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  1. I remember the IIe's in grade school failing to load Oregon Trail and having to be restarted. Other than that they were pretty reliable. But... have you ever tried to burn a DVD on an Apple IIe? Or just look at a color picture for that matter?
  2. Yeah, I don't ever recall seeing anything even resembling the name 'Eurosys' from Peavey, but then again I know they do offer some alternative products for foreign markets. I guess it could have been a European-only product, although JRBLE is right - it does sound like a Behringer name. I guess it all comes down to cost and the resale value. While I agree that it might be prudent to part out the components and buy a good passive monitor, that might not be the best option where you are considering what music gear sometimes sells for in your area. If it's a really old powered monitor, it might not have the processing and precise matching to the internal components that modern powered speakers have. They may have just stuck an amp inside the monitor and called it good. Back in high school, I remember using some old Peavey powered monitors that were made around 1990, back when Peavey was using the black & teal color scheme. They consisted of a Scorpion 12" woofer and a little piezo tweeter with a big amp in back. There were two 1/4" inputs and a level control (maybe sensitivity control) for the (heavy) internal amp that that's it. They worked fine but were nothing to write home about. Anyway, speakers like that would be okay to modify. You won't have anything but a cheap hacked speaker in the end, but it will work. Pull the blown amp, cover the large hole with some wood, then wire up jacks. I believe the piezo was just wired off the woofer with an inline resistor. Of course this is in no way a slam against Peavey, a company that makes great gear at very affordable prices. The longevity and reliability of Peavey gear has been a double-edged sword. While it gives the company a great reputation for reliable gear, it also leaves the impression among some non-thinking individuals that Peavey gear is subpar. They'll compare their 30-year-old Peavey powered mixer to the new one they just bought and say "Our new Brand X mixer is soooooooo much better than the Peavey. Peavey sucks." Well, would you compare an old Apple IIe's capabilities to a new Windows machine running Windows 7? Of course not, but folks seem to do that with audio gear all the time. Peavey has fallen victim to this mentality, unfortunately.
  3. Anyone out there with 2x2GB of DDR2 desktop RAM they'd like to sell? It needs to be PC6400 or faster.
  4. I agree with this decision. I was in favor of McCain Feingold at first, but after doing some research and reading more educated opinions I changed my mind. The SCOTUS made the right call. Now Chuck Schumer is calling for a hearing on this "Un-American" SCOTUS decision.
  5. I'm looking for either one or two sticks of PC3200 DDR desktop ram, 1GB each (low density, non-ECC). I want to beef up an old computer to be used for audio purposes.
  6. I'm looking for either one or two sticks of PC3200 DDR desktop ram, 1GB each. I want to beef up an old computer to be used for audio purposes.
  7. This is a killer deal, especially since these basses were $600 when new. I bought one shortly after Fender discontinued the DeArmond line (a tragic, tragic event). Here's another bump for you.
  8. Long story short, I purchased this bass from Musician's Friend at the same time I bought an Ibanez EDB555. I prefer the slightly slimmer neck on the Ibanez and was going to return this, but I kept it past the return date. It's been sitting in the box the whole time, and is in "as new" condition, much better than anything being sold as new that's hanging on the wall at a music store. There are no marks, blemishes, scratches, dings, etc whatsoever on this bass. It's a remarkably well-built instrument for it's price range, with excellent fit & finish, good frework, great action, and a nice electronics package. It will arrive to you in the exact same packaging and condition in which I received it, including all the manuals. $400 shipped. I might be interested in trades for Carvin guitars or certain firearms.
  9. The enclosure volume for the 18" isn't all that much either, so I suspect Peavey had to make some design compromises so the cab didn't end up the size of a semi trailer. Of course there's the 3620, with two 18's and a pair of tens. I saw one in a MusicGoRound store once, and it was HUGE.
  10. I'm building up my gun collection and pairing down my guitar collection at the same time. I've got a Gibson Marauder with a rare Bigsby-style trem and a hardshell case. The trem is unique in that you can remove the Bigsby arm and thread a standard strat style arm into the hole just below. The guitar shows its age, but it's still a good player. The bridge pickup is original but the neck pickup was replaced long ago with a DiMarzio of the same vintage. There's also a coil tap installed next to the volume control. I'm interested in almost any type of firearm. In state is preferred of course (Minnesota), but I will do shipping deals as well through the proper FFL channels. I might be interested in a cash offer as well.
  11. From the people I know who are on SS disability, it shouldn't be too hard to get on. Then again, the rules may have changed since then because a lot of people like to scam. Just don't expect to be living large since disability doesn't give you a whole lot of $$$. Try to stash away as much money as you can before going on the program.
  12. Thanks guys. Both the Ibeenhad and the Line6 look like great affordable options. I'll see what he thinks.
  13. Okay, thanks. I'll sell it AS IS and tell my guitarist to get something different. I know he wasn't too thrilled with this particular delay, and I don't like the old style DOD pedals anyway (lost battery covers and worn out footswitches that always need replacing). He needs a simple delay/echo, and doesn't need infinite repeats or a super long delay time. He's perpetually broke, so it'll have to be affordable either new or on the used market, so no boutique pedals. Any suggestions for a simple, reliable delay?
  14. My guitarist has an older DOD DFX9 Digital Delay pedal that is no longer working. It just seemed to die all of a sudden, and I've tried everything to get it to wake up. I've tried new batteries, the proper AC adapter, you name it. It seems like the lights have gone out. Usually the pedal turns on when you insert a 1/4" plug into the input jack, and the LED illuminates. Now it does nothing. Does not illuminate, does not pass signal, does not pass go, does not collect $200. I opened it up but didn't see any burnt parts inside or anything like that, at least not to my untrained eyes. So, here's my question: is it even worth trying to get this thing fixed? A completed items search on eBay shows that they take anywhere from $30 to $60 used in good working condition, with the average price being around $45. Knowing that most repair shops around here charge at least $45 for a minimum bench fee, is there any point to getting it repaired? Would my best bet be just to sell the thing "AS IS" on eBay so maybe a tinkerer will pick it up on the cheap? Any suggestions, or repair options I might be unaware of? Thanks much.
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