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  1. tried to ressurect the photography thread here... you guys all gone?
  2. Got a GH4... working on another video production.... (aaw! Can't upload 4k images!)
  3. can't reply to some older threads. common issue?
  4. good lord this dog is slow! Someone shoot it already. this is unusable - AIN NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! too slow, moving on.
  5. probably wont be back. site is too slow now compared to previously. they should just pull the plug.
  6. This is unlike, say, what Chip Davis became after a few decent albums... word
  7. in the end, who cares since 99.999 percet of people can't tell the difference. are we recording ONLY for that .001% ? I doubt it.
  8. I remember back in the day when studios did not have access to analyzers... sure is nice to move forward where they are available free for everyone to download and use. If I was set in my ways, I'd probably be against it, but NOWDAYS, they fit in with the rest of the helpful tools available to anyone interested.
  9. dija try this freebie yet? It has 3 bands compression, exciter, limiter, widener and does a good job when dialed in. you will be surprised. http://www.jeroenbreebaart.com/audio_vst.htm#broadcast try it first before you spend anything. Just set it on normal or default and you will have your level up. push more into it, teh more crunch you get without busting over zero. read the PDF maunal it's like two pages and explains the weird settings. set the output to -.1 or -.2 to avoid intersample issues on DA converters - at least in my expeiments Yes, it is not on the level of OZONE, but it will get what you want
  10. Tell him if his is not interested in buying them, then he is irrelevent and to move along. Another answer could be There will always be better and worse monitors for everybody. I am selling THESE monitors.
  11. EQ, Limiting, and sometimes widening. I like OZONE too. try this plugin for starters, for free. get the manual and read it http://www.jeroenbreebaart.com/audio_vst.htm#broadcast Izotope also has a great GUIDE for mastering. http://izotope.com/products/audio/ozone/guides.html
  12. I feel the ugly side of what is better tween ANALOG and digital is that analog adds stuff, smears stuff, degrades stuff, drops stuff. I NEVER saw that as a good thing, ever. Maybe it's 100% on 1 pass, then goes down from there, after 10 rolls it's off by 92% [just guessing], when I use digital, it's 100% for ever [at least in my experience]. With digital I can ALWAYS pass it through analog stuff to change the tone, if I wanted to, but I can never recover that stuff lost on analog. And don't get me started on NOISE REDUCTION systems. GAH!
  13. you guys still on about this?? hasn't it been done to death in previous threads? None of it matters if the SONG is no good to begin with. I'd rather write interesting music than have "PERFECT" recordings None of the playback mediums and environments are perfect either anyway, so it doesn't matter in the end
  14. That's all well and good but you're showing 11 or 12 samples per cycle there for a 20kHz waveform in 44.1kHz and that's just not correct. Could you redraw it showing what happens to a 20kHz square waveform when you sample it at 44.1kHz? According to other posters who were arguing with me, it should come out sinusoidal. I had it all arse-backwards earlier on in the thread but now I know I'm 100% correct. just an example, not draw to accurate scale with my free-handing in Paint made to show what comes out the D>A side sonically, in the end. Same thing
  15. here's my visual for viewers: (ignore the obvious sub par drawing and binary representation errors)
  16. so 44.1 produces unlistenable square waves? Can I get a refund for all these CDs?? I hate finding what I been listening too all these years was unlistenable!
  17. The number of times out of 554 that the listeners correctly identified which system was which was 276, or 49.82 percent
  18. they are not actually "Christians", any more than a white urban kid with rich parents is "Gangsta" because he SAYS he is and dresses like one. They are simply abusing a name for class sake or whatever their issues are. Actual, true, practicing Christians are not like that. It's like if I said, "I am a bass player" and you believed me, then listened to my inability to play any bass at all.... well, I'm not REALLY a bass player am I, even though I CLAIMED the name. s I am sure has already been pointed out, their issues with "Pro" stem deeply elsewhere and lack of applicable knowledge.
  19. ah ha, Jedi Console Warrior... but, alas, I am the anal one and have worked out every last nuance of emotion I desire in the vocals from when to add the "T"'s, or the facial expression heard in the mic on the chorus... so, I'll be producing from the microphone muwahahahhahahaha! But you are welcome to try
  20. Good stuff. It usually takes me 3 or 4 to warm up, then I can hit it consistantly until my voice gives out, which is after about 20 and it's all downhill from there. The one I can't stand is the "ANYTHING GOES". It's too hard to advise how to make the performance better since it keeps changing. I just shake my head, and hit record like a monkey. Rarely does anything good come of it, because I lack the patience.
  21. I can't do 24bit or I loose amount of tracks. Hardware DAW. 48k gives me higher POTENTIAL frequency on recording. Why would I not want to do that? On second thought, you are right conversion back to 44.1 for the master is extra pointlessness, since 44.1 get me 22k resonse anyway and most people can't hear above 18 I found some more threads on 16vs24 with a deeper search. Thanks!
  22. TOPIC I MEANT 16 BIT not 26 BIT You know the story, wearing too many hats to know anything effectively... My machine will record 16 or 24bit 44.1 or 48k. I need 32 tracks, but if I go 24 bit I get less tracks. I will go 16bit 48k I guess. Do I have this right: 16 VS 24 bit is only about DYNAMICS, more headroom, more steps of volume difference, right? I seriously doubt the compressed pop crap I record will EVER need 24bit dynamics. It's not soft chamber music anyway. Am I right? Audio-wise, I was not able to HEAR any difference when test recording the two different bit rates. Thanks for enlightening me.
  23. If compression makes an artist sound like Nickleback, I think I'll avoid it. doesn't it depend on your final objective? home tinkering, limited audience release, or mega-multi platinum sales. I don't enjoy that much crunch either, but you hear it a lot on Mutt's other little albums: Back in Black, Def Leopard, Shania Twain etc etc etc... $$, $$$ and more $$$$$
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