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  1. it's been so long, I thought I'd boast some more. plays amazing and the pickups sound ridiculously good as well. other than a little bucklerash and some pickguard shrinkage/cracks, it's in very good condish. so stoked! also, don't worry, another NGD should be coming tomorrow. stay tuned.
  2. Like a TRUE high fuckin rollah. 1966 jazzmaster in Olympic white matching headstock. all the case candy, even an old set of fender strings. and thus--my wall-o-jazzmasters is complete: LtoR: '66 Oly, '69CAR, '65 SB, '66 Sonic blue, '65 CAR, '62 SB, AVRI OTM w/ spitfire tort
  3. Not sure why I never heard of this company until recently--but the Megalith is absolutely insane. most br00talz fuzz I've ever played.
  4. more like a fuzz face clone on steroids and with a tone control. it's at least twice as loud as my stock fuzz face. and definitely has a different toan.
  5. seriously bros--this fuzz is the dohp {censored}. no lie. gives the Fleshhead a run for it's money.
  6. definitely give us an update after yr first toddler mauling.
  7. anyone move up to high roller status while I've been gone?
  8. yr **** nuts. JM pwn jags all day. unless you have wittle wittle baby hands.
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