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  1. Hi Lee.  Thanks for all that you do. I can't log in. I'm a 73 year old computer ignoramus who can provide you with my IP address if needed.  Miss posting to my thread!  Be well and happy. Mark B.


  2. Cool. I have an original BOSS CS-1. I love it for guitar of course but... as a secret weapon? On bass! It sort of slices things off at around 80Hz maybe, so it's not good as a track compressor. But as a solo boost and girth enhancement (think Extenz for Bass) it is mind blowing. It always gave the impression that I just sort of made my bass stand out for 8 bars with some finger trickery. A seriously great sound. BUT!!!! Your idea of parallel processing changes everything, Why didn't I think of that. I'm going to pretend I did. This is going to make my next bass track bitchen!
  3. That is a cool idea. Will be trying it on my current tune
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