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  1. All prices include Paypal and shipping within the United States only. International postage will be extra. Analogman Modded Small Stone - I'm still not convinced I want to sell this thing. It works perfectly, but is a bit scratched up. Comes with the original box. Asking $175. Catalinbread Pareidolia - Pedal works perfectly, is in great shape, and has the original box still. $149. Dunlop Bass Crybaby - Pedal works perfectly. The feet have been removed, and there is velcro on the bottom. Asking $79. Fulltone Soul Bender SB-2 - Pedal is in great condition, and works perfectly. Still has the original box. Asking $135. Line 6 M5 - Pedal works perfectly, and is in great shape. Comes with the adapter, but I never had the box. Asking $139.
  2. Lo-Fi Loop Junky - 120 Box of Rock - 110 Ooh Wah II - 115 Super Duper 2-in-1 - 105 Wah Probe - 100 USA Vexter Fuzz Factory - 180 Inventobox - +5 Inventobox -5 = 0 Game over.
  3. Originally Posted by H.P. Lovecraft The Katy Perry thread is becoming quite impressive... That's my favorite part.
  4. Holy {censored}. Nearly a 6 year thread bump. That might be a record.
  5. bros, any self image issues and insecurity that women have with their looks can be traced back to male dominance and control of the beauty industry. oh, wait, the editor of Elle magazine is a woman? same with Cosmo and all of those other teen rags that put beauty before substance 100% of the time? they all come from (or grew up) in a misogynistic world where beauty standards were blatantly (or very cleverly secretly) put in place by men. if you think otherwise, youre naive. do i really have to post pics of 1950's beauty ads? cuz i will. and then ill {censored} your mind with them. also, in this thread: pbone agrees with me and takes it to the next level with balls slapping tits and what not. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that Don Draper is responsible for everything in American history. Everything. Seeing as he is a man, your point is proven. You're welcome.
  6. I said fat ass, sha has a whale ass Ah! Fat ASSED pig. Not a fat ass pig. Subtle, yet important differences. I'll get on board with her ass being big, but I can't say I'd call her fat. In any case, carry on. More for me.
  7. Kim Kardashian is fat ass pig, Kristen Stewart and Megan Fox are godesses with or without makeup. leave em for me, I'll take them Really? Fat?
  8. Oh look! A picture of Kristen Stewart showing every facial expression she's capable of!
  9. Price drops again! Also, the El Cap and Wah sold. Buy the rest of these pedals!
  10. Lots of pedals for sale at the moment. I'm not interested in any trades right now, as I'm looking to downsize my collection. All of the pedals work perfectly, and they're all in great shape. Most of them could pass for new, and I'm the original owner on most. Prices do not include shipping! Also, I don't have pics yet, but I've got a GigRig Humdinger, and a Whirlwind ABY that I'm selling. PM me if you want pictures. Blakemore Effects Custom Shop CE-2 clone with added mix knob. I built this for myself, but found out I just don't use chorus pedals much. Sounds great though! The mix knob is key for this thing, as it can take you from very subtle, to vibrato. Asking $159. Blakemore Effects Super Duper 2 in 1 clone that someone asked me to build. They traded it in for one of my ODs though, so now I'm selling it used. Asking $109. Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing. The pedal comes with the original adapter and box. Asking $159. Strymon El Capistan- Sold Eventide Space- Sold Strymon Brigadier- Sold Strymon Favorite Switches- Sold Vox V845 Wah- Sold
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