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  1. My wife and I own the band, we even trademarked the name. We make all the decisions, profit from the good ones, hopefully learn from the bad ones, get all the income and pay all the bills. I make all our backing tracks, we play all the live instruments, we do all the singing, pay Uncle Sam taxes on our profits, and other than crumbs from a couple of agencies, we do all the booking. It's like our own little mom & pop type small business. We are not wage slaves in some faceless corporation, we are basically two of the shrinking breed of free people in this country. Notes
  2. I didn't know about your wife's accident. I do hope she heals quickly and completely. Notes
  3. There are things on the sax that are easier than the guitar, and other things on the sax that are harder than the guitar. It seems every instrument I've learned has it's easier and harder than other features. Notes
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    Parker DF524NS

    OK, here is the actual review. In 4 words: "I love this guitar:"1) Light weight - about 5 pounds - but it sustains remarkably well for a guitar of that weight - almost as long as my +8 pound faux LP2) Contoured - it's not like holding the guitar, it's like wearing the guitar - no pinch points on the arm and it seems to hug the body3) Balanced - no neck dive - take your hands off and the guitar stays put right were it was4) Ebony fret board and hardened stainless steel frets make bending a breeze - plus the hardened SS frets should give years more wear than standard frets 5) 14" Radius and 25.5" Scale plus a slim neck make it perfect for me - but I know that's personal preference YMMV6) Sperzel locking tuners, Graph-tech bridge and nut, and an almost straight path from ball end to machine head make for remarking tuning stability. This guitar stays in tune better than my other guitars, and it's the only one I have with a whammy/vibrato arm (I refuse to call it a trem since it's function is vibrato). I'll get off the gig, drive it home in the van, unpack, reload, get to the next gig, and often the guitar is still in tune. This amazes me.7) Great sounding pickups with a wide variety of different sounds - see "Sound Quality" section of this review8) One master volume knob near my right hand and one master tone knob make for quick changes while playing. The third knob is simply to blend the piezo with the magsOK it's not perfect, there are a couple of minor cons1) Small top side fret markers make it difficult to see in challenging lighting situations - I fixed this with some auto reflective tape and a loose-leaf paper hole puncher2) Mag-mag/piezo-piezo 3 position switch is the Les Paul type, and like every other LP switch requires occasional cleaning in corrosive climates - IMHO a blade type switch like a tele or strat would have been a better choice. BTW, The main switch for the mag pups is a blade type switch so it's fine. I immediately bonded with the guitar, since I gig with it, I bought a second one with different pickups so I could have one at home and one on the gig.Since I got it my Gibson, Epiphone, and LTD haven't hardly been picked up, they gather dust and the strings rust from lack of use. I guess I should sell them. Plus I no longer have GAS. I can look at other guitars, see how beautiful they are, but have no desire to own them.
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