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  1. EvilBay? Oooooooh, ok... that 'splains evrything. Sorry, I didn't know. That's a sweet guitar, good luck with the sale!
  2. $600 + shipping? I don't understand why you'd post that guitar here. You can either get ALL of your money back or you can keep a really nice guitar. Why would you sell it and take a loss just a few days later? If I was in the market for that particular guitar, I'd spend the extra $80 and get a new one (with free shipping) from a reputable dealer. That way, there'd be no problem if I had an issue with the guitar and getting it repaired under warranty coverage, because the sales reciept would be in my name, not some else's. I'd just keep it or send it back.
  3. Buck62


    Check it: http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/Guitar/Setup/MakeNewSaddle/newsaddle01.html
  4. I have an MD90 and I think the sound is superb, the masterbuilts i played sounded a little boxy but they could be much better with a proper set up and fresh strings and a little time to open up. certainly they get more love here than the alvarez other than the ALVAREZ ALLIANCE that is... I've owned an Alvarez MD90 and presently own a Masterbilt AJ500M. I've found sort of the opposite of what you're saying to be true. The Masterbilts have a wonderful, full balanced tone, while the Alvarez lacks the bass of the Masterbilt. But tone is subjective, so I think it would be best for someone to do their own side-by-side comparison to see which guitar they prefer. The main reason I didn't keep the MD90 was that the neck was too thin for my large hands and the bridge has a horrible design. The tall, sharp edge that faces the soundhole is razor-sharp and I literally kept cutting open the knuckle on my little finger when I strummed the MD90. It was frustrating and painful, so I returned it and bought a Yamaha LL16 instead... a MUCH better guitar. But again, YMMV... so it's best for each individual to play both and see which they like better.
  5. Have you seen this one?...... http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/msg/1053132655.html It looks pretty decent.
  6. Congratulations! Throw a bone saddle and some brass bridge pins in her and I think you will be very pleased with the results. I plan on putting a bone nut and saddle on my LL-16 soon, as many people have suggested. But what will the brass bridge pins do for it? There's always a lot of debate on the brass pins, many say it doesn't effect the tone at all. I'd be interested to hear some commentary on adding the bone nut and saddle and brass bridge pins and how it affects the tone.
  7. The FG-335 is an excellent laminate. It was made from 77-81. In excellent condition with case, I'd buy it for $125 in a heartbeat. Run, don't walk, to fetch that thing! +1000 I bought my FG-335II brand new in 1981 and still have it. It's been my #1 main guitar for 27 years! I've had Taylors, Martins, Breedloves and other high end guitars since then, but sold them all and kept the FG. The only other acoustic I own is a new Yamaha LL-16 that I picked up a few months ago. It's the perfect compliment to my FG. It's a little brighter and records extremely well. I doubt I'll ever get another acoustic besides a Yamaha ever again. They simply can't be beat for the money.
  8. Hey everyone, This guitar has gotten me so excited. The highest-end of the new Atlas series is the AC25/SR Plus, and you can buy it off Elderly for only 899! Has anyone played or bought the Atlas series? Comments? Does anyone know any music stores near NYC that carry Breedlove Atlas guitars? Thanks http://www.elderly.com/new_instruments/items/AC25SRP.htm The Atlas series isn't new, they've been out for at least three or four years now. I bought an AC25/SR+ about three years ago with the same enthusiasm that you presently have. I sold it 6 months later and was lucky enough to break even because of a big price increase on new ones. To me, the sound was pretty good, but I was admittedly more impressed with the cosmetic "bling" of the AC25/SR Plus. Not only that, but it seemed too fragile and I was always afraid that I'd scratch or dent it. Once the ooh and ahh factor wore off, I realized the tone wasn't as good as I really wanted or expected. If cosmetics are important to you, buy one... you'll love it. If tone is your main priority, look elsewhere. If I had to do it all over again I'd have bought an Epiphone EF500RA. It has better tone and better (consistent) build quality. It's quite a looker, too. Here's some pics of my AC25/SR+ that I took before I Ebay'd it...
  9. I can't believe nobody has jumped on this. It's an unbelievably great guitar at a fanstastic low price. If I didn't just buy a Yamaha LL16 I'd be all over this. You should try posting your Larrivee in the classifieds over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum website. It'll be sold immediately at your asking price, I guarantee it. http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/index.php Best of luck to you!
  10. so how is the price reduced? He already reduced it to half the cost of a new one.... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Breedlove-Atlas-Series-AD20SR-Plus-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=512402&src=3SOSWXXA How much of a beating do you expect the poor guy to take? $450-shipped is an awesome price! I can't believe this hasn't been sold yet.
  11. I have an old Yamaha FG-335II that I bought brand new in 1981. I've had a dozen or so other acoustics that I've bought since then (including Martins, Taylors and Breedlove guitars) but sold them all and still kept my old FG. Next on my list is a hand-made Yamaha LL16. I was curious about the Zager's, but I just can't get over how much incredibly great the LL16 sounded and played when I checked it out a few weeks ago. It rivals my partners $2,500 Northwood guitar... seriously.
  12. More props for your S-500 Tribute. I bought a new one recently (BlueBurst) and it's KILLER! Your asking price is VERY fair... good luck!
  13. Just so you you know, Penco guitars don't date back to the 1960's. They were sold in the USA from 1974 to 1978. They were imported from Japan by the Philidelphia Music Exchange. I'm somewhat of a Japanese-import guitar expert. I've owned dozens of them over the past 33 years and have helped a lot of people here track down the origin of their odd-brand and no-name Japanese guitars here. Anyway, my first electric guitar was a 1975 Penco SG hardtail. I bought it brand new that year for $110, which was my life's savings at the time. Penco's were made at the Hoshino factory, which also made those awesome Ibanez copy guitars we all know from the 70's. While Penco made some great electrics, they were better known for crafting wonderful acoustic guitars in the 70's. Their "A" Series acoustics are still highly regarded and prized possessions, and they get big $$ when sold on Ebay. I believe your guitar is a "first year" 1974 SG copy, because it has the dot inlays. My Penco SG had block inlays for the fret markers and the optional Dimarzio SuperDistortion humbuckers, which were new upgrades for the 1975 models. It also had the Penco name in MOP inlay on the headstock. Many of the first year models had pickups that looked like humbuckers, but are actually single-coil pickups with a larger casing and chrome covers. Yours might be one of those. I have a 1973 Aria SG copy that was made at the Matsumoku factory, but shares the same hardware and pickups as the Penco SG because both factories used the same hardware distributors in Japan. My Aria SG originally had the "fake" humbuckers, but I swapped them out to Gibson Alnico humbuckers about two years ago and it sounds phenomenal. The original pups were real good though, and they help to retain you Penco's true "vintage" value. I wish I never sold my Penco SG back in the late 70's, I loved that guitar. Here's a little history of Penco guitars for you... http://vintageguitarpro.com/penco.shtml . .
  14. Out of curiosity I ordered and received a Zager 80 and at the same time I received a used Larrivee D 05. The Zager played easy and sounded clear. I played the Larrivee and it sang. For about the same money, the Larrivee was hands down the better guitar in sound and build. The Zager was sent immediately back. No questions asked I received my full money back from Zager. Zager warranty and service A+ a serviceable guitar but expensive for what is out there and a C to C+ on Value to Sound. (First purchase of a guitar in 20 years, rookie player, first post) Cheers. Thanx for the post, it was most informative!
  15. I see a lot of spam here for these Zager guitars and how great they are. But in every several acoustic guitar forums I visit (very reputable ones) they say that Zagers are kinda junky or of marginal quality, sometimes having poor fretwork, so-so tone, etc, etc. Is it possible that the other opinions are wrong?... or dead on correct? From their website, they look pretty decent to me. But I have no personal experience with them, other than what I've read, which seems to be... well, not very enthusiastic, to say the least. Yet, at this place, I see folks who swear by them. Admittedly, I don't hang in this forum as often as most of you, so maybe I'm missing a big joke here. Anyway, here's your chance to sound off on these guitars. Your opinion will be just as valuable as the overt spammers that have plagued this forum. So, here we go... let's put this to rest! Zager guitars, yay?... or nay? Inquiring minds want to know! (poll to follow) (Edit: I'm going to be buying a new dreadnaught with my tax return money and would consider a Zager if they're really as good as people claim.) .
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