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  1. I say save this for 2015, maybe more members will be back by then. And maybe we should eliminate prizes altogether.
  2. Also, should be prize awarded to anyone with more than three votes
  4. Well for a while, I had a number of fairly big power hog pedals, at 9v. So I bought a VL 4x4. I like it, because it has 4 outputs of 400mA, two of those can do 12v too. Problem is, there aren't many pedals that need 12v, and there's a few that could use 18v or even 24v (I'm looking at you, DMM). One of the benefits with this power supply, because it has so much juice, is that I can daisy chain like every analog pedal I own on one of the 400mA tap, and still have 7 other outlets for digital and power hungry pedals. No noise, works great. Having an AC outlet like the PP2+ would be nice to have too, but I live fine without it. I also have a SupaCharger for my secondary board, had it probably 6-7 years now, works great. And I keep a 1Spot around too, when I move things around and just need to power up a few pedals quickly without revamping the 4x4.
  5. If we arrange a bunch of prizes for it, there's a good chance everyone will win something this time!
  6. I'm a big fan of all dirt related Bearfoot effects. I have the Honey Bee, just got the Emerald Green Distortion Machine (Vox like) and a huge fan of the Candy Apple Fuzz, which comes in several variants. The CAF has a couple of cool features. It's a very musical fuzz, sort of like a Fuzz Face and a Tonebender, but it does its own thing too. And with the "nature knob set just right (mine is almost right at noon) you can hear some really cool octave effects as well, but it's a very, very small sweet spot that will achieve this. A ton of volume on tap. It's also a very noise free fuzz, almost like it has a noise gate, yet you never hear it engage. You can run a noisy distortion pedal into the CAF, and they will both be very quiet. Not sure how this trick is accomplished, but it's great. Overall, it's probably one of my favorite fuzz pedals I've owned or played, maybe my favorite dirt box. Not cheap, but not uber expensive either, definitely worth it. Also, the gold letter version like I have, is a hybrid silicon/germanium, and the silver lettering is all silicon. There's also a Candiru fuzz pedal, which imo I didn't like as much, a bit more eccentric like the fuzz factory, but worth checking out, it might be more what you're after. [YOUTUBE]aFt-3rgMuRo[/YOUTUBE]
  7. Is the Iron horse a rat clone or a muff? Can't remember. I would think more fuzz might be one thing to get. I wasn't a big fan of the DS-1, an iconic pedal, but there's a lot out there to look at too. What amp do you have? That also plays a big role in what to recommend.
  8. Does the Express XT sound different, tonally, than the Jamman Solo XT? I was thinking it was different, but am now not sure. I want to write up a looper article, those in the $100 up to $199 range.
  9. Thanks man, it is a very nice guitar, and a pretty good price too. Also a color you don't see very often.
  10. Thanks Phil. The '60 V3 is very nice. Fairly recent purchase, as is the '56. The v3 has similar construction to the Tribute model, but with the Burstbuckers and a more ornate top. I liked the color of it better than the Tribute. I think though, I prefer the tone of the Tribute, but they're both good. I do like the Burstbucker 1 in the neck position, great for rhythm and blues, sort of has a Hendrix vibe to it in a way. Fairly clean for a humbucker. My 2010 Tribute is fairly unique in that the neck is asymmetrical, which was an option only in 2010 I think. And the v3 was only made in 2010, and only 1,960 made. I paid a fair amount for it, but it was mint and I have no regrets. I'd like to add maybe a Bonamassa or Slash Goldtop in the future. And the new Lee Malia Custom is pretty cool looking too, with a P-90 in the neck, Gibson humbucker in the bridge. Not cheap either though. All of these Epi's to me, are pretty good value. No, they don't have the Gibson name on it, but I've decided I can live without that just fine, lol. I actually sold a cool '85 Gibson LP Studio Custom that looked really cool, but the neck was too small for me, got the v3 to replace it (and with the money saved, paid for half of the '56 too) and I know I made the right decision.
  11. I use the Strymon Flint. Probably my priciest pedal, but it really is two good pedals in one compact box. I sold a Diamond tremolo and a Hardwire Supernatural to fund the Flint, no regrets. The tremolos on the Flint are very good, and the Harmonic setting is very vibe like, better than anything I've heard on most stand alone tremolo pedals. The other settings are good too. I wish it had stereo ins, but otherwise I've had Zero gas for either a different reverb or tremolo for many months now. That's saying something!
  12. The trio together... And the headstocks you hate, lol:
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