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You Just Won $10K in the Lottery! What Music Gear Would You Buy?

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  • You Just Won $10K in the Lottery! What Music Gear Would You Buy?

    I'd buy some real nice mics, bigger LCD monitors, better soundproofing, that cool Synthaxe studio furniture, and some high-end Adam speakers. And an OASYS if there was another $10K thrown in, to replace my Z1...
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    OK $3,000 or so would go toward an "heirloom quality" guitar, such as a Gretsch White Falcon or the Reverend Horton Heat model. I'd spend another $1,000 on a Variax 600, and another $999 on a small P.A. system/mics. I'd spend the remaining dollar on another lottery ticket.

    Yeah, I know...there's still another 5G's unaccounted for. Well, Mrs. Blackbelt would get that - and my GAS list would be empty.



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      Actually, I was hoping for a $50K winning amount...

      Lemmesee... I just spent some serious moolah today on both a Lovetone Doppelganger AND Wobulator, so I can scratch those off the list.

      Still need a API 3124 pretty badly...

      Gotta get a couple Distressors still.

      Need to do a few more things inside the studio - both acoustic and cosmetic. This isn't gonna be cheap, but I'm almost done with everything.

      Vox AC15. Lee and I were both impressed with those at NAMM. Gonna get one RSN.

      I want a Gretsch. I wanted an Electromatic Elliot Easton (G5570) model in Caddy Green, but they've been discontinued. May have to settle for a black (or should I get gold?) Pro Jet instead.

      I'd definitely pick up a few 17 - 19" LCD monitors to replace the last few CRT's I have left in service.

      I need to get a Frontier Designs PCI lightpipe card for my Gigastudio computer.

      I may spring for a Eventide Eclipse with my financial windfall.

      I would probably buy a couple of Royers and / or AEA ribbons.

      Another "want" is a saxophone. I'd probably get a Tenor. I used to actually be not half-bad once upon a time, but I have not played in years, and I miss it sometimes.

      Hmm, what else? There's always something else, isn't there? It never ends... but alas, I think I've already used all 10 K.

      That's why I wanted the $50K. I still have not purchased my PT HD system, some new converters, and another Yamaha board. I'd probably opt for a DM1000, or maybe a 02R96. Then it's more mics, more outboards, more more more more......

      Like I said, it never ends.

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        A hauser -- though I'd prob have to kick in some extra loot

        (seriously, that's what I'd get)


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          10K? That wouldn't even pay off half my credit card debt.

          Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe
          Actually, I was hoping for a $50K winning amount...

          Now, that would give me some spending cash.

          Let's see... I'd get a pair of ADAM active monitors, maybe S2-As.

          Probably get a PT HD system. I desperately need more inputs.

          I'd buy some new mics, maybe a couple Soundeluxes.

          A nice Mesa Boogie tube guitar amp would be swell.

          A Distressor would be fabulous - right now it's all plug-ins.

          A couple Vintech Neve clone preamps would sure come in handy.

          My POS drum kit badly needs to be replaced my something new and sparkly that doesn't sound like poop.

          I'd like to own a decent acoustic guitar, like a Taylor - my acoustic guitars are crap.

          I'd love to replace my MexiStrat with a vintage made-in-USA Strat.

          I'd really love to own a vintage Les Paul.

          I need a hardware synth - I'd absolutely love to own a Nord Lead 3.

          That's just off the top of my head.


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            Peters Custom Dual Channel 2K
            (2)vintage 30s 150-200?

            Pair o hums for my strat n pickgaurd 150-200

            sm57, stand, cables, DMP3 mic pre $400-500 whatevers

            Eventide thingy for way too many fx and Kirk Hammett impressions (don't know how much these are.)

            Alesis ION, Nord B3 wannabe thing,

            the rest goes into buying picks, strings, and a comb w/ wax paper

            addition: Tacoma acoustic, baritone acoustic and maybe somehow get a harp guitar built for me


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              Enthusiasm powers the world.

              Craig Anderton's Archiving Article


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                I think I'd have to take a trip to Hawaii to pick out a nice ukelele.

                Now, if you added an extra zero, I might be able to get something really useful, like some construction work on the room.
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                  I'd probably head down to Nashburg and audition some stuff. On my list:

                  A good compresser or two, distressor, 1176, LA 2 and 3 A's.

                  Like to check a Vintech 1272 or similar just to see what all the fuss is about.

                  My sweetie wants a Kiwi and she sounded great on the one a friend brought over, but I'd like to hear her on some others. I love her voice on our 80's 414 B/ULS, but like to check some darker mics.

                  There are only two mic's I've tried that truely suit my voice. One of them cost like 40 bucks in the 80's and the other one costs 5K; half the winnings. Surely there's something in between?

                  I've got a nice little 60's Ludwig drum kit but nasty cymbals. Need some small loverly sounding Zildjians.

                  19" (or bigger; got the 40 something messed up eyesight going on) flat computer monitor.

                  A great big hard drive to copy my music computer's C drive to and then store the original drive in case of lightning or other trajedy.


                  A little endpin pre for my Martin. Just has the thinline pu right now.

                  A rack mount geetar tuner. Always yanking my little boss off the desk by it's cord or misplacing it etc.

                  Some of those little passive Adam monitors to make fun of my NS-10 M's.

                  Some 3/4" birch plywood. Want to design and build a cool workstation.

                  Some or all of that stuff.


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                    Vintage 50 watt Plexi stack, Univibe, Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster.
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                      The new Tascam X48 hard disk recorder.

                      I've been jonesing for JBL6332's.

                      Power to match.


                      Good beer.


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                        1) Sample Libraries (sorry RockViolin). Eastwest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra (EWQLSO).
                        $10,000 still isn't enough for VSL. Plus, EWQLSO is easier/quicker to use than VSL.
                        I'd get the EWQLSO Platinum Pro XL Bundle.
                        2) A Mesa Boogie Roadking Series II 2x12 combo amp:
                        3) NI Komplete 3 (I'm pining for all those cool synth machines plus it comes with GR2)

                        Since the $10,000 is taxable, I'm probably already over budget.


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                          A Gretsch also (Lottery would be the only way I'd be able to get one)

                          Go looking for a discontinued Reverend Amp.......

                          ANd a Gibson J-200 if there was any leftover.

                          Lovetone, Doppelganger AND Wobulator

                          WBAGNFARB ... especially a trio
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                            First I'd set aside $4,000 for when the new Kurzweil comes out, hopefully it'll replace my EX-5, my PC-88, AND my Nord Lead on stage.

                            The rest will replace my diesel-powered DAW (Mac g-3 with OS 8.6, and all Opcode software/hardware). I'm thinking Intel-based Mac, Mackie Onyx w/Mackie's DAW software, and hopefully a control surface of some sort.

                            If there's enough $$ left I'd sure like the Nord Stage Compact, to replace my Electro AND have Nord's cool pitchstick/analog synth to go with my new Kurzweil, whatever it'll be.

                            This exercise is fun until I take my eyes off the screen and look around my home studio...
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                              Two channels of premium A to D converters- Perhaps Benchmark Lavery, Appogee or UA.

                              A high gain low noise medium colored 2 channel mic pre. Perhaps the Portico. Neeed high gain low noise for my AKG 460's and future ribbons.

                              Mics: one ribbon and perhaps two multi pattern condensers ( All I have are cardioids currently).

                              A single coil geetar with the classic strat tone.
                              A geetar with p-90's for the "other" tone im missing today with my gretsch.

                              I might consider the roland virtual drums. They might be a good tradeoff between the hassles of tracking real drums in a home situation and the pitfalls of programmed/sampled drums. I'd have tpo play with them a while to convince myself of this. They seem very pricey.

                              Id spend 1500-2000 to pull together one real CD release of some of my existing material. 600-1k for pro mastering. 1K or so for production/printing/graphics.

                              A couple of real bass traps.

                              A mandolin.

                              Trips to the tape op convention and /or SXSW.

                              A years worth of sax lessons so i can pogress beyond the level Ive been stuck at since the 70's.

                              OK - How far over budget am I????

                              Having said all of that I must say my B'day is coming up this month and Im deciding how to spend the next 1K. The reality is that my rig is quite capable of yielding very good results as it is.
                              The biggest opportunity for improvment lies in the area of improving my skills. Fortunately or unfortunately that has less to do with spending money and more to do with an investment of time (for me there is way too little of that to go around) and discipline.
                              Psst... Wanna check out some free tunes?