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Talking Guitars-what's the most blasphemous mod you can thing of?


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    335 with a Floyd.
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    Originally Posted by EL KABONG

    just cause Aussies cant have guns (=no freedom) doesnt mean other people cant have them either.

    Originally Posted by Naterel

    Those meatballs came out right

    But that rocket ship is ****************ed up


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      the most blasphemous mod i can think of . would be fitting "the" white hendrix woodstock strat with humbuckers and spraying it red.
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        It all depends on how you view a guitar. If it is a tool to make music then what ever modifications you need to get the job done are perfectly fine. If you for whatever reason believe a guitar is an investment like gold or silver anything you do to that guitar that changes it from the way it left the factory is unacceptable.
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          Charlie Christian pickup set in an RG550 or this:

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            Quote Originally Posted by arrowhen
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            The only blasphemous thing you can do to a guitar is not play it.


            And that nascar idiot who after winning a race and being presented with a handmade Gibson guitar showed is appreciation by smashing it.


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              Almost everything I have done to my Tele. Bridge humbucker, middle pickup and a Bigsby
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                I know a guy who back in the 70's routed out a '62 strat for humbuckers.

                I did that with my 68 Strat. That's pretty much what you had to do back then if you wanted a decent whammy and humbuckers.


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                  Charlie Christian pickup set in an RG550 or this:

                  Wow...I just threw up in my mouth.


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                    bjcarl wrote:
                    Charlie Christian pickup set in an RG550 or this:
                    Wow...I just threw up in my mouth.

                    I just threw up out of my turd whistle and crapped out of my mouth over that one !!!! ..... God, this makes me want to go open a up a can of smashed arse holes .....

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                  A guitar is a tool for making music. Any modification that someone does to their instrument that makes it more suited to that task (for them!) is an improvement; I might not think it would be an improvement for me, but if it's not my guitar, it's not my problem. Purely cosmetic modifications seem a little silly to me, like painting a crescent wrench or something, but who am I to complain about the color of someone else's crescent wrench?

                  The only blasphemous thing you can do to a guitar is not play it.

                  Totally agree with this.


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                    I think a humbucker-sized pickup at any position on a stratocaster is just plain wrong on several levels

                    Yeah, that young whipper snapper "Eddy Ven Hailan" or what ever his name is was way off his rocker huh.

                    Welcome to 1978



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                      They aren't ancient holy artifacts or anything so I don't think there's really any such thing as a blasphemous mod to a guitar. Unless there was something special about the guitar like it belonged to Jimi Hendrix or Chet Atkins or something.
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                        putting emgs in a strat. oh wait, nevermind.
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                          In the mid 70's I modded a Gibson Les Paul "Black Beauty" to shoot sparks and smoke just like Ace Frehley's. Let me tell you... It messed up the guitar

                          Then there is this:

                          In the mid 70's I modded not one but two Gibson Les Paul's because I read that John McLaughlin played a scalloped fingerboard so I went at a 1975 Les Paul Artisan with a dremel tool and really messed up the neck. Since I was unhappy with the outcome after a few months I decided to do the same thing to a 1973 Les Paul Recording model that I picked up at a Pawn Shop...

                          Young and dumb comes to mind now but back in those days these guitars were cheap!
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                            Also know of a 60's Les Paul Custom with a Kahler.

                            Any Les Paul routed for a Kahler!

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                              Ask Bbreaker...back then, they didn't know what they had We have an awesome vintage shop here in Northern VA where I've actually seen a '59 Junior routed out and fitted with a Dimarzio super distortion ;(

                              In the late '70s, when I first started playing, I had an SG Junior (don't know the year) that had a P90. I removed it and routed the body for a Dimarzio super distortion.

                              The guitar was later stolen, so maybe that was a dope slap from karma.
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