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  1. Getting screwed is why I learned to play guitar.
  2. Have you tried going direct with a tech 21 pedal?
  3. Dude in the video has some interesting thoughts on borrowing gear from guitar center.
  4. you're right, i should have been clearer. he used to be a trend setter, is what i was getting at. i guess in your mind that ends at 30. whateva.
  5. yeah, he reallly paved the way for hip hop didn't he?
  6. it's amazing how much growth paul and john had musically in just a few years. now it's been like 50 and i don't think Paul has tried anything new.
  7. i hate saxophones, but i love this theme song wonder what qj would think of it? [video=youtube;IDhz_mVcVCQ]
  8. I thought sgt pepper was their first official stereo release. I agree about the latest one sounding great. The seperation is really apparent and the vocals sit in the mix a bit differently. Sounds like more reverb on a couple vocal tracks too. Some of the background harmonies are more pronounced. The counting on day in the life has been brought forward too.
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