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  1. I donated this guitar to http://www.donate4william.org, a non-profit organization that educates teenagers about the importance of organ donation. 100% of the proceeds go toward spreading the word about organ donation throughout high schools and colleges. I'm hoping the guitar will fetch much more than it's worth, from a buyer who wants to do something great for the world while rocking out! The guitar itself is pristine and has been well-cared for. There are no dings or blemishes, and it's been in a smoke-free home. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160360418836&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Here's to organ donation! ~Blackbelt
  2. One of the reasons I just bought the LP VM is that there is no maple cap - therefore it is a very comfortable weight. All maple guitar = heavy. ~Blackbelt
  3. I'll be praying for your family and especially your son. ~Blackbelt
  4. Originally posted by rhythmisnothing ultimate-guitar.com should have tabs for the song. Click on the version w/ the most ratings. The acoustic version doesn't have a capo, but the album version is w/ a capo on the first fret, which might be the reason that the tabs sound different from what is being played Thanks for the response; I had been to Ultimate Guitar and printed several versions of tab, as well as downloading a Powertab file for it but they all seem to contradict one another. When I play what's actually written in tab it doesn't sound like chords at all, it's just mis-matched notes muddled together. And when I just play the chords shown they don't sound right either. Once I figure out the basic "pattern" of the song I should be able to put it all together very quickly but I can't seem to get out of the gate on this one. ~Blackbelt
  5. I'd like to work up a version of Iris and I have a good backing track for it. But there are many versions of tab out there, and none of them seem to make sense to me or sound even remotely like the song should sound. Do any of you play the song Iris? If so, can you give me a basic idea of the chords/shapes you use for the intro and main sections? ~Blackbelt
  6. Originally posted by sister crowe You'll probably think this is a dumb post, but I'd really appreciate some honest feedback on this. Well, honestly I think you should invest your time in building quality relationships with people in your life long-term, and not worry about being with some would-be rock star for one night. But if you just want to meet someone famous or semi-famous in the music industry, one way is to contact the local music newspapers and web sites and offer to interview the performers coming to your area, in return for press credentials. Unless it is a mega-act who has no trouble going platinum with every CD and selling out every show, you'll probably get close to the artist in some form or fashion and you won't have to get undressed or make out with another chick in front of a stadium crowd to do it. ~Blackbelt
  7. I'd just keep it away from that ball tent. I had one of those for my kids once...everything within 50 feet of it became a target. ~Blackbelt
  8. For some reason, Dm really works well. I can play the Dm scale in the Am position too but I can't seem to play Cmaj or Am as a stand alone scale in this song and make it fit. But I'm happy with the Dm runs, I have a Les Paul Custom loaded in the Variax and some nice tones built in the Pod XT Live, so I think I'll whip it out at open mic this week. ~Blackbelt
  9. Originally posted by knotty I think you need a 59 LP to get it right:) Just happen to have one... ...in my Variax! Now I just have to work on the facial expressions! ~Blackbelt
  10. I'm just getting into learning this tune, and it seems like a fun song to play. I have a good backing track for it, and I've learned the first couple of guitar solos straight through - but I also want to be able to put my own stamp on it. Trouble I'm having is, according to the tabs I've downloaded, the song is in the key of C. I've tried playing the C major scale, the A minor scale, and probably a few notes that belong to the key of Z scale. No matter what, I can't seem to find that combination that would let me just jam along and come up with my own riff-tastic expressions. What key is this thing in, and what scale could I play in that would pretty much fit the song track throughout? ~Blackbelt
  11. Hmm. OK $3,000 or so would go toward an "heirloom quality" guitar, such as a Gretsch White Falcon or the Reverend Horton Heat model. I'd spend another $1,000 on a Variax 600, and another $999 on a small P.A. system/mics. I'd spend the remaining dollar on another lottery ticket. Yeah, I know...there's still another 5G's unaccounted for. Well, Mrs. Blackbelt would get that - and my GAS list would be empty. ~Blackbelt
  12. I dunno Ed...they look kind of haphazardly built from the pics. I'd have to play one in person to dig it. ~Blackbelt
  13. I have the Guitar Port w/subscription (been a subscriber for nearly 2 years now) - best $7.99/month I could spend on guitar playing. I have a Fender G-DEC - great for dragging from room to room in the house to jam along with tracks; I'm teaching my son how to play and we can both plug into it together. I have a Pod XT Live - great for taking live on location, no heavy amps necessary. I walk in, plug my Pod XTL into the house P.A., and I'm ready to play. I've been using it for open mic nights and love it. I have a Variax 300 - great companion to the Pod XTL. I can play a whole set, everything from acoustic chops to blues/metal licks without ever changing guitars. And the alternate tunings feature is VERY handy. Step on a Pod XTL pedal and boom! My sound patch gets recalled and the Variax instantly switches to a '59 Strat in Eb for those SRV covers. ~Blackbelt
  14. Here's what David Gilmour himself will be using on his upcoming tour: http://www.petecornish.net/bop.html Me, I can't afford something that customized...which is why I have a Pod XT Live/Variax instead. I'm playing an open mic this week and opening with a Floyd tune on it. ~Blackbelt
  15. I'm onboard with this stuff, in fact Line 6 pretty much single-handedly jump-started my guitar playing again. I played in many bands in the late 70's through the 80's but then settled into a steady career, then a marriage, and fatherhood. I didn't foresee the time to play much anymore so I sold off all of my electric guitars except for 1 Strat, my 1981 Antigua one. It eventually wound up in the case, under the bed, behind my kids' Lego collection. My old Crate amp went to the attic and my effects pedals went who-knows-where. For the next 12+ years I did little more than strum a few chords on my acoustics. Part of the problem with playing blues, classic rock, metal, etc. is that playing alone gets boring after a while. I didn't have time for a band or jams but that was the only way the electrics became interesting. Fathers Day 2004 that all changed. I got a Guitar Port by Line 6. I was so intrigued, I dragged the Strat out from its nest, put some new strings on it, and proceeded to discover how awful and rusty I had become. I went through some of the lessons, and some of the backing tracks and slowly started getting some skills back. One thing led to another and I found myself playing 2 hours every day at the Guitar Port. The kids are old enough now that they have their friends and I had some spare time. So I did what any rational man would do - I bought a second MIA Stratocaster. I kept the old one detuned a half step for SRV, EVH, Hendrix, etc. I kept the new one tuned standard to mess around with the Pink Floyd tracks on Guitar Port. Then I started itching to play out again. Well, to make a long story short, a few guitar purchases later (I bought 5 of them last year) I told my wife I wanted the Pod XT Live for Christmas. Once I had the chairman's...er, I mean, the wife's OK, I bought the Pod XTL and brought it home. Yep, she still made me put it under the tree and wait for 12/25 along with the kids. What's this got to do with the Variax? Well, now that I had this Pod XT Live, and it had a Variax port on it, the GAS started to burn. I received an unexpected bonus check at the beginning of the year, so I bought a Variax 300. Not being a gigging musician, and already pushing my marital luck with all the other purchases, I didn't want to shoot higher than the 300. I played some at GC that were an awful mess, but mine arrived via online purchase and plays terrific out of the box. To my surprise, I didn't need to make any adjustments at all. So now I have the Guitar Port, I have the Pod XT Live, and I have the Variax...oh yeah, and I bought the 2 extra model packs for the Pod XTL too (shhhhh...I snuck those by her). Now I'm set. If all goes according to plan I will play "out" for the first time in several years, this coming week at an open mic night. You know what's really cool about the Variax, teamed with the Pod? My first song. I'm going to play "Comfortably Numb." I have a pretty good backing track a buddy made; I'll start out on a Martin acoustic model, kick in a 12-string version of the Martin with some chorus, and then hit the lead breaks running, using a Stratocaster model. This will all happen with 3 Pod pedal steps. I'll also play a SRV tune, detuned a half step. With the Variax, I won't worry about retuning the guitar, as I've created a Strat model in Workbench that is already tuned down appropriately. I read a lot of folks berating Line 6 on various sites but I give them kudos for being forward thinking. Admittedly I'm no tone freak ("close" is fine by me if the audience agrees) and I don't lay awake at night thinking about which set of pickups to put in my Gretsch. I just fiddle with the controls at my disposal, make sounds, and have fun. And I am having LOTS of fun. ~Blackbelt
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