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  1. Great attitude. IMHO this is exactly what is wrong with the USA right now. Aggressive, verbally violent, name calling behavior to someone who simply disagrees with you. I could retaliate by saying, "I hope you go out get COVID and die a long, agonizing death on a ventilator after you infect all your loved ones" but won't because I do not want to lower myself to those standards. Instead I'll say, "When you go out and mix, I hope you are one of the lucky ones who don't get infected." We have ceased to become a civilized country where people care about each other and are moving towards becoming a barbarian country where anger, hate, and fear rule -- it's "Me first and screw the rest of the world. and if you disagree with me and my chosen pundits, you aren't worth the air you breathe." And I put a lot of the blame on political propaganda stations such as FOX and MSNBC that use hate and fear to manipulate their audiences. Fox and MSNBC are about half lies / half truth, and there are plenty of extremes past that threshold on both sides of the divide. And dividing the country is good for the oligarchy, because a divided country is much easier to control. And the super-rich get richer at our expense. We're all in this together. COVID doesn't care if you are rich, poor, republican, democrat, independent, young, old, middle aged, religious, atheist, or anything else. If the virus lands on you, all it cares is if you are a good host to replicate itself on. We're all playing "COVID Roulette", but those who play it safe are not playing it as often, and those who don't wear protection are increasing the amount of live ammunition in the barrel. The economy is going to tank whether we open up and kill millions or shelter in place and cause it to tank due to lack of spending. The US Government waited 6 weeks with our leaders telling us "it's just the flu and will be gone by May." while their experts were telling them how serious this was. In the meantime, they were secretly selling their stocks, protecting their fortunes, and not caring about the people they were sworn to protect. The US and Taiwan got the first case 1 day apart. Taiwan acted immediately, and now our percentage of infection is well over 1,000 times greater than that of Taiwan. The window to save the economy was squandered by the Republican party and the POTUS. They blew it to save themselves. We are now have the most cases in the world, and the blame falls on the ruling political party and the propaganda stations that tell us not to abide by our last hope, safety measures. So the economy is going belly-up either way. I choose to err on the side of caution. You can do what you want, but I ask you not to use childish name calling and hate speech against those that disagree with you. That tells the world a lot about your level of civility and empathy. Peace, Notes
  2. Sorry to hear that. Sadly it makes me feel better about being unemployed. Our season (October through May) is usually booked by now, and we have zip - nada - zilch. Here in SE Florida we are dependent on the tourists and winter residents. I guess their plans are on hold. I've been unemployed since March 17. Fortunately the mortgage is paid and I have zero debt. That makes me one of the lucky ones I guess. Notes
  3. Good luck on your vacation. That is a beautiful part of the country. Notes
  4. Sventvkg the lame excuse about more testing was disproved so then our trumpuppet decided to blame it on the "Watermelon Picking Mexicans" (typical GOP lame blame it on the defenseless instead of "the buck stops here"). The testing was minimal, the cases hundreds of times more than the increased tests. Yes, a depression will be bad, but the depression caused by killing millions will be worse, and people will be dead. Despite what the GOP bumblers say, this is worse than anything since the Black Death. My brother-in-law is a world famous to other doctors doctor. He is known all over the world. He said, "You don't want to get this disease. It's extremely contagious, and highly destructive. Worse than SARS and anything else in the past couple of centuries. It makes the Spanish Flu look like an amateur. Let me guess, you get your news from FOX and further to the right than that. Yes? Notes
  5. Here in Florida alone we gained 9,000 new cases two days ago, another 10,000 yesterday and they are mostly young people. The vast majority who survive end up with permanent damage to their brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, and other organs (including reproductive which should concern a youngster). Recently a 40-some athletic guy ended up with severe kidney damage. He now has to be on dialysis 3 times a week for the rest of his shortened life. A skin diver who could easily free-dive over 65 feet got enough lung damage so he can no longer even hold his breath long enough to dive 30 feet. And he had mild symptoms. If you want to play COVID Roulette, it's your business, but IMHO it's highly uncivilized to throw insults at those who want to protect themselves. And I do agree, there may never be a vaccine. But they are still trying and they might succeed. There is always a first. And as science learns more about how to treat the disease, in time there will be better ways to avoid death and organ damage. Even if there is no vaccine, IMO that's worth waiting for. In a civilized society, people help each other and watch out for each other, they do not throw barbs at people who disagree with them. In a civilized society everyone would be wearing masks of their mouths AND noses in public. Why? They might be an asymptomatic carrier. If so, they might inadvertently kill the next person they pass in the grocery store. So by not wearing that mask, they are in effect saying, "My comfort is more important than your life." Tell me that's civilized and I'll call you a barbarian. In a civilized society people would be keeping their social distance to protect each other in case they are a carrier. In a civilized society the administration would have acted immediately instead of waiting 6 weeks while telling everyone there is no problem while the governors secretly sold their stocks. In a civilized society, the real leaders of this country, the oligarchy (hedge fund managers, bankers, CEO's - the upper 5%) would not be telling us "Do what I say, not what I do" as they use propaganda media telling us "Go out and save the DOW, give your life for your country" while they hide in their estates and mega-yachts. There was a time when the leaders were right there on the front lines with their troops. And I blame our present administration and their propaganda outlets disguised as news. Why? 1) Waiting 6 weeks before saying there is a problem while they silently sold their stocks to protect themselves from the inevitable recession? 2) Telling is it's only a flu? 3) Firing the pandemic team to give more money to the Upper 5% before the first case? 4) Crippling our CDC arm in China before the first case? 5) Telling the people (and you-know-who's loyal base) to be rabid anti-maskers and making an example of showing up in public without one? 6) Opening the country too soon to try to bolster the economy for the CEO's, Hedge Fund Managers and Bankers at the expense of mass human deaths? 7) Not backing off when it was obvious that the pandemic was spiking again? 8) Blaming everybody but themselves instead of doing something about it? 9) Letting almost every bill the Democratic house passed sit on Moscow Mitch's desk without even putting it up for discussion? And that's just a start. I could go on and on. No the government didn't start it. But our government is responsible for mass murder by intentionally mishandling it. And our current name-calling, blame everybody but me, leader is highly responsible for our uncivilized society. The USA and Taiwan got their first case one day apart. Taiwan handled it while Trump and the boys said that it'll disappear by May (last May). The result is Taiwan now has 0.3 deaths per million and the USA has 364.3 deaths per million, an increase of 1,214%. We are not the most populated country in the world, but we have the most cases in the world. It's the fault of the government and the uncivilized who are not watching out for their neighbors but instead cry "Me first and to hell with the rest of the world". So go out and play COVID Roulette if you want. You have as much right to be part of the problem as I do to try to avoid it. But please, don't endanger my life by breathing near me. Notes
  6. Here in Florida, two weeks (incubation period) after GOP Governor DeSantis prematurely re-opened the state we had an all-time record of 1,000 new cases per day, then 2,000, then 4,000, two days ago 5,000 and yesterday 9,000. It looks like live music isn't going to come back here anytime in the future. We lost the last of our winter season, all summer, and by now next year's season (October through May) is usually 90% booked already. We have zero, nada, zip, zilch booked. So it looks like we will be out of work a year and a half or more. Who wants to spend the winter in Florida and play COVID Roulette in THE hot spot of the nation thanks to our Trumpuppet who cares more about the hedge fund managers and bankers than the people who elected him to office? Without a vaccine, it looks like my only job will be writing aftermarket styles for Band-in-a-Box. And I'm selling them to musicians who are also out of work. It's going to be a loooooooooong bumpy ride. Notes
  7. DM. I agree, no mask - no distancing - I'm outta there. Herd immunity might not even happen. There is no herd immunity for the common cold, which is also a corona virus. ggm I feel your pain. We do a lot of outdoor gigs here in Florida during the winter. Rain-outs are a bummer. With my regular customers I just take the rain in stride, with folks that only hire us occasionally I try to have it rescheduled or let them apply their deposit to a future gig. Notes
  8. I don't know about eating at a restaurant with a mask on. :D I saw a study that in air conditioned places, if you are between someone with COVID and the air return vent, you will get bombarded with virus even if the sick one is 20 feet away. And since restaurant patrons sit at their table for extended periods of time, the bombardment accumulates. When I get ready to 'eat out' it'll be al fresco. Notes
  9. Well, anybody who goes and either dies or incurs permanent organ damage gets what he/she asked for. Perhaps it should be named "COVID Roulette Fest". :D Either way, I'm not buying a ticket. Notes
  10. But the testing has only increased by about 2% while the cases are skyrocketing. After confronted with that evidence the governor changed his tune, this time blaming it on Mexican watermelon pickers (sounding more and more like Trump every day). I'm beginning to be concerned about my tentative October weekly gig. At least it's at an outdoor restaurant. 2020, the year the universe changed. Notes
  11. I guess it's better to be unemployed than underground. (I just made that up.) There is no Ctrl+Z on life.
  12. IMO the DJ shares this with a live musician. We both have to pace the audience, give them what they want, when they want it, whether they know when they want it or not. We both have to put on a show, because many people listen to music with their eyes. But the DJ doesn't get to perform the music. I have respect for a DJ who can play the crowd well. I have respect for musicians who can do the same thing. As a pop musician, I also play other people's music, but I get to play the music myself, and that brings me great joy and is my bliss. I have additional respect for musicians who can play the crowd well and play their instrument well (including the human voice instrument). Me? I know being a DJ wouldn't provide me with the bliss I get playing music - I wouldn't get into that place were there is no space, no time, no me, just the music that seems like it is flowing through me instead of from me. But that's just me. Of course, there is more than one way to make a living doing music. Insights and incites by Notes
  13. I play sax, flute, wind synth, bass, guitar, drums, keyboard synth and vocals. Vocals was the most difficult instrument for me to learn. It took years to gain decent control. And a month off means two weeks of daily singing to get it back. I am not a gifted vocalist, and I know my limits. I don't sing what I will sound bad at, and there is a lot of that. But there is more that I can do a decent job with. I've made a living doing music and nothing but music for most of my life so-far. Audiences relate to vocals and in the early days, I was always at the mercy of a vocalist. Mostly it was trying to find a good one sometimes putting up with a diva/divo personality. So I decided to learn it myself. I know if you want to make a living playing music, having vocals gives you a +90% better chance of landing a gig. I had the advantage of knowing how to breathe properly using my diaphragm for breath support. I learned that in school for playing sax, it's the same for vocals. Then I took out a few books (pre-Internet) and learned techniques. But learning and practice were two different things. I started with easy songs, not much range, not many notes sustained for a long time. Years later I became a decent singer. Sax/wind synthesizer is my first voice, but vocals have kept me employed (until Covid anyway). Insights and incites by Notes
  14. We had our last gig March 17. Everything until mid-October has been canceled. That's iffy depending on how the virus spreads and right now Trump's puppet DeSantis is IMHO opening the state up too quickly, asking too many people to die for the DOW. The problem is compounded by the GOP rigging the elections. Trump and DeSantis both lost the popular vote, but extreme gerrymandering aided by voter suppression in Dem districts sealed our fate. So we all suffer for what the GOP minority asked for. And that is an unemployment system so bad it made news in England on both the BBC and Guardian as the worst in the USA. If you voted GOP this is the unemployment system you asked for, if not, you suffer what the others asked for. This from a +50 year registered independent, moderate, swing voter who is swinging to the D extreme until the GOP starts to represent me again. Fortunately the mortgage is paid off and I'm not in any debt. I'll make it, although we lost the last two months of a very good season, we'll keep on keeping on. Notes
  15. But being a DJ isn't as much fun as playing music. You just need the right people to work with. Leilani and I have been a duo since 1985 and up until COVID the only time we were out of work was when we blocked out time to take a vacation and turned down work for that period. But we do this full time, so the needs of the audience guides all our decisions. Insights and incites by Notes
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