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  1. I play styles of music that embrace screaming lead guitars (rock, metal, blues, funk/r&b, fusion, etc). This pedal is a great fit for each of those styles (maybe with the exception of metal). It is far more versatile of a product than I expected to encounter when I first set out shopping for a fuzz box. In the course of a day, I tried out 17 different fuzz units at a variety of price points. My favorites were the Fulltone fuzzes and this fuzz (which is very similar to those pedals). When the price of Ole Fuzzy is factored in, I think that it is a no brainer. I would not hesitate to put this pedal up against the Fulltones and even pricier products. It holds its own beyond a shadow of a doubt and in my own opinion outshines most if not all of its competition.
  2. [Comments] Id definitely replace this unit. the only issue with it is the expense of the installation. it is essentially a full rewire and is much more time consumming than a mere pickup change. the install ran me 100 bucks in bumf*ck connecticut which is worlds cheaper than it would be in NYC (my home town), especially considering the amount of tweaks it had to go thru (the tech tweaked it a good 3 times while i was in the store). once it was all up and working, it was pretty much smoot sailing. $229 might seem like alot, but that's diminuitive with respect to the feature.
  3. I love this amp, it serves its purpose very well, i'm not gonna over hype it, but it's definitely something worth having if u're still searching for a great tone because it's a quantum leap in that direction. For $299, u cant beat it. The sounds alot of guitar players want and covet come from gear generally out of the general financial reach. But with the right gear this amp can get u damn close to it.
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