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  1. This is a drag, i'm gonna cut. You going uptown? I got wheels.
  2. any rumors circulating about Live 9? especially with Bitwig Studio looming on the horizon
  3. vintage EHX pedals. recently picked up an old v1.0 Small Stone and it sounds epic and gushy and warm and delicious
  4. Oh I didn't think that at all. But the term, "fancy hi pass filter", doesn't apply here... Its just not a fair term. Treble boosters, as pointed out by CBread, add their own subtle harmonic distortion as well as boosting the actual treble frequencies. I think "boost" is the confusing word here... You're not simply EQ'ing your sound with a treble booster, you're actually pumping more juice into the treble frequency; beefing it up. With an EQ pedal or hi pass filter, you can bring out or raise up treble frequencies, but they'll interact in a completely different way than a treble booster would. I'll make a demo later, since I've got both an Empress ParaEQ and the Naga Viper to try and illustrate the differences. cool that would actually be really helpful
  5. well... the range control is the filter, and the heat knob is the gain. a.k.a. a high pass filter. I'm really not trying to be a dick about this, I'm just trying to understand exactly what the pedal does.
  6. what do the hip kids listen to? EDM (electronic music) /thread
  7. http://networkedblogs.com/vRQ4Y Neil and the suits. hold up.... what is this exactly? seems almost legit... edit: oh, a (very elaborate) april fools joke
  8. Selling a Line6 Toneport UX2 (the interface and usb cable). The box acts as a standalone device for using Line6 Gearbox software/plugins (so you can get Line6 tones on your computer) and also as a recording interface for a DAW. It has both instrument and mic inputs with +48v, line ins, footswitch jacks, SPDIF, stereo outs and headphone out. It has super-low latency so you could even use it live, but I haven't done that myself. I don't have the disk anymore so you have to download the software here (I just tested all of this on a new computer today so this is what you do): Link: http://line6.com/software/ Step 1: Download Line6 Monkey Step 2: Thru Line6 Monkey, make a free Line6 account if you don't have one Step 3: Use Line6 Monkey to get Gearbox software and to update device drivers Step 4: Launch Gearbox software as standalone or as a VST/RTAS plugin in your DAW Step 5: Profit! It looks like Line6 Monkey will also let you run trial versions of the newer PodFarm software, but you'll have to buy it separately if you want to use it with this interface. PM me if you want it!
  9. Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret (DLS) in orange. This is the one with the switch on the inside to alter the character of the distortion. It can take a battery or 9v adapter, but I'm throwing in the 18v adapter I used with it. Makes it quite a bit louder and changes the character of the distortion a bit, more headroom before breakup. PM ME!
  10. is that a tweed amp making all that ruckus? holy balls
  11. that's some heavy sounding {censored} for an AC30. great tune! several months back, i bought all the tunes you had available and I'll definitely buy this upcoming EP in June. so far it's been consistently great output. and i'm still amazed at your recording setup... great work
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