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  1. What is Fender doing with the footswitch setup? The fact that you cannot scroll thru patches and have at least five at you feet at a time is unacceptable. Whybuse the same switch for presets, effects, looper, patch select is a live event nightmare. Clearly this is a bedroom amp and not a gigging unit
  2. Wow! still lots of Rondmusic fans here! here is what I can say about the Rondomusic guitars. the Agile line, specifically the AL series are gig worthy. I know because I use one every gig even when I bring my PRS Custom 24 and Gibson Les Paul I use the AL3000/3100 (depends on which one I want to take) get played every time. Recommend ebay and find a used AL3000 - you will not be disappointed. Finally - I have the now defunct PS-970 PRS Copy with FR that is by far my favorite guitar
  3. the Min E-Tune is awful. the idea is great, the ability to have many tunings is outstanding. However the guitar just doesn't stay in tune and with the exception of strings buzz nothing is more important than staying in tune.
  4. Update on the Gibson. The guitar is a bit noisy and extremely bright. I think it may be the maple neck and/or the chambering of the guitar. I love the feel but it may need new pickups and maybe coated strings to tame the thing. also, it tends to go out of tune a lot and although the etune works but the nut needs some work.
  5. Yup - i still may swap the sidewinder for a true p90 but otherwise killer
  6. I got the guitar back - finally! They replaced the etune with the latest model and its fast, works and in tune! All the bugs from the old model resolved i think. I like the fact it takes three button pushes and i go from standard to half step. Another button sequence and its drop D. Another and i can do open tunings for slide. pretty cool
  7. actually, there are some splotches where they shot too much finish n spots that i will take pics of, so nt perfect.
  8. the 5150 iii stealth model has eddie going back to JJ's but uses Wing C in the power section. they also added resonance on that amp so that prob makes the most tonal difference. recommend you monkey with the mid knob and an eq stomp box in the effects loop will get you other tones. from all things I have read the amp is solid stock so tweak it with a pedal or 2
  9. that was extremely helpful. i know the caged I just never connected it all at once like that.
  10. Sucks! When the Parts came in they were the weong ones! Im out pf town now and was supposed to use it for the gig - thank the stars for korean guitars as my Agiles did the trick! And no one wanted to steal them!
  11. So i bought the guitar before christmas and i still cant play it - the etune is broke and its in the shop! Etune sucks!
  12. Very nicely outlined and appreciate your knowledge and you info transfer. Maybe a stomp box on the clean will get you the combo you are missing
  13. Radio shack just never had the right inventory once things went disposable. Why replace a 12" woofer when a new set of speakers are cheaper and better. Their stock of pieces parts were good for a while but the stores themselves were so small you got harassed and i always felt claustrophobic. Since Fry's Electronics, MicroCenter and formerly CompUSA Radio Shack had no market
  14. Fit and finish analysis of the Gibson versus, well everything else i have. The finish on the Gibson Futura Pacific Blue Fade has a satin finish that is very thin. The pits in the mahogany can be felt through the body and the maple grain ( not the flame ) can be felt on the top. This is most likely the point of the guitar to save money on labor. The Agiles - from AL2000 on up is thick, smooth and has been flawless. The PRS and the Schecter as well as Squier and Fender's IMHO are more to my liking. In all i am not a fan of the thinness of the Gibson finish and will most likely refinish the guitar to bring out the flame look and bring the guitar closer what i like.
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