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  1. Something else I've thought about... The government is going to cover the bucks by printing up money. That has a tendency to create big-time inflation. But if the dollar tanks, and you have a non-adjustable rate mortgage for $200,000, and the dollar becomes so worthless that a loaf of bread costs $50,000 - you'll be able to pay off your mortgage in no time! Something I've thought about: The moderators should be fair about decisions to move bailout threads to the poli forum.
  2. People often turn more to entertainment when the going gets tough. It's a universal remedy that reduces anxiety & depression. Dr. Johnny-Boy In that case, since most of us here are involved in the music industry somehow, then we should all do our part to make sure the economy gets much worse.
  3. I'm too cheap to go to games plus in San Diego you have to be able to sit in the blazing sun (yes, even in the winter) for 3 or 4 hours. I burn easy. Oh well, I have High Definition at home I'm originally from San Diego. Let me tell you. You don't know how lucky you are WRT pro sports, especially Baseball. I live in New England. We have the Red Sox. The Red Sox have the highest priced tickets in all of MLB. Besides that, they're all sold out anyways, so you can't get them unless you're willing to pay even bigger bucks from a scalper or from stubhub. At the beginning of the season this year, a local radio station had a big contest. The grand prize was the right to buy a set number of tickets to some Red Sox games at face value! A friend of ours won, and couldn't afford to buy all the tickets allotted, so she offered to let us buy some. Well, I did. I bought 4 tickets to a May game. My seats were in Right Field. I paid $50 per seat for them. I was in San Diego for a few days this past summer. I decided to see if I could get tickets to a Padres game (against LA) the day before the game. Well, not only did I find tickets (on stubhub), but I found 2 seats behind home plate at Field level for $35 a piece! We sat closer to home plate than the pitcher! This is simply not possible in Boston.
  4. 2. Go to somewhere that's not La Jolla. What if they are nice aliens that only have our best interest in mind, er, um, whatever they use to do something like thinking? Maybe Clem knows these guys...
  5. For example buying a new Prius under the maxim "running cleaner cars" is not conserving resources, it is consuming them. I agree with you there. Actually, it is worse than that. The huge batteries associated with the Prius have no good way to be disposed of when the car is eventually scrapped. The problem is, those huge batteries are absolutely awful for the environment! They leak nasty chemicals into the ground.
  6. Regardless of whether there's climate change that is man-made or not, running cleaner cars, having less toxic emissions, putting less crap in the air, and conserving natural resources and energy are all things that i can get behind and don't consider stupid. Well stated. I agree.
  7. I think "willing" is going through a serious crisis. I think "able" will come around first, but consumers will be more conservative once the lending thing get straightened out. I think there will be a big drop in people moving from a "starter home" to larger digs, and people will be closely watching their wants vs. needs decisions. That is an optimistic idea. The very fact of the bailout means that the government is encouraging people NOT to closely watch their wants vs. needs! And guess who gets to pay for it: Those of us who DID watch our wants vs. needs! Even though I am still supporting John McCain as the way lesser of two evils, McCain's plan to buy up mortgages makes me want to puke. It's way past 1984, but BIG BROTHER is on the way unless we as citizens will do something to stop it.
  8. I wish we had a presidential candidate who would articulate exactly what you have just said. We are probably going to elect Barack Obama because all many people know is that there is a crisis and he represents "change". Well, when Mr. Obama is elected, we will get change. Unfortunately, his change is massive amounts of new governmental regulation and lots more taxes. This is despite the fact that he has duped most Americans into believing they will get a tax cut and it is the evil corporations and wealthy people who will shoulder their burden. Everybody wants something for nothing. Everyone wants new government programs as long as somebody else pays for it. This attitude is precisely what got us into this mess, and more of the same has little chance of getting us out of it.
  9. Read here to see how the Magic Mr. Obama will give everything to everyone and make somebody that isn't you pay for it.
  10. And here's a letter from a banker detailing some of the issues WBC raised. (link in pdf) Good link! The government is massively expanding, and we are going to get the bill for it. Fixing bad government with more bad government is stupid! For any other conservatives here on HC, consider this: The big spending GWB administration is shoving this down our throats. At this point, it doesn't surprise me that GWB is desperately trying to spend tons of our money, and it is primarily Demorcrats that are agreeing with him. However, John McCain is also fully onboard with this. They're going to drive our country bankrupt. Let's just elect Barack Obama and allow him to tax and spend us into a final bankruptcy.
  11. I've figured out the two amps that would best suit my needs are: A) Mesa Road King Series II B) Marshall JVM I know there are a few others, including some boutique stuff, but I am deciding between only these two. Tell me which one you think is better and why.
  12. yeah, the roadster has everything i need and nothing i don't. the road king was considerably more expensive for stuff i didn't need. Did you get a combo or a head? The 2 features in an RK II that are missing on the Roadster that I'd really like are the cabinet switching (one cab for clean, one for dirty) and the EL-34s.
  13. I'd say exchange it. Just because it's working great now doesn't mean there isn't another tube or something else that is marginal because some kids abused it at GC. BTW, why did you get the Roadster instead of the RK? Don't need the EL-34s or the cabinet switching, etc?
  14. :mad: OK. You are right. I should have kept my mouth shut. Sorry to everyone.
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