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  1. I haven't had any volume drop issues with mine, and I'm running it in mono. The only pedal on my board that has a volume drop is the Synth Wah.
  2. That's disappointing. It's a beautiful, beautiful sounding album to begin with. My band covers Fascination Street; it's one of my favorite songs ever.
  3. PM or e-mail exocaster at yahoo dot com.
  4. Spam is in the sig. Specifically looking for the Geiger Counter right away.
  5. See sig. Also, WTB: Devi Ever Hyperion, but I ran out of space to list it.
  6. at everyone posting to a three year old thread. My question is how the hell was this thread even resurrected without a working search function?
  7. Just one. Not looking to trade, just looking to replace a borrowed speaker while waiting on a recone.
  8. As the current owner of a non-master volume AC30 and the former owner of a JMP 2204- essentially the same as an 800, if you need gain tones at low volumes, I'd say look elsewhere unless you find you like the AC30 + pedals route, and even then it really does sound best run at band levels (or higher). The edge-of-breakup tone from an AC30 with Blues- the Blues really do impart something special to the character of that amp- is one of my favorite tones on the planet. (If not my favorite!) Both sound excellent turned up, but both are drown-out-the-drummer loud, and the old Marshalls don't exactly have the greatest master volume on the planet. An AC30 at lower levels- which can mean a pretty loud band, quite frankly!- does sound nice... as a clean amp. I haven't used a master volume AC30 in a band setting, so I can't comment as to how effective the master was implemented. I prefer my non-master tone-wise to the CC series.
  9. Fo sho. Hi guys. Yes, with the caveat of "what kind of heavy, specifically"? They have more bottom end than you'd expect, even with the open-back cab, and are loud. It's certainly not a thin sounding amp; dialed in right the gain tones are pretty thick, though the low end is on the loose side. I wouldn't use it for something very modern like, say, Decapitated or mid-scooped old thrash tones, but feed it the right pedals and I'd use it for anything I'd use a stock 800 or master-volume JMP for. If by downtuned you mean sludgy stonery stuff or heavy rock, I'd say go for it. If by downtuned you mean Meshuggah, I'd say look elsewhere. Application dependent, but a tentative "yes" with the proper pedal or pedals. When I had the Sparkle Drive on my board, I actually boosted the OCD with it on occasion and that got pretty fierce and very gainy. (And a kickass tone in its own right) Not something I have a use for in my band, but I digress. A viable candidate if you're looking at an old Marshall, again, depending on what you're going for tone-wise.
  10. I love me some digitech synth wah. It's a guilty pleasure. It's a nifty pedal. And very much a non-guilty pleasure for me; it gets used in my band enough to justify its place on my board.
  11. The only things I'm currently really in the market for are an EXH Cathedral and WMD Geiger Counter, sorry. Maybe an oddball glitchy fuzz of some sort.
  12. $100 shipped in the lower 48.
  13. American Musical Supply FTMFW! Never had ANY problems with them whatsoever and their CS is top notch! I've used AMS for, what, like a decade at this point, and they're always been the coolest to deal with. Never had an issue with them; anything that needed to be resolved- and I've bought a lot of gear!- got taken care of right away. If I'm gonna buy new, it'll be from them. It's either that or from the forums, unless I'm just buying strings or a tube or some shit- seriously, the only ones worth a damn.
  14. Skinny jeans, Mac user since forever, AC30 and a delay pedal, play '80s new wave covers. I'm a vegetarian and hang out in coffee shops a lot. I am a skinny bitch. And I was an art student once. I don't like cheap domestic beer and am fastidious about my appearance and hygiene though.
  15. Another vote for the Digitech Synth Wah; mine definitely sees some use in my post-punk band.
  16. gotcha, did you get the rectifier working? Yeah, I swapped out the rectifier tube and replaced the 500ma fuse on the board- good as new. I need to pick up some higher gain pedals now; it's not breaking up much at band volumes, or at all when I'm using the Strat, really, (I have a drummer and a guy with a Diezel Herbert asking me to turn down! ) and while I love my Sparkle Drive, it doesn't quite get me where I need to be for the harder material.
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