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Overrated / Underrated Guitar Players - List them


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Overrated: Neal Schon

Underrated: Lindsey Buckingham



I agree that Lindsey Buckingham was underrated... However, in the early days of Journey, back when they rocked, so did Neal Schon, and he was underrated... Fast forward to the Journey pop days, and the whole band was overrated, even though they wrote catchy hooks...

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Troll thread is trolling...


Good point, though I still feel compelled to add my 2cents worth:


Overrated: Malmsteem- Too much egotism in his music. Everything the man plays is just another way for him to jerk himself off, sorry, that's the truth of it. His stuff should come shrinkwrapped in a Trojan wrapper.



Underrated: Mike Derks- This dude can seriously play!

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Depends on what you mean by overrated.


For players who've had an impact that exceeds their technical prowess, the list is long. For great players who should get more recognition, the list is immeasurable. There's also a list of guys who made huge impacts while remaining unknown.


For arguments sake, I'll say the beatles were totally overrated and that bumblefoot is underrated. But that doesn't really mean anything.

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Overrated: Joe Bananamassa or whatever his name is, Eric Johnson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, John Mayer, Derek Trucks


Underrated: Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Michael Shenker


Yeah I know.... Only white guy blues players retreading the same tired licks through the same tired gear know how to play the guitar and so must always be handed bags of cash and constant praise and attention from major media sources.


The guys I mentioned for the most part have had plenty of attention from fellow guitar players and industry insiders (hugely influential to new players) but have never really been given the keys to the money press like the white guy blues players.


In Asian markets that give those guys a fair shake at ad money and media access they sell out stadiums. Underrated.

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Underrated: Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (RIP) - wonderful mix of blues, jazz and country. Very unique player.

Underrated: Nancy Wilson - 70s Heart is such an awesome band (I should probably say Howard Leese as well...)


Overrated: Eric Johnson - great player, no doubt, but everyone talks about his tone with such awe, and honestly it's not even in my top 100. His performances at the Crossroads Festival shows were pretty ho-hum. Maybe I need to listen to him more, but he's never blown me away

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Prince, no one ever really talks about his playing but the dude is a monster player.


Izzy Stradlin, He's a great songwriter, great rhythm guitarist and not a bad lead guitarist. Shame he was always stuck in the background.



John Frusciante, he's a good musician but hugely overrated as a guitar player.


Slash, he's written some good riffs (although I always felt Izzy was the better songwriter in GNR) but as a guitarist he's not near as technically good as a lot of people seem to make out.

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Overrated-Slash. He came out for the encore of ZZ Top at the H.O.B a few months back. He got his ass handed to him by John Mayer and Billy G. I just dont get the hype on this guy.

Santana-What really is the big fucking deal about this guy?

Greg Ginn-I love Black Flag but did he really need to solo?

John Frusciante-??? I like that he names his heros like Steve Howe,Zappa etc but what is really the big deal about this guy?

Underrrated- Francis Dunnery.


Steve Rothery.

Terje Rypal.


Bill Frisell.

R. Montrose.

Buck Dharma.

Steve Stevens.

Jerry Donahue etc etc.

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