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  1. Finally! Someone with a unique, well thought out and original argument! The old {censored} sandwich cliche! Brilliant! Have you seen the Justin Bieber documentary about his life and struggles? It's totally a great heartfelt movie full of suspense, and action, and it has a happy ending. No? Well you can't make a decision about it until after you have sat through the entire 2 hour movie.
  2. all you can do is talk about why you "think" it might suck. To play devil's advocate, I don't have to eat a {censored} sandwich to know that it's not gonna taste good.
  3. Like the title says I have an all original Crate V18 in great condition. It's all stock and the only thing done to it was that the Crate badge was removed at some point. I'm asking $100 plus shipping. No trades.
  4. Sorry guys It's gone someone bit right after the last time I talked to you Lonnie.
  5. Why the MIJ offer and not MIM? Just asking for the education "I'm also not opposed to trading for a MIM strat or a squier classic vibe + cash."
  6. Dunlop 10's. I used to put d'Addario 10's on everything and the owner of the local guitar shop suggested I try Dunlop strings and I really like 'em.
  7. Close to Me Doing the Unstuck Pictures of You Just Like Heaven A Letter to Elise
  8. They're one of those bands where I love one album, and it caused me to buy other albums which I was ultimately disappointed with. Counting the satellites though is filled with beautiful songs. "Children in Bloom" might be one of the best ever. Recovering the Satellites. That was their best album with probably the best songwriting and lyrics of their careers. Counting Crows lost me when they wrote the song for the Shrek movie.
  9. Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom that's in good condition. I'd like to get a Dirty Little Secret or something cool. If you have a cool pedal and want a great fuzz make me an offer.
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