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  1. The most interesting thing I recently learned about the acccordian is that it makes that wonderful push-pull swishy sound on the Beach Boys classic "Wouldnt it be Nice". I never quite recognized it for what it was- assuming some sort of synth was in play. It really defines the sound of that record - aside from those timeless vocals.
  2. I'd like to see the companies split things up into 2 things, downloadable single songs in .mp3/mp4 like they are now, and sell DVD-A and do away with 16 bit/44hz CD's. CD's are too close to consumer level quality-wise to compete with on line downloads at the moment to be a viable choice anymore, and DVD-A would satisfy the audiophile more than CD's. Ive got DVD-A several discs and I'm sorry it didnt take off. However, im not too sure how much of the perceived benefits versus CD's arise from the DVD-A format itself versus just a different approach to mastering for the format. I think both contribute.
  3. The other thing to keep in mind is that most people do understand that indie artists don't have some huge corporation behind them and are okay with paying a bit more, kind of in the same way people will pay more for hand-crafted furniture than something they get at Target, even though both will end up functioning similarly. That is a really interesting perspective. It's kinda like local/organic farming. While true for some Im afraid many other folks discount the value of "hand crafted music".
  4. I haven't flown in years, but really used to enjoy taking customers and friends up for short rides. I learned to fly after selling a large corporate av system (about $500,000 worth) in 1982. In doing my research I found that I could rent a plane and an instructor for the day for a cheaper cost than flying to the job (in Wausau, Ws) in a commercial aircraft. I learned flying back and forth from Minneapolis to Wausau. Once I felt comfortable I started taking friends and the occasional customer for rides. It was good fun for all. I took Nick St. Nicholas up once and he was like a kid in a candy store. He had flown in private jets before when he was bass player with Steppenwolf, but never in a little 2-4 seater. Nick worked at the same pro audio shop as me for a short while. We went up in a Cessna 172 which, along with a Grumann Tiger, was my normal rental plane. The last time I flew was probably about 1993 or so. Is that the single engine Cessna with the high wing? I jumped out of that plane several times - many moons ago. We parachuted into a cow pasture that had electric fences running through it. This made it extra fun.
  5. Just the color alone in all these shots is seductive. Great stuff. Congrats.
  6. Wavelab- (even the inexpensive wavelab Essential 6) includes an auto declicking feature that seems to work well.
  7. Pisss... "Did you get the MR816?" I'M GOING TOO!!!!! I returned my 24D. Not that it didn't work, but when I read up on the MR816 and saw others switch to it (even an SK48 user), and read how Yamaha put 8 of their BEST pres in it, their REVX verb with DSP, their EQ and compression (all which can be used as external FX) well... needless to say this unit ROCKS! From what I can tell, it blows away ANYTHING in it's price range. Hopefully in the next month or so it will be here. SEA Um... nope. The class a pres and the TC low jitter technology in the Presonus converters are what I ended up with. The main factor was the experience of the vendor who assured me of their confidence in this combination of drivers etc. The last thing I was interested in was fighting system issues. Life is too short. At first I was a bit biased against the brand. I had them positioned as more pro-sumer than TC. However, I took a recommendation. So far, Im very happy with the round sounding class A pres and the TC low jitter technology enabled converters. Everything is working together as it should.
  8. I almost bought a TC Konnect 48. I wanted to. I really did. I have other TC gear and I like some of their stuff. However, the folks that are integrating a whole new PC platform & Software for me found some sort of interaction between the NEAR low latency TC drivers and my sampler of choice when run along with with Cubase 4 that yielded some unstable behavior. After one day of trying - TC support was unable to correct the problem. They may eventually be able to do so. However, I ended up switching to a competing interface to avoid the headaches. Im really glad I just happened to be upgrading my whole platform so that this problem was discovered and tackled by someone other than me. OTOH is means I dont get my new system until after the New Years break. I hope Im happy with the alternative pre's & converters- we shall see. They came recommended.
  9. Some bands get spooked with the red recording light on. If you have that red emergency light flashing while recording it might totally chase the good vibes away. However, if you can fit a lava lamp on the back of the fire truck then it should work fine. I have an image of an challenged engineer calling 911 and then having six of these trucks fitted with mics speeding up to a drum kit- sirens on and red lights flashing. ...The studio first responders.
  10. Very nice write-up - even though the reviewer apprently didnt like the quality of the songwriting on the album. All publicity is good publicity.
  11. Two channels of premium A to D converters- Perhaps Benchmark Lavery, Appogee or UA. A high gain low noise medium colored 2 channel mic pre. Perhaps the Portico. Neeed high gain low noise for my AKG 460's and future ribbons. Mics: one ribbon and perhaps two multi pattern condensers ( All I have are cardioids currently). A single coil geetar with the classic strat tone. A geetar with p-90's for the "other" tone im missing today with my gretsch. I might consider the roland virtual drums. They might be a good tradeoff between the hassles of tracking real drums in a home situation and the pitfalls of programmed/sampled drums. I'd have tpo play with them a while to convince myself of this. They seem very pricey. Id spend 1500-2000 to pull together one real CD release of some of my existing material. 600-1k for pro mastering. 1K or so for production/printing/graphics. A couple of real bass traps. A mandolin. Trips to the tape op convention and /or SXSW. A years worth of sax lessons so i can pogress beyond the level Ive been stuck at since the 70's. OK - How far over budget am I???? Having said all of that I must say my B'day is coming up this month and Im deciding how to spend the next 1K. The reality is that my rig is quite capable of yielding very good results as it is. The biggest opportunity for improvment lies in the area of improving my skills. Fortunately or unfortunately that has less to do with spending money and more to do with an investment of time (for me there is way too little of that to go around) and discipline.
  12. I listened to just the first song. Sounds maaavelouss!! If I were to change one thing - Id try and make the snare sound somehow bigger. It seemed just a bit on the "small" side and not quite ring-ie enough.
  13. I went down to the crossroads intending to trade my soul to the devil in exchange for being able to play redhouse just like Jimi. I sensed Robert Johnsons Ghost was flitting around. However, the devil never showed. So I still play redhouse like the white kid from the suburbs that I am. However, Im still interested in the deal.
  14. I think CD prices will stay about where they are. In my town the reduction of wholesale & list prices that the manufacturers implemented a year or so ago has been largely scooped by the big retailers in town. What happened is that the new pricing structure actually hurt the margins of the retailers. In my town this led the last independant, lower price retailer ( Fantasy Records) to go out of business. Once this happened the Barnes & Noble across the street increased its CD prices to near the levels that existed before the price reductions were made. Sometimes the best intentions can lead to unexpected results.
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