releases a few years ago were made solely to put a bruise in the 2nd hand market after John (Schumann) started to get pissed off that the pedals he once sold for $500 direct were starting to command upwards of $3K after he quit. He had lost alot of his original schematics after the main drag shift and had none of his own pedals to rebuild the designs off of (except for whatever pedals he took from customers for maintenance but never returned).
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