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The Truth About Me (Subs, David Bowie, Mary Poppins.)


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I thought by having Phil reset my post count, my picture and my name, I'd be able to restart a whole new life here on Harmony Central.


Because the truth is, I'm lonely. And I've been sending unanswered messages to forum members such as StunningBabe and that one girl that had a thing for TVD.


But those messages have gone unanswered. I could only suspect that they knew my past and didn't want to associate with a man like Subs.


So I went with the most over the top symbol of masculinity I could think of.




David Bowie, of course.


I knew I'd have a chance with internet forum girls if I showed some real strength and testosterone.


But now I'm Mary Poppins. So whatever. Sad and alone. Again.

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