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  1. Huh, my profile's still functional after nearly 18 years. But yeah, still playing guitar, but precious little forum activity. I sometimes post over at TGP, mostly in the Playing and Technique section. I should be more active over at Mark Wein's place, that one has a bit of that old Guitar Jam feel, only without the incessant bickering. Great to see so many familiar names here, brings back memories. ^^
  2. Even Holdsworth himself doesn't use that hammer-on-only approach all the time, recent videos show him using pull-offs. I'd say it's less essential than developing an even sound, being able to blend the pick attack with what your fretting fingers are doing. Most of the great legato players don't use the Holdsworth approach, and they'd still be able to pull off(no pun intended) many of the classic Holdsy licks.
  3. Damn, that Sun Face looks like a delicious pedal, especially with some of the extra features they offer. The sound samples sound great, too. Of course, I'm using a Quad through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, so it'll never sound quite the way it would through a cranked combo or similar, but that's what I've got.
  4. Originally Posted by Hiwatt Bob lots of great fuzz face clones out there. Analogman sunface. MJM London Fuzz. But doesn't the Sun Face only use batteries? That's gonna be a bit of a hassle, although I've been told the sound difference is quite big at times. Like the Fuzz Factory, even I could tell the difference between mine with batteries and with a regular power supply.
  5. Originally Posted by Hiwatt Bob Just get a Fuzz Face. it's about as classic as fuzzes get--and it cleans up really good. my demo here shows my NKT275 fuzz face and how it cleans up--also shows some Tonebender versions. Ah, thanks, that makes sense. The original-style Fuzz Face is massive, what'd you recommend as a smaller alternative with a similar sound? I read that the Sun Face is very similar.
  6. Amp's a Mesa/Boogie Quad, main guitar is a Ruokangas V.S.O.P. Tried a Fuzz Factory, and a Lovepedal 200lbs, but neither sounded good when I turned down the volume on my guitar. I also want a more 'classic' fuzz sound, more Hendrix and Trower than Matt Bellamy. Heard good things about the Fire Red Fuzz, any ideas?
  7. Originally Posted by The Burninator Do you, by any chance, strap your guitar higher than you used to? Not at all. It's always been so high that there should be little difference in my hand positions when I'm sitting or when I'm standing.
  8. Oh yeah, no wonder why I missed this thread before, it's three years old...
  9. Dunlop Jazz III, the red ones, or Paul Gilbert picks. Held like this:
  10. It's free already. You guys are a tough crowd.I keep reading your posts in Bill Murray's voice... But yeah, I had his other courses in mind, my bad.
  11. What else does he teach? Anything you can't get for way less money from way better players?
  12. For me, the hardest part about tapping is making it sound natural, and not just: "Hey, guys, check THIS out". That is, if you're using it in the middle of a solo, and not just as a separate 'tapping section' like in "Hot For Teacher" or the aforementioned "Flying High Again". I don't think you're gonna need any books for this, what's important is that you know what you're doing. If you're gonna use tapping in your regular lead playing, treat it just like you treat your general guitar playing. If you think of tapping as something separate from whatever you normally play, you'll find that it's gonna be a lot harder to make everything come together and sound convincing. Rick Graham's a good example of someone using tapping in a way that makes it sound more like an extension of his left hand than a separate technique:
  13. Stump is another good one. Petrucci does use sweep picking, but his most celebrated technique is his alternate picking, as showcased in "The Glass Prison".
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