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  1. I would not plug an acoustic/electric ukelele into an electric guitar amp...then again, I dislike feedback, ymmv... but into an acoustic amp? Sure. Much like anything else, opinions are just that, and unless you want a cookie cutter solution, then go for it. I own several ukes, but I'll be frank, I would not spend $500 on one...hell, a large portion of my gigging guitar collection cost less than that. My most expensive uke is the Epiphone Les Paul model, which is my only a/e ukelele. That said, in that price range, I would be inclined to get a Martin T1K...they sound and play fantastic...but, no a/e. Next would be a Lanikai...why? Because that is what they do, and they make great sounding [and looking] ukeleles. They offer a myriad of wood options, finishes, 5-string tenors, 8 string tenors... Kala also makes some very nice ukes as well. I do know some one who has a Kala a/e [not sure the model], and I know she paid close to $500 for hers. I have had the privilege to play some outrageous custom made ukeleles in Hawaii, many in the $3-5000 range, but honestly, most of that is about bling, not tone or playability, tuning stability, etc.
  2. puking from too much tequila never put me off playing guitar...
  3. I try to cover the early weekend cleanups, but not at 4:00AM.......[unless I've been out all night..]
  4. I'm not certain if this will work for you guys, but if you hover over the forumite's name, a pop-up window should appear...in the lower left corner the settings 'gear' symbol should appear.If you click the down arrow, it should say flag as spammer....PLEASE let me know if you have access to this or not. You should not be seeing a lot of spam these days, although some mods are fast to flag and slow to delete, we are trying to clean these up all day
  5. this is really par for the course. We used to do a lot of festival/fair work, and sometimes it would be years before we were asked back...because there are so many bands here, that for one local band to sew up all the plush gigs just can't happen.
  6. No Steve, you won't burn in hell...they have a far more special place for the likes of you, mate... So...had he said his 'mum', would you have gone into Bungalow Bill? I guess he's lucky he wasn't with his Uncle Albert...
  7. hey, man, nuffinz pirfict, dude... From the Mods' standpoint, this is a vast improvement...I just miss being able to ban them with a pithy comment attached...but, oh well...
  8. new tubes will likely make a huge difference, especially if the existing tubes have been in the amp for years and years [this thread started over ten years ago, and those amps were already discontinues then, so...], in fact, typically, when I buy a used amp [and sometimes even brand new amps because many come with crappy tubes], I just re-tube the whole set, pre's and power. Why not make sure the amp is running at it's best? I'm not certain about the biasing on that particular amp, but I would suggest having it done, unless you are qualified to bias it yourself.
  9. after the 1994 Northridge quake*, I try to NOT keep too many guitars out at a time, although I have a bad habit lately of having at least 4 out on stands around the house at any given time.[big house]. Although I can appreciate the convenience, living in earthquake country adds an element of, shall we say, serendipity, to the decision-making process. We also only keep 3 guitars 'out' locking wall hangers] in the studio control room, more for show than anything else, and not even one in the 'guitar room'...just an empty stand. * oddly, two days before the quake, I cased all my guitars, which was unusual, as I usually kept at least one acoustic and two electrics out on stands...no explanation, just did it. Now most of the guitars are cased except the four or so I keep out for 'grab and play'
  10. I was very impressed with a couple of the MarkBass heads, the combos not as much...I really liked the Gallien-Krueger MB210, compact, lightweight, 500W/2x10"...punchy and deep. Phil Jones makes some absolutely amazing lightweight amps that sound killer...pricey, but worth it. Eden [and stepchild Nemesis] make some outstanding bass rigs as well.. On the flip side...since you said price was no object, you can still get an Ampeg SVT Tube head, '300W 50th Anniversary Special Edition', 6550 output tubes [valves], XLR DI out, SpeakOn outputs and user biasing about US$2700.00 [€2433], plus a nice cab, like a Hartke HyDrive 1x12...around US$400.00 [€360].
  11. he might have 12 years ago, but he hasn't been here in quite a while...as you may have guessed by now, there are no replies as these amps are not common, and nearly all of them are in the EU. I believe the company was Italian.
  12. ah, 'lanta... Waffle House, Cracker Barrel, Peach or Peachtree being the name of every road in the city that doesn't have a state route number...some have both...
  13. Welcome to HC, Riley! I have been touting the SA220 from the day mine arrived [like 10 years ago!], and have been ogling the SA330 for many months.
  14. hmmm...where did I hear/read that before?
  15. Strangely, jefe, this is a topic under discussion over in Solos & Duos.
  16. Chris, you really should have gone deeper into the history of delay, when they built long rooms with speakers and mics they could move to different positions, closer or further from the source. to alter the delay time, and multiple mics for additional repeats...hence the term 'echo chamber'. Then some brilliant person decided they could loop tape through multiple heads...the rest you covered well. Definitely Les Paul was one of the pioneers in this..but there are others as well... Also Strymon just put out some similar articles recently...http://www.strymon.net/2014/09/15/pete-celi-premier-guitar-history-doubletracking/
  17. One word for the n0oBz...earplugs...wear ear plugs...sorry...WEAR EAR PLUGS...you will thank me later...
  18. I reviewed this during the Winter NAMM show in 2016, and I am glad to see Rick Keeler showed his design at summer NAMM this year, as he was sadly absent at winter NAMM 2017.
  19. Agreed that they should have just cut the song at 2:17, but they would have struggled for airplay back in the day of '3 minute hits' [2:30 was usually the minimum length]. They could have faded the song off over the sax part for 13 seconds, but no...
  20. If you had asked that in 2008, when this thread was active, you might have received an answer...today? Probably not...
  21. it isn't so much the arrangement, but the producer's selection and decision making...and what is with the fart-y brass arrangement at the very end?? Much worse than the smoky sax part. To the OP, had it been a tasty guitar solo instead of the saxophone, would you have objected?
  22. I have a couple of 'regrets', but looking back, I made the right decisions...a 1940s Slingerland 6 string banjo...sold to a friend's brother, stumbled on it again several years later at Norman's at twice what I had sold it for, but I wasn't using it, and had not touched it for years....and it paid for part of one of my kids' braces. My Rickenbacker 320 [yes, sometimes owners sell them despite the article's claim]...I was no longer doing Beatles and Byrds material, and it really wasn't getting played...paid for my alimony/Child Support one month. A '63 Fender XII...that guitar paid for itself in rentals to other guitarists....but I needed a Marshall halfstack....which was eventually stolen. My second Marshall SL100/1960A halfstack...sold to pay for baby furniture. Now truth be told, I toy with the idea of thinning my herd periodically. The cases don't all fit in the closet anymore, and there are guitars all over the house, electrics, acoustics, a/e's, basses, lap steels, ukeleles, violin, koto...and I would like to get another 12 string [and I don't know why!] What would I let go? Hmmmm...my early 70s SG, my 2002 ES135LE, the Robelli resonator...and then there are all the amps...and the pedals...and the keyboards... and...
  23. That's what SigOths are for...to disagree when you think you know what you want to spend your money on, right? like I tell people...I married my current wife because I knew she was Ms. Right...I didn't realize she was Ms. Always Right...
  24. good lord, man, are you kidding? WE ALL WILL ALWAYS NEED ONE MORE!
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