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  1. It will if I or one of the other Admins see a schematic posted, or a link to one posted. I'm not sure who pulled the schematic down, but I agree with their decision 100% - it is against the HC site rules to post intellectual property without the consent of the copyright holder. Phil, we do run into a problem here that could use some clarification for a schematic from an RE, the copyright holder would be the guy who did the RE and generated any specific schematic The device itself (as shown by a schematic) would be subject to patent, not copyright, law [i don't know the status of the device in question] so an IP claim on the device would be based on a different standard It probably would be something good to clarify, esp if the user agreement says "Intellectual property" specifically and since there is a DIY forum, these sorts of issues could come up
  2. There is probably a difference; the patent for the TS9 circuit, if there ever was one, is most likely expired. Which means that the circuit is open to the public domain (some legal guy correct me if I'm wrong, plz). Well, the thing about a patented design (be it expired or active) is that the patented parts of the design are disclosed in the patent and so would be publishable (those sorts of govt docs are not copyrightable as they're intent is for public disclosure) a specific embodiment (which may not appear, specifically, in the patent) might not be published in the patent [the patent only needs only describe the facets of the invention - it's actually wise to keep the thing as broad as possible while still 'enabling' the invention so that the embodiments don't imply a restriction on the claims So really specific design elements (such as particular dimensions or values, etc) might not be disclosed in a patent unless they are central to the invention The thing is, the information about the patent invention is public, but USE is restricted by the owner I don't know if there is a patent on the circuit in question (a quick search would do it, or an owner of a unit could look for the, required to recover, patent number on an actual unit)
  3. Patents become void after 25 years. . Depends on where you are, but TRIPS countries have a more uniform 20 year from priority date [Note : in some countries, such as USA, we are still in a "straddle" period where a pre-TRIPS 17 year from grant lifetime patents arestill live. It makes it kind of a hasse for sitting the patent bar right now as there a few different sets of laws in effect]
  4. In Celeste...good man I mean, is there a point in having a Bianchi that isn't Celeste
  5. To head Gainster off at the pass It s a birthay party tonight -- so I will be drinking freestyle G -- still doing the sake this week? what kind?
  6. Oh man, good thing I never got into bass playing, cause that's just more GAS totally different deal not talking about "bass" as in bass guitar here here, the o"bass" is just the range (as one can have a bass flute, a bass clarinet, etc) ... I'm talking about a (viola da) gamba now, yes a ("upright") bass is a species of viol (or perhaps a hybrid might be more accurate taxonomy), but it sure ain't no gamba what we're talking is arco world (and baroque/german at that!!) and that's a whole other reality but yeah, if the thought of electric bass guitar costs makes you shudder - run from the arco world and run now now now
  7. I believe some of the Digitech GNX series has a feature set that follows that* Craig Anderton did some tutorials for that line, so maybe you should give him a shout over on his forum here on HC *NOTE : I have NEVER used one, and can't really comment from a use angle - so take it as "I think it has that checklist of features" as opposed to "you should get this". eh, just some raw data to help your search
  8. hmm, I'd have to say a bass gamba (aft : Bertrand or Barbey) is what I'm GASing for prob more on the immediate horizon would be a Hippner guit set up Galbraith/Hayden style I think the ports really hlp the balance and the lattice bracing (square grid style) is kinda cool for an extended range instrument
  9. I kind of had the same initial reservation, but I think analog was (as you question) meaning it more symbolically or maybe speaking more to a quantity related to an event (analog mentioned frequency specifically - so maybe there...) as opposed to the physical event itself but I think the concerns you bring up also lets us contrast (as well as compare) the physical natures of the phenomena/sense which could make a cool counterpoint to the "cantus firmus" of convergence
  10. "put thee 500 sprinkler heads on this reflected ceiling plan!!" yeah what fun bah, every job has its grunt part rock on -- I can dig how that sense leaks (or maybe is more integrated so it's part of the 'color' of your aesthetic experiences)
  11. sounds like a very neat idea for a project It's not particularly "out there" -- cross-interpretation/convergence of arts is an age old practice...in many ways what you are proposing is an expository (explicit) rendition of what takes place in theatrical arts implicitly and that, in turn, is a exposition on/of the human experience so that we can "examine" it what you are looking at it sort of a "second degree" treatment of that subject One doesn't have to go to the physical sciences to look for convergence (it, depending on how it handles, confuse the issue as there are some differences in thow hose physical phenomena get initially neurally interfaced, the physical specifics of the phenomenon itself, etc), but rather look closer to "home" to the human experience of perception Are you familiar with , for instance, synesthesia?
  12. Man it does get crazy, and those watches sound awesome, i love that jump movement, although my rational has always been more crazy stuff, the more often it needs to be "tweaked" by someone to make sure it running properly yuppers, I think it is sort of "stunt complexity" -- One concern I have (the "jump hand" is not entirely new) is the posibility for impact-wear on parts of the action [i think that's where there is extra complication, damping of that, or possibly some sort of compensation] The "crawl around the inside of the case" wath was pure excess -- it was hey, here's a really freaky inversion of idea!! and what sicker is I'll not onlu actualize it! I'll miniaturize it and put it on your wrist!! "because I can" engineering ( "shredding"?) and when is this watch show coming around again? dunno, I don't think it was a regular event as such (I was taken to it by a pal who's into that - well, he's got a couple of pieces, but mid 30s and can't afford the heavy heavy metal -- so while I kibbitz, I'm not "plugged in" to that scene) and I don't recall it being openly advertised [at least not outside horology circles] I'll shoot him an email to see if he knows of happenings, I assume these types of events happen - where be ya? seems like something you might dig as you have some aesthetic theory abt it (as in the evaluation "complexity for complexity's sake" as a counterpoint to the zoot factor of any particular facet of design) which might make it a richer experience than just "neat! Shiney!!" (not to say that isn't valid too!!)
  13. i dont wear a watch. it's not important to me where i am when only that i am going or not going very cool lifestyle! I wound up going 24 hour for work eh, you buy your ticket and take your ride I may not have the brass ring, but {censored} it, at least I'm not riding a dumb swan and I'm riding next to someone I like
  14. OOooooh lordy...this one lists for over $170,000 and doesn't even wipe your arse. : hmm, "I wipe my ass with $170K" would be - I can't decide excessively neat or just excessive and to think, my last 10 pack of athletic socks came with a free watch!!
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