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Quote Originally Posted by Screaming Stone

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(I think this is a music biz appropriate - it's not for sale, and the idea of the post is to HELP the community of musicians - but if not, instead of wasting your time flaming - please spend your time helping some of the bands to get their gear back. Thanks.)


SS, I agree, I think this is a valuable service as long as you are not profiting from it directly, I will permit this....in fact, I think, if you will allow me, I may create a sticky and direct link for our members to verify gear that they are offered...please PM me to discuss.
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I had a g4 powerbook and my brand new Nokia N73 phone stolen in a space of a week not long back. Certainly not happy days.

I am surprised at the amount of bands who lug around £$1000s worth of gear and are willing to leave it unattended at venues between load in, soundcheck, gig, after party. Yes, most people our there are trustworthy but there are always gonna be twats around with an keen eye for some good gear.

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thx for the positive comments everyone.

robroy - yeah, the theft has always been going on - tons of ways to describe what I'm doing: shedding light on the situation, bringing it to the attention of the consumers...I don't care - as long as people know just how much theft is going on and how little is recovered (its almost like this random musician tax - random musicians get their gear ripped off...)

daddymack - I sent you pm, please check.

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Quote Originally Posted by Screaming Stone View Post
thx for the positive comments everyone.

robroy - yeah, the theft has always been going on - tons of ways to describe what I'm doing: shedding light on the situation, bringing it to the attention of the consumers...I don't care - as long as people know just how much theft is going on and how little is recovered (its almost like this random musician tax - random musicians get their gear ripped off...)

daddymack - I sent you pm, please check.

SS, I have altered the title, for obvious reasons....thread is stuck and I think the service you are establishing is right on the mark for HC!
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Yamaha P-120 stage piano serial # UAKH01093 and
Seagull acoustic/electric guitar serial # 04393441


Last week, someone broke my van window out and stole my gear. I am a solo performer from Springfield, MO, and play piano and guitar. I've toured the country several times over without any problems, only to have my piano and guitar stolen from my van in at my apartment!

Here are the specs:

Yamaha P-120 stage piano (silver body with cherry-wood finish on top...possibly "xoxo" in black electrical tape over the Yamaha logo on the front). The keyboard was in a black hardshell flight case made by Gator, with rolling wheels, four locks, and three carrying straps. The serial number for the Yamaha P-120 Stage Piano is UAKH01093

The guitar is an acoustic/electric "Seagull" brand (made in Canada) that has a bunch of tape on the bottom where the output jack is housed, a little bird drawn on the front body of the guitar, scratches and cracks all over the front, a brown leather strap taped and tied to it, and a stage pass sticker from a show I played at the Knitting Factory a few years ago on the bottom near the output jack. It has a TEAC brand soft/hard case that is khaki and black on the outside with one large pocket. The handle was completely ripped off the case, as it is still laying in my van. This case will only hold my guitar (or other Seagulls), so it will be fairly useless for other guitars. The serial number for the Seagull guitar is 04393441

Please help me find my stuff!
If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of my stolen gear, I'll give you tons of free loot.


Thank you!

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Here's some more recently stolen gear. Please take a look. I have also started to include Canada, Mexico and Europe - seems stolen gear is easily crossing borders. Thanks. Rock on.

STOLEN: Yamaha motif 6 w/ soft gig bag, Nord electro 61 in hard SKB case, and Fender Stratocaster in coffin case.


my car was broken into on southside Pittsburgh on 9.3.07 (last
monday). i lost:

a yamaha motif 6 w/ soft gig bag
nord electro 61 in hard SKB case
Fender Stratocaster in coffin case (not mine, but stolen from me)
shure psm 400 in ear monitoring system with E5 earphones
shure beta 58 vocal mic
line 6 guitar
30gb Black video iPod

any help reposting would be greatly appreciated! thanks.



I have had my Fender Stratocastor midnight blue 8294196 stolen in Milton Keynes Bucks England. Also Black custom case.

This guitar was used in my time in Freddie + The Dreamers.

A reward for its return.


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Please keep an eye open for this custom Gibson Les Paul. Thanks. Rock on.

STOLEN Gibson Les Paul mahogany pickguard, and white oak truss rod cover with his name "Dwight Johnson" engraved in it

Hey all, please keep an eye out for this Gibson Les Paul. It belongs to a customer of mine, and he is also a close, personal friend of mine. It is really one of a kind, with a mahogany pickguard, and white oak truss rod cover with his name "Dwight Johnson" engraved in it. It has 2 cream P90 pickups, has been refinished with semi-gloss light brown burst on top, and a flat brown stain on back. On the back of the body, you will notice a "D" routed into it about one inch in size. You can also notice the headstock was rebuilt. This guitar is obviously very personal to him, and is his baby. It was also in a brand new, black, aftermarket hardshell case w/plush interior. A reward will be offered. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Doron Markowitz
D Guitars Miami

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Quote Originally Posted by CHANCE MCFADDEN View Post
Thanks man. I'm doing this because someone ripped me off and I decided to do something to stop the crime - I'm not looking to make money off this (I put links on 'cause I support and use those companies/products - and to date I've earned $1.32! full disclosure! hell yes!)

But thanks for the idea and the support! Instead of a donation - if you could just spread the word, let people know that (1) if they got ripped off I'll help them for free (2) more people need to know about the site and check if its reported stolen before they buy used gear.
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This was just sent to me - but the owner has yet to get it back.

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Stolen in Snellville Georgia USA on March 9,
2005, Serial no. 940474. The guitar has a violin amber burst (Brown
Sunburst) finish, Bird inlays chrome hardware and tightly flamed maple
top. I have receipt for verification of ownership from when I
purchased guitar. I also have information regarding the police report
that was filed the day of the robbery.

Thanks so much for doing this guys,
-Philip Simchak

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More stolen gear. Please remember to check www.screamingstone.com for the complete updated list. Thanks. Rock on.

STOLEN Japanese TELE Custom Paint Job SKY WITH CLOUDS, Lindy Fralin pickups, maple neck, clear pickguard

My boyfriend had a Japanese Tele stolen in Norfolk, VA outside of the Lido Inn. It was his pride and joy! He had a custom paint job on it, which took months to come up with. It was a bright sky blue color, with white airbrushing that from far away looked like the sky with clouds on a clear day. It was absolutely beautiful! It had a clear pick guard, with custom Lindy Fralin pickups, maple colored neck. Since then, he has purchased some other guitars and had them custom painted, but nothing has satisfied him like the blue one did. There is a reward if anyone knows anything about this guitar. We reported it stolen to the police, and checked local pawn shops but we haven’t heard anything. It was in a black hard case and in the case were lots of personal mementos. There were pictures of his grandfather who has since passed away, pictures of me, pictures of his daughter, drawings that his daughter had made for him, and a few greeting cards that had been given to him over the years. Unfortunately, he has moved and lost the paperwork that had the serial number on it in the move. Please help!
**Have A Great Day!**
STOLEN 1963 Fender Tremoluxe cabinet, Black/silver speaker cloth - converted to two 12" speakers. This is a TAN cabinet that was dyed black.

!!!!!!!!!!!! MY AMP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone stole my amp and pedals right out of my trunk!
Rochester NY. Back in October

1963 Fender Tremoluxe cabinet, Black/silver speaker cloth - converted to two 12" speakers. This is a TAN cabinet that was dyed black. On the back, around the input, it said "the Profiles" in white, but a smart theif would have markered over that. The only other thing is that the converting job is just a couple of extra pieces of wood screwed in - it still has 10" holes. If you saw it, you'd get that it was modified by an amateur. - loads of yellow fiberglass insulation stuffed inside.

Amp - Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100
Nothing special or different - it was one of the early models where the channel switching was not smooth... otherwise, just the regular jcm2000.

pedals - RAT distortion and a TS9 tube screamer.(ouch) in a gym bag.

I would LOVE to have cought them in the middle of stealing this stuff!Trem

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STOLEN White 1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom serial # 80915551 Blue liner Gibson case black exterior

White 1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom to the list serial # 80915551 Blue liner Gibson case black exterior.Guitar was taken out of a broken window so it might be damaged , had light yellowing from age. Was taken xmas of 02 ,The Guy (Larry H****) was caught and is in jail for it. Last week he sent me a letter from jail apologizing and saying who bought it. The ******old owner ******of D**** loans pawn shop in Lynnwood is the one who bought it. And Shoreline police will not do anything to help me. Anyway I'm a firm believer in KARMA and hope you guy's get you gear back... Cheers Kyle


2 community csx 60
2 community csx 70
2 hotspots
stolen from back of truck in everett wa. area

One of the 10's on the csx 70 has a repaired hole on the bottom right all cabs have cigarette burn holes on top of all cabinets
1000.00 reward if convicted

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4 Slipknot Gold record / album sales wall plaques and 1 Mudvayne wall plaque were stolen from me in November 2003. They were in a storage unit in Des Moines , Iowa. They are the real deal "gold record" type wall plaques.
They ALL have my name printed right on them ( Kevin Miles) . Surely SOMEONE has seen one of these floating around !


D Minimoog w/One Love Godspeed Bernie Worrel autograph

Older model D Minimoog, has in black Sharpy ink on the top panel reading
One Love Godspeed Bernie Worrel autograph.

500.00 reward


Fender 1500 Jumbo Acoustic w/ REPAIRED CRACK ON TOP

Fender 1500 Jumbo Acoustic, 1993-5 Model
Milky look to finish
Big crack that has been repaired on top of guitar. Plenty of belt buckle scratches, retro looking strap.
Stolen from my car in Cleveland Tn, newish TKL case.
Please Help

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For a complete list, please go to my website www.screamingstone.com.

Stolen in California....Black Kramer Baretta electric Guitar Serial #C3444 with hockey stick headstock....


HAMER STANDARD (explorer shaped), with open zebra coil humbuckers) SER# 0133

Still searching for a cherry sunburst HAMER STANDARD (explorer shaped), with open zebra coil humbuckers) SER# 0133 Stolen in Westerly, R.I. (1993) by one: WENDY SCHONER (of Westerly, R.I.) Her current where-a-bouts are un-known.
This guitar belonged to TOMMY BOLIN from Sioux City, Ia.
Large cash reward......
Thank you.


Red Satin Stain Custom Drums
Custom built "no name" drums (built myself). 10" x 5" tom, 16" x 16" floor tom. Here are the unique features:

-Each drum has a handwritten letter (ex. "e") on the inside of the shell
-Redish-orange satin stain
-One-point solid brass lugs( sold at www.amdrumparts.com)
-Yamaha mounting brackets
-Chrome triple flanged hoops

These pretty much priceless as I built them with my own hands. I have pictures if needed.



1 Hiwatt 50 watt head 1976 serial # 9949,1 Fender 412 Tonemaster Cab Like new W/ cover, 1 Takamine Santa Fe acoustic elec, ESF 93, Serial # 9303194CW/ OHSC


Vox AC-30 Custom Classic 2 - S# 2100005337, Vox V212 BN - S# 00002086 - (extension cab)...

I was recently hit REALLY bad. all of these items were stolen from the wicker park area of chicago. some people/person ran off with the following:
1. Vox AC-30 Custom Classic 2 - S# 2100005337 - looks used, minor tears in tolex and grille clothe, won't come with a footswitch unless they supplied another one (doubtful)
2. Vox V212 BN - S# 00002086 - (extension cab) moderate damage in tolex on bottom left corner
3. Korg DTR-2000 rack tuner
4. Peavey Musician amp head - pretty old, may have duct tape residue on front peavey logo and the power supply cord (which is attached to the head) has a large, round yellow plug plug on the end of the cord
5. Peavey 2x15 speaker cabinet - old, one or two holes in the grill cloth, the front peavey logo has been removed, but there is an outline of dust around where it used to be.

thanks for all your help! your website was a great point in the right direction toward handling this mess smile.gif i really appreciate it.


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Please help these guys get their gear back - their whole studio plus other stuff was stolen. Thanks. Rock on.

Stolen 9/18/07
Please contact Roger Docking – 407-557-6155
or Orlando Police Dept.
Case #2007-372777

Musical Gear
Sonor 5 piece Drum Kit 3003 Force Series 10”, 12” and 14” toms, one snare drum and stands for cymbals and snare drum. 22” Bass Drum. Yellow/natural wood finish. 1 year old.

Zildjian K Ride Cymbal 22”. 1 year old.

Zildjian Crash Cymbal 16”. 1 year old.

Zildjian Crash Cymbal 8”. 1 year old.

Paiste Crash Cymbal 16”. 1 year old.

DW Double Bass Drum Pedals. 1 year old.

Mackie DFX6 6 Channel Mixing Board. 1 month old.

Samson 5pc drum Microphone Kit (includes mics and clips). 1 mo. old

Remo Pinstripe Drum Heads. Top Heads 10” 12” 14” 4 mos. Old

(1) Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar, made in USA. Brown Burst finish, chrome hardware, trapezoid inlay on fingerboard, no pickguard, with Hard shell case. 3 years old

(1) Fender Stratocaster guitar, made in Japan. Blue custom paint (chipped at neck joint), white pearloid pickguard, white EMG pick ups, burnished nickel sperzel locking tuners, L.R. Baggs piezo-electric X bridge and Control X installed. Cigarette burn on headstock. Body & neck-20 years old, pick ups-7 Years old, X bridge and control X-4 years old.

(1) Fender Squier 5 string precision bass guitar. Light taupe finish, black stock pickups. 3 years old.

(1) Takamine G-Series acoustic guitar. Single cutaway, Active electronics w/ onboard tuner, Road Runner gig bag case. 2 years old.

(1) Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul Junior. Single high output humbucker pickup. Stock tuners replaced by chrome Grover tuners. Silver and black. 2 years old.

(1) Fatar StudioLogic SL880 88key midi controller/keyboard 5 years old.

(1) Oberheim/Viscount Mini Grand Piano Module 5 years old

(1) Vox Tonelab (desktop) amp modeler. 1 year old.

(1) Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller 1 year old.

(1) ART Tube-Pac preamp/compressor 5 years old. 149.00

(1) Alesis Nano-Compressor 10 years old.

(1) AKG C2000B condenser microphone. 5 years old.

(1) SET Marshall Electronics MXL 990 and MXL 991 condenser microphones. 3 years old

(1) Sennheiser e935 dynamic microphone 1 year old.

(1) Sennheiser e835 dynamic microphone 1 year old.

(1) Sennheiser MD735 dynamic microphone 5years old.

(1) PAIR M-Audio StudioPhile DX4 Powered monitor speakers. 1 year old.

(1) PAIR Edirol MA-10D Powered digital stereo monitor speakers. 5 yrs old. 119.00

(1) Azden digital headphones

(2) Sony headphones

(1) Rolls HA43 4 Channel Stereo Headphone Amp. 1 year old.

Reason v3.0 UPGRADE Music production software. 1 year old

(1) Reason v2.0 UPGRADE Music production software. 3 year old

Reason Drum Kits 2.0 music production software. 1 year old

Non-Musical Gear
(1) Apple Macintosh G4 Desktop Computer, upgraded Pioneer Superdrive, Mercury Elite 1GB processor, and two internal Hard Drives (60 GB & 30GB). 1.2 GB RAM w/ 15” Apple Cinema Display LCD Monitor. 7 years old

(1) Apple Macintosh G3 “Clamshell” Laptop. 433mHz Processor. 5 years old

(1) Apple Macintosh iMac “Blueberry” Desktop Computer. 333mHz processor. With keyboard and mouse. 9 years old.

(1) D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router. 3 years old

(1) Epson R260 Photo Printer. 3 mos. Old

(1) Macally 4 port USB Hub. 9 years old

(1) ? 4 port USB Hub. 3 years old

(1) Wireless Wi-Fi USB adapter. 3 years old

(1) Sony Playstation 2 with 3 controllers (one wireless). 4 years old

(24) Various Playstation 2 games.

(1) RCA RTD205C Home Theater system. 2 years old.

JVC Mini DV Camcorder w/ soft case. 8 years old

Pentax Ashi 35mm camera

Zoom lense for camera

(7) pieces of original art (paintings).

Homelite weedeater. 3 years old.

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'89 Gibson Flying V

'89 Gibson Flying V stolen from Shomaker Guitars in Burlington, NC. Sort of a dark sunburst with copper pickguard. Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups w/chrome pickup covers. Tone Pros locking bridge and tailpiece(chrome). Don't have serial number. Also copper truss rod cover w/Gibson logo. Schaller strap lock pegs installed(chrome). Volume/tone knobs in straight line configuration. Here's a picture link: http://greensboro.craigslist.org/msg/409051194.html

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bassturd - i just pm'd you...

anyone else with ideas - please post 'em, or email me or pm... I'm just a pissed off guitar player - not a designer - so any help/advice is appreciated.

--- Does anyone know how to add a simple search that doesn't re-direct? everything I've seen lets you search your page, but then redirects to the search company's site.

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Martin Guitar Model 000C-16RGTE, serial # 1097956. Acoustic cutaway
with Fishman Aura electronics. Like new, 1 year old, in hard case.
Also in the case: a red and yellow guitar strap, 2 hohner harps, a
small brown journal.

Epiphone Les Paul, in hard case; an additional pick-up was added at
one time, so there are two holes where it was

Brand-new Deering Goodtime Banjo, in soft case, open back

Fiddle--in hard case, one string broken

Flute in hard case.

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Greenville, South Carolina-based extreme metal band LECHEROUS NOCTURNE had its tour van and U-Haul stolen yesterday (Wednesday, September 19) from Edwards Theatre (IMAX) in Houston, Texas. The theft took place in the parking lot and it seems that the driver's side window was broken out to gain access.

CONTACT: http://www.myspace.com/lecherousnocturne

The details are as follows:

* Silver/Grey - Stock Black/Dark Grey Pin-Stripe Ford E150 - Hightop Conversion Van vin 1fdee14h9mhb32075 South Carolina Plates, Plate 517v v y
* 1991
* Plate: SC 517-VVY
* Had an attached U-Haul trailer - unknown Texas tag

The following items are missing:

* (2) BC Rich Black NJ neck-through V's one with silver hardware and one with Black. Both in Hardshell BC RICH Cases
* (1) Dean V Black bolt on, also in Hardshell BC RICH Case
* (1) Six-string Ibanez bass Black in black ripped up gig bag

* (2) Full stacks
- 4x12 Rivera straight cabs w/vintage 30's Knucklehead series
- 4x12 Crate slant cabs w/ vintage 50's one is missing the Crate Logo off the front grill.
- Digitech 2112 Head
- Digitech 2120 Head
- Mackie 1400i Power Amp
- QSC 850 power amp
- Crown 602 Power Amp
-Beringher Rack Tuner
-Alesis dual 31 band eq rack
-both rigs are in rack cases one is all black carpet style covering, and one is road ready covered in stickers like Lecherous Nocturne, Gigan Dark Funeral Cephalic Carnage shit like that.
- Genz Benz Bass head, and ART EQ in SKB Rack

All in Black Roadrunner Soft Cases:
Gretsch Catalina Birch Caribbean Blue
Two (2) 22" Kicks
10" 12" 14" Toms
14" Snare Drum
PDP 6x10 Snare

All in Black Zildjian Cymbal Bag:
22" Sabian AAX Metal Ride Natural
16" Sabian AAX-Plosion Crash Brilliant
18" Sabian AAX-Plosion Crash Brilliant
14" Sabian AA Stage Hi Hats Natural
12" Sabian AA Mini Hi Hats
8" Sabian AAX China Splash
10" Sabian AA Splash
14" Zildjian Projection A Hi Hat Bottom
14" Wuhan China

All in Black Hardware Bag:
Two (2) Gibraltar Triple Mount Tripods
Six (6) Boom Arms
Gibraltar 3 Hole Multiclamp
Gibraltar Snare Stand
Generic Clamp Tom Mount
Zildjian Stick Bag with 5A and 747 Oak Sticks

All in SKB 2 Space Rack Case:
Alesis D4 Drum Module w/ Power Supply
Two (2) Roland RT10K Kick Triggers
Various Cables

In Pearl Eliminator Pedal Bag:
Axis-X Longboard Double Pedal split into Singles w/ Grip Peddlers on Footboards

4 Leg DW Airlift Throne

Toshiba 15.4" Laptop in Bag w/ Two (2) USB Controllers
Fuji Finepix Digital Camera

1991 Ford E150 Grey with Grey and Black pinstripes 5.8

Green Notebook (Tour Journal!)

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