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  1. Oh wow... I had completely missed this thread, and I'm really impressed with the works posted. I'm glad this got bumped! Keep it up guys! Don't wanna sound like a douche, but I'm surprised by the amount of talent in this forum...
  2. sounds like heavy whammy bar to me
  3. hahaha i remember this thread
  4. What's is this thing called "banned"? you know... a group of people that play music and {censored}...
  5. quite the bump, but vaild because Marc Ribot deserves an appreciation thread... love it
  6. boxing... not a sports guy, but i love boxing... it just appeal to my basal needs i guess
  7. im sorry but mars voltas just noise. except for the singing. thats just plain hilarious. 60 years ago parents were telling their kids rock and roll music was just noise too
  8. [YOUTUBE]nAdI3qoQ5xU[/YOUTUBE] Mostly acoustic... I really like this cd...
  9. at least he bumped a good one this time
  10. haha yea i meant how the ladies are going... stay away from crazy exes... trust me. Also stay away from girls that pee on themselves during class... unless youre into that...
  11. hahaha i remember lurking through this when it happened... hows that been going man? anything other than that new band-member?
  12. dunn duh duhhh duh duh da duuhhhh. Is this one the Stones' Satisfaction? That's what i read...
  13. Placebo 62 as much as I dig your argounts, why do U seem to only show in the riffomadacaster veiws, ani't callin' ya out but you got a recurrens of coming up dig, not a isssue hear, so would you like to knok,or not, I leave it up to U... I think Riffo is just saying that he's cool with Placebo's points but is asking why he always shows up when he posts something... but he doesnt mean to start a fight or anything... he just sees a pattern. Trying to understand all of this is fun... Riffo is like the new beat
  14. I love that stuff man! I know what you mean about the magic... it's like it captured something that is much harder to capture now. The first time I heard this one by Billie Holiday I almost cried: [YOUTUBE]VUBI1WCxj9c[/YOUTUBE]
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