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  1. G stands for "graphic" probably. Finally got a chance to play with it!! So far it's left me very VERY impressed. Sooooo much more flexible that other distortion units. I think I'm going to be using this pedal instead of my tremoverb's distortion channel. It's just so much easier to get a distorted sound balanced with the clean channel. I'm amazed more amps don't have pre/post EQ sections like he Mesa mark series.
  2. I normally hate how difficult it is to match channels on amps or with pedals due to a lack of control over controlling variables. Found out about this guy and picked one up as soon as one popped up for sale. Hopefully I like the sound of the distortion circut, because this is an awesome sized way to have an EQ-Drive-EQ chain going on. I get a little time to play with it tonight after work hopefully!
  3. Saw one on ebay at buy it now for $150 yesterday and missed my chance to pull the trigger. Anyone here have one they wouldn't mind parting with?
  4. Have you also played one before? Because they are AMAZING guitars. They sound great, play great, and look great. I was dead set on buying a telecaster until I played one of their Tele style guitars next to a Fender American Deluxe Tele...no comparison, and almost half the price! Next guitar I get is probably going to be a Reverend if I don't build another one from parts first. EDIT: I forgot to mention the bass contour control....EVERY guitar should have a low cut tone as well like this. I end up either adding a bass cut knob myself or hardwiring one into almost all of my neck pickups.
  5. Interesting to hear everyone's opinion on this. Some of the responses indicate that I should clarify what neck pickpus I use: low output. That's a relative term, but that basically means a single coils or low output humbuckers. Lower output means a higher resonance peak, and neck pickups also pick up more low frequencies and a wider dynamic range due to the strings vibrating more over the neck pickup than right by the bridge. This leads to a wide frequency response and dynamic range. I find it MUCH nicer having these sounds available to take away when needed, as oppossed to never having them in the first place and then wanting them.
  6. IMO, of course. It seems to me that most rock sub-genre guitar players end to play on the bridge pickup mostly, with other positions used for more specific requirments (2 and 4 on a strat for funk, neck for cleans only, ect). Personally, I almost exclusively use neck pickups in all situations unless I'm going for a more unusual sound. Between the positioning under the strings and the usual higher resonance peaks on neck pickups, they are MUCH more useful and balanced sounding to me. This means rythm, leads, tapping, clean, overdriven, into fuzz, with an ebow, and even when running hi gain. Anyone else find themselves using neck pickups 90% of the time?
  7. This thread is pure truth. No distoriton pedal can come close to what my Tremoverb does with hi gain. Low and medium gain, yes, but for hi gain, Tremoverb please. And no, I don't play metal or hard rock. Super low output humbuckers, single coils, and almost almost neck pickups. More non-metal guys should give the Rectifier series a look IMO.
  8. I could care less about the transistors, but I want one just for the 7 "fat" settings. Tone knob on a FF sounds cool too. This might just be my Christmas present to myself.
  9. This whole topic is kinda a foreign aproach to me...if I have an idea, sometimes it can be played on a guitar with out a pedal, sometimes without a capo, sometimes without a pick, sometimes with. Also, it can sometimes be broken up into multiple instruments, or if physically possible played all on one guitar/keyboard/bass/ect. Songs are songs. They can be written without an instrument being touched. FX pedals are just one tool in the subset of guitars that can be used, for both physical playing possibilties and tonal options. By an extension of the same logic; why do you need a guitar even then, as opposed to a bass, or piano, or your vocal chords and a multitrack recorder, or just a sheet of staff paper?
  10. Almost have all my pieces together with a Fender blacktop tele and a warmoth neck...I curious to see how an all fender build compares when I have to assemble and set up the guitar. I just might have to try this, hehe.
  11. Just did the same, and am happy so far, expect my Whammy 5 decided to eat **** and die first time I plugged it in to the voodoo. hmmm.
  12. It would be nice if more phasers (and mod FX in general) had wet/dry mix controls.
  13. Okay, so my Dunlop DC Brick died, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to make sure my pedal board and amp are powered correctly. Right now, I have a $15 power strip/surge protected that I plug a couple of unique pedal power supplies into, and also a the DC Brick was plugged into this power supply. My amp is currently plugged in seperate from my pedalboard's power strip. So... - What's a good power brick for all 9v pedals? - What's a good way to power a power brick, other adapters, and amp? EDIT: It looks like the VooDoo Labs power supply will meet my needs and gets good reviews. How about things like a power conditioner? Surger protecter? Now would be a good time to get my whole power situation sorted out.
  14. joeyowen wrote: nice! I bet the blend of gain and sythn esc will be awesome! I'm gonna youtube some clips Post them! I may record clips if I get the thing figured out sooner than later and find something to record it to.
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