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  1. That's sort of like Mariachi Reggae 🙂
  2. So this is my first song in at least 10 years and my first time here on Harmony Central in maybe as long. Can't remember exactly when the last one was, but a long time ago. I had to sell everything off to try to rescue a floundering company. Should have kept the gear since it still floundered... It was slightly too big to upload, so here's a link to a high quality version High Quality FLAC If you don't want to do that, here's a Soundcloud version, though it doesn't sound nearly as nice: Sound Cloud Version This is, by modern standards, super-old school. It's 99% as recorded with all EQ, compression and effects committed during recording, with no tuning, editing, or automation, and all dynamics are performed. Only two plugins were used because I had no choice, BFD for drums via a Roland e-kit and a piano synth, and even there it was all committed during recording. I punched in sometimes to save an otherwise good take. The 'mix' was just running it through an SSL clone with the needle twitching. * Well, there are also a few instances of the 2 band Renn EQ where I found I needed to notch out a bit from some of the first tracks to make a bit of room as I started layering things up. Otherwise all the processing and f/x was via outboard gear on the way in. All my time was put into finding the right parts and getting the right sound for those parts. If everyone says it sucks in some way sonically, and fixing it doesn't require becoming a data processor I may fix it. But I've spent enough time on this one and need to move forward. And I don't have any interest in perfection at all, so I'm happy with it being humanly imperfect. Oh, and the other thing is, I've gotten one batch of room treatment. Another is on the way, but my room is in no way currently trustworthy as a gauge of low end at the moment, so I was leaning heavily on headphones for this one. Given that, I maybe should have gone with something that wasn't so monster bass in nature. Anyhoo, I'd love to get some feedback.
  3. Still available, here's a pick. I checked them after I pulled them out for boxing. They are completely like new.
  4. I've been selling some stuff off and swizzling things around. I used the bucks to buy a Great River EQ-2NV. So I'll selling these guys off to help make up for that expense. They are like new, bought new by me. These are the transformer output versions. They run $625'ish new. I'm asking $790 for the pair, shipped and PayPal'd. I don't hang around here too much these days, but you can find plenty about me over on Gearslutz, with plenty of good iTrader feedback. Cont. US only. I'm south of the SF Bay Area.
  5. And gentlemen in England now a-bed, shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks that fought with us upon Saint Bumpin's Day.
  6. I have two cabs in my little apartment studio. I got two very different types because I had no idea what would suit my needs best. One is an Avatar 1x12 (the Vintage style and open back configuration) with a Greenback (16 ohmn, 25w) and the other is a much smaller Weber cab with a Weber Blue Dog. After evaluating both, I've decided that the Weber configuration meets my needs and, as I'm short on both space and bucks to buy other things I need, I'm going to let the Avatar go. It's as close to new as you could get without still being in the box. It's only been used enough to evaluate it, and only through my low wattage amps (Microbaby which is 1 watt and NightTrain which I always run at 7 watts.) It's never seen the outdoors or anything like that, just been in my apartment, and never been played loudly. I couldn't keep the box, since I just didn't have the room to store it. So shipping it wouldn't be practical. So I'm throwing it out there for anyone in the SF bay area who wants to come by for a local pickup. It's $280 with shipping new, I'll take $195. And of course this way you can try it and make sure it works before you buy. I'm in Mountain View, just a block off of 85, so very easy to get to from anywhere in the area.
  7. Upped the price to $340 and threw in a Soul Preacher Nano. So that's $340 for about $640 worth of pedals. So getting dang close to 50% off.
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