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  • Best engineered / best sounding album

    I'm wondering what people think are the best engineered / best produced albums out there. Learning (or stealing) is always more fun when your teachers are the best

    Albums that come to mind for me are:
    Tom Petty -- Wildflowers
    or anything produced by Mutt Lange (def leppard, ac/dc, or shania twain or whatever)

    So what are the albums that you listened to that made you want to run around and tell everyone how freakin awesome they sound?
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    Also if you want to elaborate at all, feel free...

    For me the thing that stands out on Wildflowers was how every sound occupies a spot not only left/right, but they also have a vertical sense of space (some things sound like they're floating above others) and a sense of depth (two things could be in the same spot left/right but one sounds more forward than the other).

    Whenever anyone says "3D soundstage" that is the album I think of immediately.

    Not to mention, each instrument just plain sounds like perfection : )
    weebz wrote:God appeared to me in a dream and said "Thou shalt post on Guitar Jam"


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      Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
      Metallica - The Black Album
      Tool - Pretty much all of them
      NIN - Downward Spiral


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        Roger Waters - Amused to death


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          most Alan Parsons Project [Mr. Dark side of moon, Mr. Abby Road]
          Steely Dan / Donald Fagen
          the Michael Jackson's were very well done


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            Without a doubt it is ACDC Back in Black for me. What a huge difference in tone from a couple albums before that one.

            I wish I knew half of what Lange does. He sure knows how to fiddle with dem pan and EQ knobs.

            Also KISS' Destroyer.
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              One of my all time faves is Jimi Hendrix-Cry of Love.
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                1+ for TooL
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                  Well I can't stand them personally but as far as production goes I'm gonna have to say nickelback's latest album.

                  I will also but down Linkin Park's meteora.

                  One that I actually like for the band itself is killswitch engage's the end of heartache.


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                    I am not a fan of tool recordings.

                    The snare is panned weird.
                    Maynard is to low in the mix.


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                      Muse: Black Holes and Revelations
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                        I'll throw out New Order's Republic.


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                          I remember 3 records that just sonically kicked my butt when I was a kid-

                          AC/DC "Back in Black"

                          Judas Priest "British Steel" (very crisp and 3-D)

                          Jeff Beck "Blow By Blow"

                          There are better-sounding records, but these are my immediate responses. Then there's "Gretchen..." by King's X and Living Colour's "Time's Up". I can keep going, but I gotta run...
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                            I ALMOST said Nickleback too, but it seems to me more like a STANDARD GOOD prodcution that sounds great because the SONGS themselves are not over done. Just a few parts written, cleanly done, clear and present... then mastered with that pop shine. Good sound overall


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                              Emmylou Harris "Wrecking Ball" by Daniel Lanois is incredible.
                              I like a lot of the Led Zeppelin recordings.
                              Michael Jackson stuff - really fantastic, full recordings
                              Metallica (Black Album)
                              NIN (not sure, probably Downward Spiral)
                              Steely Dan "Aka" (I like this but don't love it, but the playing and production are phenomenal)

                              I also think that Steve Albini has recorded some really great sounding stuff, like some of the Zeni Geva stuff and obviously Nirvana.

                              Note that these are not necessarily my favorite productions (with the exception of Lanois), but are some of the best engineered/produced albums I've heard nevertheless.

                              And regarding Metallica and NIN, there is so much midrange information in there that mixing this is in itself a work of genius.

                              I also can't think of any specific examples, but Roy Halee must be mentioned in some of the best engineered stuff. Great work.

                              [COLOR="DarkRed"]FIELD RECORDINGS:

                              David Parsons - his field recordings are *phenomenal*. Just freakin' amazing.

                              Alan Lomax - his field recordings are also "phenomenal".

                              Hugh Tracey - He did what the others did, but in adverse conditions, well off the beaten track. Hugh Tracey, take a bow.

                              People who do field recordings rarely get accolades for doing outstanding engineering, so I hope to rectify that by pointing out some of these people that I greatly admire who lug the recording equipment to the source instead of having musicians come into a controlled, sonically tuned environment....and STILL come up with fantastic recordings that stand the test of time.
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