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  1. Cool. I have an original BOSS CS-1. I love it for guitar of course but... as a secret weapon? On bass! It sort of slices things off at around 80Hz maybe, so it's not good as a track compressor. But as a solo boost and girth enhancement (think Extenz for Bass) it is mind blowing. It always gave the impression that I just sort of made my bass stand out for 8 bars with some finger trickery. A seriously great sound. BUT!!!! Your idea of parallel processing changes everything, Why didn't I think of that. I'm going to pretend I did. This is going to make my next bass track bitchen!
  2. That is a cool idea. Will be trying it on my current tune
  3. Cool track! I'd call it "what to do with this". You find a note on your fridge from her that ends with 'love you' but the body of it seems to say something else between the lines.
  4. Here's young Nashville indie pop band Coin's cool new single release. I really like this a lot. The sound: punchy. It reminds me of how we used to speed up the master a few cents on mix down to tighten and lift the lowend. Love the old new wave 8th note anticipation in the kick and bass's core verse groove. the voice: I love this take. The Al Stewart wispiness of the verses. The new wave vocal breaking drama of the hook... Maybe we can ru-uun. the song: pure post teen, pre adult excitement for their personal future. Told in true to form youthful disdain for what we DON'T like. Maybe we can run FROM in equal measure to what we're running TO. But we know what we're running from, but future is... Unknown. The verse melody is gold. in short, I love this track
  5. You are welcome to write music! I do have some ideas but am ok with a colab too. Have at it. a second bridge will probably be needed, yes. The last verse breaks form as a build to the end. It could always be written to reflect V1 and 2 then later repeated as is or close...
  6. As I traveled back home (long days journey) from Monterey a couple days ago I decided to load my phone's player with some cool podcasts. The standout being a Fresh Air episode with Dobro player Jerry Douglas. He became one of my favorite musicians back in the mid-80s and remains so today. Find that podcast. Backstory: a couple years back I bought a cheap old Kay acoustic hoping it might deliver some of that Lenny/Stella awesomeness. (Said in Robert Plant concert voice, "does anybody remember Lenny?). the guitar was too far gone in the neck to body joint to offer anything playable and it has hung on my wall looking cool and making no sound. Very expensive repair so I'll pass. Now, that Douglas interview had him playing to demo his instrument live during the interview. As I listened to his wonderful musicality it hit me... Buy a real steel players slide bar, a beginning technique book, and a nut extender to convert that old Kay into a... ready for it? ... a Fauxbro. sorry. I've always played acoustic slide lap style in my recordings. I'm not great but you only need to get it right once for a recording. But... but... why not learn some real technique? Create an appropriate instrument? And while I love the resonator sound, I actually prefer to create something unique to me and my voice. Not that it's never been done before. It has. the goods are in the post. Wish me luck.
  7. I love the old original NT1. The one with the grey painted body. Though that also spit a bit. Not a fan if the newer metal body ones. I may just pull the trigger on one of these guys here soon. If i do, I'll report
  8. "Not to cry" is better. I was sticking to a strict cadence just to motivate the writing but I really like the break from it there and the more realistic speech as well. Nice. I absolutely agree with OGP's reaction to the bell line. Though I do like the image of bells ringing true but here, for him, their ring is more clangor than chime. Don't know. I hear you Rhino on "perspective". I'm sure I can whittle it away without any loss though I did dig the "suspected" foreshadowing rhyme. Other thoughts on "perspective"? Alts? I'm hearing an olde timey alt/indie feel of informal acoustic, simple upright piano and some covert synth bed; just a dark pulse really, with very intimate and quiet vocals. Ideas are WAY welcome
  9. There's talk! Of a new, cheap mic, that doesn't suck. No Chinesemicitus with that harsh top end. Roswell Microphones first offering. Seems we could all use a decent U47 knockoff that doesn't suck for 250 bucks. http://www.frontendaudio.com/Roswell-Mini-K47-Microphone-p/1836.htm
  10. Editing here as I go: Each time I try love With someone new It's impossible Is it... easy for you? Some are pretty Or smart, some don't have a clue Still it's hard Is it... easy for you? Easy for you to say Goodbye Easy for you Not to cry Easy for you to wonder why I Wonder why Every time I swear I'll move On through Change perspective, my point Of view Bells start ringing but they don't Ring true I know I'll never, never Follow through Cause it's something I've suspected no I guess I knew... It's easy for you
  11. Thanks. And... I'm not interested in a who's at fault as much as the dicodomy of the hunter and prey, then the hunter ultimately becoming the prey. Survival, respect for your prey, etc. I've got a ways to go for sure.
  12. Great stuff ^^ Hope? Yeah... kicking ass is hope. Rejecting even the inevitable, down to the very last second. That's hope. Or at least passion and courage. Even if the outcome is demise. Go down like Joan of Arc flipping the bird at the grillmaster. That's good food for thought there Mr. Phil. Thanks.
  13. Why are your pan pots centered? Fear of the spotlight. Fear of attention. Not you... but that rhythm guitar, or piano. They get insecure and crave a warm blankly. But I'm not sure it works, for me at least. Balance is overrated and overused. In my humble opinion. I was watching some friends, very good players, gig a small room. It dawned on me... that live experience is panned mono. And it's GOOD. With early reflections supplied by the floor, ceiling and nearby walls, the softening effect is gold, as are the reinforced directional cues. Listening to Rubber Soul straight through while driving to LAX, that stereo is way unnatural and yet, George's guitar, John's brave skank and clank, they deserve to be paid attention to. We spend so much time softening these cues, then struggle to regain them in unnatural ways... It does a great arrangement a disservice. one man's opinion p.s. Yes! Let's create hyper real, but it's much more effective in contrast to natural acoustic behavior.
  14. In response to the challenge: Or not. Here's my way too one dimensional 1st draft. Ideas? Oh... and of course the hunter is soon to be "The Last of the Breed" as well. I could work that in? Uh, it's been a while. Bison in such numbers They could drink a river dry Dakota plain would tremble when they flew by "Sacred spirit You know the reason why I will survive… and you must die” She’s the last of the breed She’s the end of the line Running out of reasons to be She’s the last of the breed She’s out of time But she will not be brought down to her knees Cause she’s the last of the breed Racing through the grassland Running for her life Nearing the end of an overgrown trail She looks to the horizon Blinded by the sun Bloody arrow dancing (dangling?) as she struggles to inhale She’s the last of the breed She’s the end of the line Running out of reasons to be She’s the last of the breed And out of time She will not be brought down to her knees Cause she’s the last of the breed
  15. Finishing is what it's all about! Who cares if it counts? : ) Though I can't imagine why it would matter. I assume the challenge is really just a set of jumper cables feeding us juice?
  16. the end of pain they smilingly explain he'll be at rest it's all for the best once it was done (they'd brought a gun) I felt like I was falling in fog and only thing I clearly recall at all is the howling of the dog Nice. A couple lines feel a tad lacking in conversational tone that the rest enjoys. Strictly concentrating on V1 to make my input clear. they smilingly explain Kind of a clunky word. With an odd smile, he explained? The fog line as well. The 'falling in fog' syntax implies a universal, recognizable sensation, but the image is unique. I love it but it doesn't give me the nad kick you're going for in its present state. I'd make the fog part of the actual scene. felt like I was falling through this "Divisadero/Louisiana/pick-yer-locale" fog Or not. My digs a plenty. Nice.
  17. Last of the Breed protagonist is a wounded and dying buffalo on the plain running for its life, breathing it's last breaths through bloody foam and fear. Symbolically about an artist trying to scratch out a living.
  18. Listened to this driving down the coast from San Luis Obispo. I dig it plenty. i kept falling over i kept looking backward i went broke believing that the simple should be hard all we are we are
  19. It's the 4th! We spent the early part of the day starting a big project; ripping out our tropical pond and waterfall. Funny how what you get tired of changes. Away with you pond! It's not a one day endeavor. So... we then packed up the beach chair/backpacks and walked down to lovely Stone Steps beach and spent the afternoon in the water body surfing. 70 degree water temp. Overcast but nice anyway. The girls are gone to Whole Foods getting guilty snackage, for me a small bit of prime blue cheese, crackers and some Kalamatas. And some nice fizzy water, the house brand Italian is good... then off to steal the Del Mar Fair fireworks view from a fave offsite locale. It's a secret. If everyone crashes... I'll sneak into the studio and attack a list of minor mix change requests on the Skin and Bones DiFebbo project. yah! Happy day everyone!
  20. It's what you're used to. Starting with ENG and assorted location video work back in '93, I've had my head in a pair of Sony 7506s. 20 plus years. I can mix quite well in them. I know them very well. People hate them by and large and because of that they shouldn't use them. But for me they're home. I can get my panning, depth/verb level and corresponding timbre of said ambience right, my bass, mid and highs proportionate, overall balance. Automation of nuanced levels... I know them. I guess one should choose what they like, then get to know them with hours upon hours of making choices and verifying those choices. Rinse and repeat forever according to the 10,000 hour rule.
  21. I love the lyric. Angsty, yes... but a lot if it, almost all of it really, has the ring of truth to it. And that is ALWAYS welcome in my book. You could tone down some if the adolescent leanings I suppose. For me, I think the most fruitful work might be aimed at the melody, both pitch and rhythm, and its chordal movement. Creating more of a ride of tension and release in the internal, immediate phrases, then the verse arc, then the overall arc. That is if you were truly interested in workshopping this. It IS worth it in my opinion. I do realize however we can't always do that. Return home so to speak. good stuff, especially considering your age at the time. Remarkable.
  22. Right. The piano playing simple upbeats integrating into the picked guitar. ​And check how in the intro, the guitar's phrase in both measures 3 and 7 sound like 3/4 but they're not. The intro is straight 4/4 but measures 3 and 7 imply 3/4, which of course is coming up in the verses. Subtle and very clever.
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