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Your groupies stories. Here.


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...Need....Next...Chapter....NOW!!!!....uhhh.....( sucks thumb and cries while in fetile position, poised in the corner of the dark computer room)

Really though this story is my fuel right now, you should make a biography of your giging days so I can buy it.......man the wait is killing me, it's 2:30 in the morning and I keep checking this damn forum every minute or two for days now...

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Yeah, what he said...Terry you could make BIG money by writing a book about this particular aspect of your gigging life. You could call it "groupie grabber", or "on stage and especially further" (I particularly like that one...but I want the credits if you use it wink.gif)

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Originally posted by pink freud
martial artists are like that...

people look at me and think, "wow, a skinny guitar player"

they dont think, "wow, that guy has spent over half his life studying martial arts."

if people would think like that, there would be a lot less physical violence...
I'll second ths.

as i;'ve said. i'm not exactly unfazed if and when violence kicks off though i'm not bruce lee by any stretch of the imagination but i was at a party one night talkign to this overweight gay guy i know who's camper than elton john sucking cock in a tent.

he says he does martial arts and he's kicked alot of guys asses because he just looks like a fat poof but he's nimble and knows what to do. i'm more than a little skeptical since I'm a decent build and taller than him so he tells me to stand up and swing for him, no {censored} man he could have broke my arm if he really wanted to by time he had my ass on the floor in a hold.
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