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  1. Couldn't get it to play :( I have a very old copy of Sony Vegas on CD ROM that I might try to install in Win10 for editing. I used it years ago for our promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmCRwAy1UV8&feature=youtu.be I think it was installed on Win 7. First I have to figure out how to use the camera. I'm finishing up sequencing a song for our duo, and after that comes the camera. The to-do list is long and full of interesting projects. Notes
  2. It just arrived. I haven't tried it out yet, I downloaded the manual last night (all it comes with is the quick start). It seems there will be a bit of experimentation before I get something I want. A lot of features to consider, plus we still don't have a good backdrop for the shot. We plan on seeing how some things work in camera. Notes
  3. Facebook is just horrible. Period.
  4. I deal with Alan, and should have asked him. I just bought a camera there.
  5. Thanks again y'all. I decided to go with the Zoom Q2N-4K with a 128G SD card. Notes
  6. Thanks. I'll be a while. I just found out my roof needs work, and since I'm unemployed from gigging, I might try to do it myself. The guy who put the roof on asked for pictures and he'll let me know if I can do it myself, or if he only needs to do the repairs and I can repaint. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh. If I was gigging, I'd just have the roofer do it. It's an old Florida Flat Roof that was tar and gravel. I replaced it with foam 20 years ago, and every 10 years or so it needs maintenance. But 2" of the foam has the insulating value of 2.5 feet of fiberglass so it keeps us
  7. Being different is a time honored way to either be noticed or ignored. It's great when it works. Notes
  8. Indeed. But big sugar on the dole goes back way before the present governor. Here in Florida, the state is so gerrymandered and there is so much voter suppression that even though we have more registered democrats than republicans, and even though the democrats usually still get the majority of the votes, they seldom win. I'm a moderate swing voter, and the gerrymandering and voter suppression annoys me, as it goes against the very definition of democracy. Elections for me have become trying to figure out which candidate is the lesser of the two evils. Notes
  9. Recommendation please: A good camera for live performance. We're really missing gigging, and many of our 'extended family' of fans have been asking us to record performances and put them on YouTube. So we're thinking about setting up, putting a stationary camera on a tripod, and recording some live performances. The camera would be stationary as we have no one to run it, especially in COVID times, and if possible I'd like to take a balanced output of my PA and feed that into the camera directly. If not I suppose an external mic might be a good option unless the camera itself has
  10. Our state does everything it can to keep unemployed people 'off the dole' while it gives billions of dollars per year to big sugar. We even have the taxpayers financing their pollution clean up and control while they make zillions of dollars. Who's on the dole? Hmmmmm. Our system is designed to fail. No phone, and an online system designed to crash, so that if you can't fill out the form, you aren't even counted as unemployed. And the people re-elect the same jerks. Go figure. Notes
  11. I'm completely out of work in Florida. My repeated attempts to get help have been denied, but that's OK. Our mortgage is paid off, our cars are paid off, we get social security, and we have a savings and a small IRA. Since we are 'sheltering at home' there isn't much to spend money on other than groceries. Hopefully sooner or later we'll be able to gig again. Insights and incites by Notes
  12. Do your best to keep water out of your hom, tarps, tape, whatever. If it's anything like after a hurricane, construction contractors will be backed up for months. The most important thing is that you all weren't seriously injured. From here on in it's a giant PITA but step by step things will happen to make it better. Notes
  13. Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the repairs. From one who has been in over a dozen hurricanes, take it one step at a time and it will get better. If you are like me, you'll miss the trees more than anything.
  14. I'm not here - I'm hiding - look over there --> (I don't do FB)
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