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  1. Can any of you recommend a nice one that isn't $300? Most that I have seen are either flimsy or look like they won't last, but I don't want to spend $300 on one to get a decent one. Although I realize I may have to. I should say that this should be for around 5 or guitars (1 acoustic).
  2. I know man I've actually wanted one for years. Good things come to those who wait?
  3. Sounds awesome. Knobs are good. So you load sounds and it uses them as a carrier for the reverb decay, etc?
  4. I just bought this at a yard sale for $10. I had to spray it down with ant spray but it's sounds pretty good for a $10 amp!
  5. here you go [YOUTUBE]1IxzhWucRcc[/YOUTUBE]
  6. I'm wondering around DiscoFreq's page and being reminded of a lot of new pedals that seemed to have a bit of fanfare only to fade away. I'm just wondering and making conversation...
  7. no experience at all. it looks pretty cool but really pricey.
  8. Sorry man, yeah it's definitely not like the good old days but keep posting and we can get it back. I think $75 is great deal for it as long as it's in good condition. They seem to be going for around $145 new so.
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