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  1. Hi Lee.  Thanks for all that you do. I can't log in. I'm a 73 year old computer ignoramus who can provide you with my IP address if needed.  Miss posting to my thread!  Be well and happy. Mark B.


  2. Cool. I have an original BOSS CS-1. I love it for guitar of course but... as a secret weapon? On bass! It sort of slices things off at around 80Hz maybe, so it's not good as a track compressor. But as a solo boost and girth enhancement (think Extenz for Bass) it is mind blowing. It always gave the impression that I just sort of made my bass stand out for 8 bars with some finger trickery. A seriously great sound. BUT!!!! Your idea of parallel processing changes everything, Why didn't I think of that. I'm going to pretend I did. This is going to make my next bass track bitchen!
  3. That is a cool idea. Will be trying it on my current tune
  4. Cool track! I'd call it "what to do with this". You find a note on your fridge from her that ends with 'love you' but the body of it seems to say something else between the lines.
  5. Here's young Nashville indie pop band Coin's cool new single release. I really like this a lot. The sound: punchy. It reminds me of how we used to speed up the master a few cents on mix down to tighten and lift the lowend. Love the old new wave 8th note anticipation in the kick and bass's core verse groove. the voice: I love this take. The Al Stewart wispiness of the verses. The new wave vocal breaking drama of the hook... Maybe we can ru-uun. the song: pure post teen, pre adult excitement for their personal future. Told in true to form youthful disdain for what we DON'T like. Maybe we can run FROM in equal measure to what we're running TO. But we know what we're running from, but future is... Unknown. The verse melody is gold. in short, I love this track
  6. You are welcome to write music! I do have some ideas but am ok with a colab too. Have at it. a second bridge will probably be needed, yes. The last verse breaks form as a build to the end. It could always be written to reflect V1 and 2 then later repeated as is or close...
  7. As I traveled back home (long days journey) from Monterey a couple days ago I decided to load my phone's player with some cool podcasts. The standout being a Fresh Air episode with Dobro player Jerry Douglas. He became one of my favorite musicians back in the mid-80s and remains so today. Find that podcast. Backstory: a couple years back I bought a cheap old Kay acoustic hoping it might deliver some of that Lenny/Stella awesomeness. (Said in Robert Plant concert voice, "does anybody remember Lenny?). the guitar was too far gone in the neck to body joint to offer anything playable and it has hung on my wall looking cool and making no sound. Very expensive repair so I'll pass. Now, that Douglas interview had him playing to demo his instrument live during the interview. As I listened to his wonderful musicality it hit me... Buy a real steel players slide bar, a beginning technique book, and a nut extender to convert that old Kay into a... ready for it? ... a Fauxbro. sorry. I've always played acoustic slide lap style in my recordings. I'm not great but you only need to get it right once for a recording. But... but... why not learn some real technique? Create an appropriate instrument? And while I love the resonator sound, I actually prefer to create something unique to me and my voice. Not that it's never been done before. It has. the goods are in the post. Wish me luck.
  8. I love the old original NT1. The one with the grey painted body. Though that also spit a bit. Not a fan if the newer metal body ones. I may just pull the trigger on one of these guys here soon. If i do, I'll report
  9. "Not to cry" is better. I was sticking to a strict cadence just to motivate the writing but I really like the break from it there and the more realistic speech as well. Nice. I absolutely agree with OGP's reaction to the bell line. Though I do like the image of bells ringing true but here, for him, their ring is more clangor than chime. Don't know. I hear you Rhino on "perspective". I'm sure I can whittle it away without any loss though I did dig the "suspected" foreshadowing rhyme. Other thoughts on "perspective"? Alts? I'm hearing an olde timey alt/indie feel of informal acoustic, simple upright piano and some covert synth bed; just a dark pulse really, with very intimate and quiet vocals. Ideas are WAY welcome
  10. There's talk! Of a new, cheap mic, that doesn't suck. No Chinesemicitus with that harsh top end. Roswell Microphones first offering. Seems we could all use a decent U47 knockoff that doesn't suck for 250 bucks. http://www.frontendaudio.com/Roswell-Mini-K47-Microphone-p/1836.htm
  11. Editing here as I go: Each time I try love With someone new It's impossible Is it... easy for you? Some are pretty Or smart, some don't have a clue Still it's hard Is it... easy for you? Easy for you to say Goodbye Easy for you Not to cry Easy for you to wonder why I Wonder why Every time I swear I'll move On through Change perspective, my point Of view Bells start ringing but they don't Ring true I know I'll never, never Follow through Cause it's something I've suspected no I guess I knew... It's easy for you
  12. Thanks. And... I'm not interested in a who's at fault as much as the dicodomy of the hunter and prey, then the hunter ultimately becoming the prey. Survival, respect for your prey, etc. I've got a ways to go for sure.
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