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  1. Very enjoyable read. Being Swedish I also appreciated the extra insight into the USA as a culture.
  2. Hi Dan, I'm very much active in making my own sounds. Some may say too much. Details in this post: Non-guitar sound profiling with the Kemper Cheers, Mats N
  3. Hi! I started profiling amps at once when I got the Kemper and have done a fair share of profiles some of which are my go to sounds now days. Fact is that I'm happy with what I have and thus I stopped profiling. After a while I missed the creative process of profiling but what to profile if you have what you want? Things that's not sounding like stuff you've heard before. So I started profiling weird stuff, hooked up in combinations not usually recommended to get sane result. My goal was not to get anything specific but rather just sounds that can be musically useful. I have so much fun and I've even gone as far as to buy stuff just for the very purpose of profiling them for unusual results. Here are two sound clips where all the sounds (except for drums) come from the one guitar and the Kemper. Hope you find it interesting! Cheers, Mats N
  4. Hi Joe! Better late than never, eh? Glad you enjoyed it. We also share the same dream. Cheers, Mats N
  5. Hi Dendy, Either you forgot my name or you wrote in the wrong thread. :-) Cheers, Mats N
  6. I got a similar thought when I read your report. The show is so big nowadays that you have to focus to cover your main area of interest.
  7. Thanks Bieke! That's was a great compliment coming from a NAMM Jedi Master like you.
  8. I have now published my report from Winter NAMM 2019. It's a long but, I hope, entertaining read. Hope you'll enjoy it! http://nermark.com/reports/NAMM_Winter_2019/NAMM_Winter_2019.htm Cheers, Mats N
  9. Hi Mike, I talked to the ToneDexter guys (Audio Sprocket) and they will exhibit att Summer NAMM. Cheers, Mats N
  10. Hi Mike, Thanks for an interesting report. It's always a good read. Educational and entertaining. And I really miss the old Hall E atmosphere. Cheers, Mats N
  11. Bieke is my gear hero! /Mats N
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