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  1. Maybe a tank would be a little more heavy duty: http://www.bananahobby.com/electric-rc-tanks--infrared-battle-tanks.html
  2. EXACTLY the same thing has just happened to me. Tried to update the firmware from TC's FAQ page (as directed by the support team) - now the unit has died completely and won't even power up. I'm just a little bit cross. What a piece of junk. That's exactly what happened to me, I updated the firmware and the unit wouldn't power up any more. I disagree about it being a piece of junk though, when it's working it's one of the best sounding cards in its class and I got some great sounding records out of it.
  3. Hi everyone I'm glad I found this forum before I pulled the trigger on a Konnekt 8 for my macbook. I'm looking for an Audio Interface with Hi-Z and decent pre-amps. I was deciding between the M-audio Firewire solo/410, Konnekt 8, Prenous Firebox and the Edirol FA-66. With all these mac problems I'm back to square one really. Anyone care to give me advice? Or point me towards the right forum? Just what is the current status of Konnekt's mac drivers? Get the Saffire LE. My K24 died on me also. My previous cards were the M-audio 1814, the Motu 896 HD, the Motu Traveler, and the Konnect 24D. In terms of sound quality, it's pretty much in the order I listed, with the Konnect 24D and the Saffire WAYYYYYY better than the 1814 and the Motus. The Saffire seems noticeably cleaner than the Konnect 24D and also has better mic pres. No Adat support on the Saffire though, so if that's a deal breaker, I don't know what to recommend because these are the only cards I've tried myself:) As for the durability/drivers, I'll get back in a few months. The Saffires seems fine for now, but you never know. Konnect drives gave me problems from the gitgo, and I was never able to get bus power from my macbook pro for it. Saffire was bus powered immediately with no problems, which was a relief.
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