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  1. I stopped at the Joey song. Achtung Baby were are thou.
  2. I have this pedal, and its great. It will be better with that switching thingy. Lemme know, Love, Ren.
  4. shoegazers used the midiverb II. Quadraverb is for hair metal. I'm joking. Hi Gambro.
  5. plaidbeer wrote: I don't really have a favorite as I've liked them all--M9, DelayLab, VD-400, Repeater, DD-7, MS-70CDR. I've never owned or used any of the "classic" analog delays such as a DMM, DM-2, etc. Plaidbro, tell me more about the zoom. I hear purists complain about degrading toan, etc. How's it working for you?
  6. my jag and me. Props to Urinate Forever, since he got me this sweet guitar for 140.00 new. Changed the tremolo and the bridge to avri and the pickguard.
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