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  1. haven't been here in forever this looks pretty decent
  2. I'm a teacher, after all. If you were screwed as a child, it's not your fault. Adults can learn these things too.
  3. Pewt's got this one right. 2008 spam. Super stale.
  4. I kinda was. An ocd rip off and a stupid shirt that nobody will understand for $59 isn't bad.
  5. monsterpiece! give us a rundown of your current lineup plz.
  6. robo lol'ing means he can build you a clone, scribble all over the box and charge you 2/3rds the price with twice the depreciation.
  7. Well it's a good thing there's no fucking shortage of makeup. This thread sucks.
  8. started mountain biking again this summer. close to 300 miles of single track since June. {censored}'s pretty fun. wouldn't call myself a cyclist though. those dudes are kinda weird.
  9. I saw a fox get hit by a car earlier this week. Foxes are real cool.
  10. Sounded really good. Well done demo. Would like to own one someday. They ever go under $200 used?
  11. [video=youtube;3uqRNajBwXU] Everytime I hear Urgent on the radio I think of that girl's boobs and covered in vomit.
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