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  1. A rig only Bootsy Collins could fully appreciate.
  2. It’s not a problem. The cab sounds great. Case closed.
  3. It’s the green goddess !!! There’s nothing like a throbbing 12.
  4. Science aside, different size speakers have different characteristics. I like 12s because they don’t favor any one characteristic over any other. Nor do they lack anything. They are organic sounding to me. These particular speakers are branded 440 Live, but they are made by Celestion. The cab is 4 ohms rated at 700 watts. I would like to try one of those Phil Jones cabinets. Maybe some day.
  5. I reloaded the pic. Don’t know what’s going on there. Isn’t the California Blonde an acoustic guitar amp ? ...and yes. Worst. Summer. Ever. The wife and I have celebrated two birthdays and a ten year anniversary by getting takeout. Then again, if that’s our biggest problem we are thankful. Cheers, Mikeo !
  6. Yes. A good 2x12 can do amazing stuffs.
  7. Orange AD200 mk3 with a 2x12 from 440 Live. Sounds great at home, very organic. Need to gig before final judgment is passed. It’s a fairly compact rig for a small stage. I’ve used the cab before with a GK 800RB and it sounded great. I’m going for maximum big thump/small size ratio here.
  8. Word I got was that the Pro Tone series was deemed a threat to some of the Fender line (MIM) so they killed it. I do know that the original intent was to compete with Ibanez and the like.
  9. Sounds like something Bootsy Collins would have used back in the mothership days.
  10. Mostly a 2011 60th anniversary American P-Bass because it was the only one that sounded good with that TC Elec cab. Now that I have a better bottom I look forward to trying some others. The EBS is a little bigger and heavier than the other class D amps because of the solid state preamp. It’s still very portable and convenient. I carry it around in a padded laptop computer bag.
  11. I’ve been using an EBS Reidmar 750 since July. It has a class D power amp and a solid state preamp. I would recommend these amps without hesitation. Heaps of power and sounds very nice. The TC Elextronic RS212 cab did not please my ear so it has been replaced with the 440 Live 2 x 12 pictured. I am a very happy player now.
  12. My $4k MTD and $3k NS2 beg to differ... Ass. Wow, you got ripped off.
  13. What's so surprising about liking a Squier?Nothing. Now liking it over the Stingray...
  14. I have to say thank you again, because this bass is pretty much everything I've ever wanted in a bass. It's a life bass. You're trolling now, aren't you. You have that gorgeous Ray 5er, and you're all gooey about the Squier ? Well, you are teh anti-tone
  15. Good thing. How'd you get into being sponsered and the design process? It wasn't my looks or talent, it was friends in high places.
  16. re: Red- did not know that. I could have worn there were other colors?It was cost saving. The idea was save on costs and put it back into the instrument...better wood, better hardware...they really tried with that line of guitars.
  17. I've considered re-finishing one. You helped design it? Congrats, I love, ABSOLUTELY love the wide nut width!! Half of the reason I love the bass so much is the neck. I think I paid $275 for mine, but that's a hair high. I had the original prototype. They tried to keep the neck narrow and ended up with the g string too close to the edge and it would pull off when playing. I told 'em it would be better if the neck was a little wider than to have the strings all narrow and close to the edge. That was the one piece of advice they took from me. $275 too high ? STFU
  18. It's got an extremely wide neck.....2". That's partly my fault. Srsly. What is the "fair market value" ?
  19. I would set my band up and play in both rooms, then pick the one that sounds/feels better to start with.
  20. Oktava mk012.I've had very good results with these. Good enough that when I listen to it I'm thinking "Damn, that sounds good !"
  21. I have too many to count. I just keep reshuffling them. I improve one thing, and something else just fills that slot. It's dizzying.
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