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  1. I don't really listen to them but I have an 'origin of feces' shirt that I have fun wearing sometimes
  2. where you at in the bay area? thizz? edit: he got bant? he got bant!
  3. alot of these women aren't even beautiful regardless of makeup or not. what compelled you to post kirstey alley?
  4. gross my ass, it was butter mother{censored}ing pecan...
  5. yes, i just ate a quarter pint of weed butter infused ice cream for breakfast
  6. Here's a recent ink/watercolor piece for a children's book that I'm illustrating (of course, the colors are richer in person): whoa, i had no idea!
  7. my dad and his wife own a chain of fitness centers up in idaho and people {censored}t themselves on the leg press more than you know, its common. every couple of weeks my dad will tell me about some model-grade girl cracking ass all over the place and then canceling their membership as soon as they get home
  8. Originally Posted by Northstar In before {censored}storm
  9. roger mayer vision wah mkII digitech wh1 whammy schumann lion-x paul cochrane tim pete cornish ss3/p2 duplex schumann PLL w/ momentary switch prophecysound infinitphase mkII foxrox paradox TZF lightfoot labs goatkeeper mkIII roland re201 space echo(engaged via footpedal) fender reverb tank(engaged via footpedal) ams rmx16 digital reverb(engaged via footpedal)
  10. Way Huge Piercing Moose in excellent condition, no box. $415.00 shipped and pp'd.
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