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HCFX BOTB 2012 - Official Rules List and Guidelines


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All caught up updating the OP. Please PM me if you don't see your name on the list of entrants and we'll make sure you get your entry in :thu:


pfffft, is there a limit on the number of pedals on a board then?

(I hope to find some time this weekend :-/)


Nope, there's a Monster board category

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In response to the thread asking about the Name/Data sign rule, I've amended the rule:

A photo of the board is required
, including a
with your username and date taken clearly displayed. Adding your Name/Date text as a graphic to the photo after it was taken is not recommended, but such submissions will be accepted. Please act in good faith regarding this rule and don't take advantage of this "loop-hole"

The spirit of the rule was to prevent forgeries from polluting the contest. However, it shouldn't be so heavy-handed that it ruins the fun, so I just ask that you act in good faith.

I've also added a new Category

Best Photoshopped Boardd

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I sent mine yesterday morning and I am not on the list either. I am hated.


It is true. We didn't want to tell you, because we were afraid that you would take it badly. But, now that all the cards are out on the table...




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