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  1. Several important things are missing: 11) Register your song with an authors society, or you will never see a cent of mechanical or digital mechanical royalties. 12) Allocate an ISRC code for every song, or you never see a cent of broadcast royalties, mechanical or digital mechanical royalties. 13) There are basically three ways to fill in a publisher: a) Fill in "Copyright Contol," that means you add your IPI-Number, name and adress and your authors society, eventually with you bank acount, and all royalties go directly to you. This is the common way for independent artists. b) Publisher: You fill in your publisher, and the royalties go to the publisher and the publisher handles your royalties. c) You give your music to an aggregator. Check and compare the business models and modus operandi of the aggregators, and choose the best for you purpose. 14) Authors societies worldwide pay to each other the royalties. American repertoire is played all over the world. For example a little country like Switzerland pays $12 million USD every year to AMRA, ASCAP, BMI, HFA, SESAC, NMPA, Rightsflow and PBS for American music publicly broadcasted in Switzerland. 15) Performing Rights Organizations, usually called authors Society, collects your royalties worldwide. 16) Performance Right organisations collect your royalties for live performances, and pays this royalties to the musicians. 17) Non-American authors should exclude the territory of the USA with from their national authors society, and register the songs with an American authors society. That way you get more royalties. The US authors societies are the only societies worldwide which pay more royalties to their own US members, and less to foreign authors.
  2. daddymack wrote: you can do it either way, but as the authors, why not just file the PA and forget the SR? Yes. The music of American artists licenced to us is registered with an American authors society. Lets say an American songwriter composes a song for a South Korean artist, then the songwriter supplies after he registered the song at BMI or ASCAP. That's all it needs and the song enters the international data bank all authors societies worldwide have access to and know to where the royalties must payed to.
  3. Beethoven's dead. His music should, therefore, never be heard again since to do so would be "covering" it. that's correct
  4. the greedy mofo songwriter should be hanged on the next latern post, as well all people who work for a salary! of course all will be replaced with cover bands everywhere, youtube, Stadium, MTV, online shops and wourld tours.
  5. not necessary to report him, Alberto Stilletto, our specialist for concrete in Sicily already immured him in a highway bridge pillar near Napoli
  6. I meet once a painter who covered Picasso, he was better then Picasso.
  7. maybe I cover a Whitesnake song at tonite's party, maybe a Gregory song.... I asked Aynsley Dunbar to rap the beat via saddletitty (satellite) connection
  8. Cover bands :facepalm::facepalm: Originality is the one thing which unoriginal minds cannot feel the use of
  9. My sister, now widow, she was married to the director of the agricultural world bank, paints and gives me some of her paintings as present. All those painting look a little bit alike like this or that painter, e.g like Picasso and other painters of whom some amateurs think I can do that too. All no problem for me, except that she is insulted when I don't hang her paintings in my house next to great painting.
  10. "What Do Musicians do When they Get Older?" They get better and better.
  11. Yes, of course, but your gravestone inscript isn't funny that we played fabulous music is known...
  12. Musician usually get a gravestone like everybody else, only the inscription may differ: HE WAS A GOOD MAN HE WORKED HARD DAY AND NIGHT HE LOVED WOMEN TOO MUCH THAT's WHAT KILLED HIM
  13. Amazing how some of you make simple things complicated. And this: A great melody first, then lyrics,(only) THEN 'vocals'. reminds me of buy nice car first, then a designer licence plate, then sing at the wheel in the backyard. None of you capable to do all three things at once?
  14. I am 44 years old .. you're still a baby - the future is ahead of you - you will be much better when you reached my age
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