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  1. Barely used Boss Feedbacker/Booster pedal for sale. It can coax feedback from your guitar at any gain setting, and any volume level. It's very cool, I'm just not using it anymore. $100 shipped CONUS Only http://www.bossus.com/gear/productdetails.php?ProductId=1181
  2. Here's the one my brother gave me last week: http://s127.photobucket.com/albums/p146/one4rich/Gear%20Pics/?action=view&current=GuitarRoomPics002.jpg Sorry about the dead link! http://s127.photobucket.com/albums/p146/one4rich/Charvel%20375%20Deluxe/
  3. Initially I was but then I thought about it a little more... I'd rather have a chick, who is otherwise hot, have no teeth at all than have nasty teeth, or really crooked, sparsely present teeth. And I'd make big allowances for accidents like the other fella's story. Was she a hot stripper or a "really hot so long as the light isn't too bright" stripper? I must have missed this when it was originally posted...sorry 'bout that. She was definitely a "turn the lights down" stripper for sure. Other than the fact that she thought it was fun to claw the {censored} out of my back, she was kinda fun. When she came, she dug those nails in and scratched me up badly. It hurt like hell, and not the good kind of hurt, either. When the band saw the marks, they thought I'd gone home with a tiger or something. At least she didn't have a tiger's teeth!
  4. I was in this hicktown bar not far from where I lived tossing a few back with my bass player. I had made plans with him and his brother to come back to my place and have a couple beers after we left the bar. This cute little blond comes up who had been to a couple of our shows and is raving about the band and getting very flirty with me. Things were starting to look pretty good. so I told them some other time 'cause it looks like I now have other plans. I don't know how many of you have been to a real hick bar before but even though I am more than a little crocked I know enough to count teeth, she smiles and damn probably the only girl in this bar with a full set. We go back to my place and start to fool around and I hear a knock at the door. F*!%$ bass player and his brother! Alright one beer and you guys gotta go I say as I'm letting them in. The brother is a bit "dentally challenged" and somehow this enters the conversation that he's having with the blond. She had teeth alright and they were nearly perfect, and they were now sitting on the arm of my couch!!! I don't remember how many plates she had but she just starts taking them out and sitting them on the couch. I think she said they were knocked out in a car accident or something but at this point I'm not paying much attention I'm just wondering how this went from "I'm a Rockstar" to "WTF is going on" in about a 10 minute span. I met a stripper in Idaho (a different one from my earlier stories, but they knew each other) that had a full set of dentures, and I didn't catch on right away either. When I found out, I asked for (and received) a smoothie!
  5. Now that makes perfect sense...shoulda told it right the first time! LOL
  6. I thought he meant that sleeping with sisters at the same time is incest and that's what made it gross "sick". Yeah, well...he's wrong! That's the part that makes it awesome!
  7. What's "sick" about a threesome? Weird distinction you're making there. A chance with twins simultaneously is something most guys dream of. It's usually just left to erotic fiction and porn videos, however.
  8. I was recently contacted by a girl from my road days, and I was checking here to see if I'd told a story about her, and I haven't. I noticed that there hasn't been a story in a while, so I thought I'd revive the thread. It's 1996 in Jackson, Michigan. She's a redhead with big tits, and she was in the bar with a girlfriend of hers. Her friend was as hot as she was, but with black hair. Anyway, they did some flirting with me, and then started making out with each other. I'm thinking I've finally scored my dream scenario, *two* hot chicks! The guys in the band are going nuts giving me {censored}, about how something that sounds too good to be true, probably is. At the end of the night, the guys still think it's not going to happen, when Red winks at them and says ""He's going home with us...we'll bring him to the hotel tomorrow!" and they each put an arm around me and we walk out. The guys turn several shades of green when they hear *that*! I'm thinking I've finally gotten into a "can't miss" deal with two chicks as we drive back to Brunette's apartment. It turns out that Red is from out of town, and is visiting for the weekend. Once we get there and everyone's got a drink, they play around a little more, and I'm getting anxious to join in, but since I'm nervous I take it slow...I don't want to screw this up! Anyway, after a little while Brunette says she's tired and is going to bed, and she's going to "leave you two lovebirds alone". All of a sudden, I'm back to square one! I thought it was *three* lovebirds, dammit! Anyway, Red tells me that she *really* likes me, and they have an agreement...when one of them really likes a guy, the other backs off. I told her that wasn't exactly what I had in mind, and it would be okay with me if they broke their agreement, just this once. I mean, they did play it up while we were at the bar and everything. She said that little show was for the benefit of my bandmates. I was a bit irritated that she was boosting my ego in public, and killing it in private, but I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut and just enjoy being with her. We had a great time, and got together several more times before the band left Michigan. I remember her very fondly, but it sure would have been amazing to remember her as one of *two* girls that I got to bed simultaneously. It's been nice touching base with her all these years later, but that particular night has gone without mention, except for here.
  9. I got an email from a girl I was with on the road 11 years ago. She found me online and sent a note asking if I remembered her, etc. She apologized for the way she acted back then, and that she was ashamed of herself for "being a band whore". I remembered her, so I replied right away. I told her I thought of her fondly, and not to be too hard on herself. We were young and having a good time as best we knew how. She wrote back that my reponse had made her feel better about that time in her life. I hope all "groupies" try and remember that "it takes two to tango" and that not all of us band members think ill of the girls they were with.
  10. Speaking of falling asleep, I have something along those lines, too. I always wanted to hook up with 2 girls, and it never seemed to work out. I would meet a lot of bisexual women, but I always met them 1 at a time! LOL I lucked into a perfect situation with a hot chick in Springfield, Oregon, and I thought I'd finally get my 2 girl freak on. She tells me that she can't make any plans to party with me after the show because her girlfriend's there, and she'd have to talk to her first. I'm anxiously awaiting word after the last set, and she finds me to tell me her girlfriend's into it, so I'm over the moon! We get back to their place, and they start doing crank, which I didn't participate in. I was ready to go get freaky and all they were interested in was drugs and playing cards. I played cards with them for awhile, but obviously I had other things on my mind, which they didn't seem to be in any hurry to get to. Bummed out, I told them I was going to go lay down, and when they were ready to party with me they could come get me. I fell asleep and never got any action at all. I woke up the next day and they were still awake, of course, and I got one of them to drive me back to the band's hotel. The guys didn't believe me when I told them I didn't even get up to bat with those two chicks.
  11. Sometimes they don't work out, but boy didn't it make you smile thinking that it might? You didn't bring home the "gift that keeps on giving", but got a nice boost to your ego...not really a bad night, if you think about it. You got to spend a couple of hours thinking "I've still got it" without worrying about whether or not you actually did get something you could unwittingly pass on to your wife.
  12. And to think...you missed out on a smoothie! LOL
  13. Originally Posted by elsongs Hmm, I could have sworn I read this very same story in Hustler... I don't know about that...I've never written to Hustler.
  14. I was playing at a bar in Salina, Kansas and towards the end of the night a gal came in, sat down, and watched the end of the set. She looked "rode hard and put away wet" as the phrase goes around here...not terribly attractive, but she was kind of appealing in her own way. After the set, I'm walking to the can to take a leak, and she stops me to ask my name and make small talk. I chat with her for a few minutes and then resume my trip to the can. On my way back towards the stage, she asks me to come home with her for a "party" and she'll wait for me outside. I packed up my guitars in their cases and put them behind the amps until the next night (it was a Friday and we played Fri/Sat) and tell the other guitarist I don't need a ride home. He starts laughing at me, and his exact phrase was "Rich is going home with a mud fence!" Well, in my defense there wasn't much of a selection that night, and I have needs, y'know? Besides, you never can tell...she might be a lot of fun. Anyway, I go outside, and she sitting in her car waiting for me, and she's already got her hand in her pants, warming up. I thought to myself..."Yep, this gal is going to be a *lot* of fun, 'cause she's already rolling". When we get to her place, she practically attacked me, stripping my clothes off and deepthroating me right off the bat. WOW! This gal was amazing...her toungue felt like it was made of velvet, and I came really quickly. She guzzled it all down and then went to work getting me ready for another go. I was 21 or 22, so it didn't take too long. We went at it for several hours, and finally I passed out from exhaustion. The next morning, she woke me up with another excellent BJ, after which she made me breakfast. When I left later that morning, I thanked her for the great time, and walked home. She only lived a few blocks from me, so I didn't want to trouble her with getting dressed and driving me there. Besides, the fresh air would do me some good. As we played our 4 sets later on that night, I watched for her to come in again, but she didn't. I never saw her again, but I've never forgotten her, either.
  15. I say let her come to the show. That way, she gets reminded of why she was with you in the first place.
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