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  1. Not much of a Tele or relic'd fan but I would love to have that guitar. Nice job!
  2. There are a few choices out there in that price range so the advise of madjack is something to seriously consider. I would also consider a multitude of amps and not get focused on just one or two.
  3. How much are you looking to pay? I have an Epi Les Paul Special with soapbars. It was real cheap and it was my go-to until the bridge PU went out. I just gotta fix it. The soapbars are "real" EPI soapbars and I have always felt that they sounded fantastic. Of course, my preferences ( I do not gig so I do not really like spending a lot on my instruments) may differ and what I find good you may find intolerable. It is not a carved body and only has one tone and volume control, yet if you wanna go cheap it is one avenue you can look into.
  4. Uh...What does a compressor do in this case? I really do not know.
  5. [QUOTE=Phil O'Keefe;n32493762] FM doesn't travel beyond the visual horizon. Once the mountains start getting in the way, you lose it. Picking up any LA, San Bernardino or even Victorville / Apple Valley-based FM station out past Johnson Valley is going to be pretty spotty, and once you get to Morongo or 29 Stumps, you can forget it... unless they have a relay transmitter in the area. That's probably how you were picking up the Barstow station. [/QUOTE] I figured. I remembered some of the Radio Communications class I took in '84. I knew that KCAL had a repeater in Fawnskin or Arrowhead. Even so, there were areas of Apple Valley in which I did not get a good signal at all. The Victorville station was OTH by the time I got to the east side of Lucerne. Growing up in the LA metro area made it hard to believe that I could not get a signal anywhere I went. Then I remembered that FM does not go through earth and rock very well, and the tallest mountains in the area did not have repeaters for many of the LA stations while Mount Wilson was nearly OTH up there. One could tell the higher watt LA stations just by reception. KLOS was spotty in AV but you could get KIIS FM nearly everywhere you went in the Victor Valley.
  6. [QUOTE=Zooey;n32493668] I don't remember being able to receive that in the high desert. There was an AOR station in Twentynine Palms that maybe played Tom Sawyer or New World Man once in a blue moon before corporate programming took over in the late 80s. The "butt rock" station where I live now (called THE BONE, pronounced THE BOOOOOOOOOONE) will occasionally play Working Man. [/QUOTE] You could not get KCAL in the Morongo Basin area. When I worked for Morongo Basin Ambulance, driving in from Apple Valley, I would lose it just east of Lucerne Valley while on 247, and if I came up from the valley (like when I was doing my medic internship at Colton Fire) I would lose it as I drove up the Morongo Grade, south of Morongo Valley. Hell, even the local Victorville rock station (pretty crappy) lost signal east of Lucerne. I cannot remember what station I listened to while in the Morongo Basin but it was a local station and mostly played grunge, Pop-Grunge (like Nickelback, Smashmouth and Sugar Ray), Nu-Metal and some classic rock. That was when I first heard that Chumbawamba song: "Tubthumping". That station played the poop out of that song. I think I was also able to get one of the stations that were out of Barstow...The one that was on multiple frequencies and you would hop from one to the other depending on your location. I think it was KXXZ (95.9), KHDR (96.9) and one other. You used to be able to see the signs along the 15 to Vegas and the 40 to Laughlin.
  7. [QUOTE=Zooey;n32493229] I'm a middle aged dude and there are maybe 6 Rush songs that I have ever heard on the radio, ever. Half of those are on Moving Pictures or later. [/QUOTE] While I do not know what your metric is for middle-aged dude, I graduated high school in the early '80's. I also grew up in Los Angeles where there were two competing AOR rock stations: KLOS and KMET. KMET played stuff KLOS would not touch, or were played less in the rotation. If one wished to listed to Rush beyond Spirit of the Radio, Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, etc... one would listed to KMET. In the mid-to-late 80's, when heavy metal was getting a lot of attention, but prior to the hair bands taking over, KNAC, out of Long Beach, went from a New-Wave format to heavy metal. They played a lot of the Rush catalog beyond the obligatory songs. You could also catch a lot of their music when Bob Coburn was on (Both KLOS and KLSX) or Jim Ladd (KLOS and KMET; he came to KLOS after KMET changed format). Their songs also got a lot of airplay beginning in the mid-90's when KLOS went to a Classic Rock format. At the same time KLSX came into existence and they also played a lot of the Rush catalog. Their was another station out of LA in the early 90's (Pirate Radio) that chased the hair metal wave but played a lot of AOR later at night. I used to listed to them while driving home to Apple Valley from work in Riverside. San Bernardino also has a station: KCAL, who until the late 00's was an AOR station. When I moved to Apple Valley in 90 they were the only AOR station I could reliably get up there. They played a lot of the Rush catalog beyond Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures.
  8. Facelift Dirt Alice in Chains Unplugged (Believe it or not, my fav band of all time). [B]Alice in Chains[/B] Badmotorfinger Superunknown Down on the Upside [B]Soundgarden[/B] Phenomenon Force it No Heavy Petting Lights Out Obsession All albums contributed to my all-time favorite concert playlist found on the album: Strangers in the NIght [B]U.....F.....O!!!!![/B]
  9. [QUOTE=SteinbergerHack;n32492470]Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Subdivisions[/QUOTE] While I wholeheartedly agree, I must say that their run started with Caress of Steel, and followed by: 2112, A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres and through Signals (Which Subdivisions was on). That seven year period was their greatest era and all of those albums got serious airplay.
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